DStv to slash subscription fees in key market

In a bid to enable more access to consumers, the company says.
The prices of some DStv bouquets to decline by between 5% and 30% in its Kenyan market. Picture: Shutterstock

DStv owner, JSE-listed MultiChoice Group, is cutting the price of monthly bouquets in Kenya by as much as 37% as competition from streaming services intensifies.

Various East African media outlets reported that from September 1, the price of its various bouquets will decline by between 5% and 30% as the company moves to protect its market share as home broadband services proliferate in Kenya. Price cuts have also reportedly been introduced in Tanzania, Uganda and Mozambique.

“Our aim is to make great entertainment accessible to more consumers in Kenya and we believe this move will grant more of our customers access to the complete world of exciting entertainment channels at a lower price,” the pay-television operator said in a statement.

DStv Premium will get a 5% price reduction, to Ksh7 500/month (R1 110 at the time of writing). The price of Compact Plus will decline to Ksh4 500 (R666), from Ksh5 200 — 13.5% cut. The reduced prices are still significant above what South African subscribers pay: R809 for Premium and R519 for Compact Plus.

DStv Compact customers will see prices fall by 21% to Ksh2 500 (R370), while the Family bouquet will now cost Ksh1 200 (R178), a decrease of 37%. These two packages in South Africa are more expensive: R399 and R265 respectively.

DStv Access, MultiChoice’s cheapest bouquet will get a 5% cut to Ksh900 (R133, compared to R105 in South Africa).

South Africa

MultiChoice has also been under pressure in South Africa from streaming rivals and the weak economy, narrowing its scope for price increases, particularly for its Premium bouquet, where it has been losing subscribers.

In April, when MultiChoice South Africa traditional hikes prices, it elected to keep the fee for DStv Premium unchanged. Most other packages received small, below-inflation increases.

“We understand that times are tough in South Africa, and that our customers are under pressure to make every cent they spend count. As such, we’re keeping DStv as affordable and accessible as possible to as many households as we can, to ensure they can enjoy great entertainment for their families,” MultiChoice said in a statement in February.

MultiChoice is facing growing pressure at the premium end of the market, with consumers opting for online streaming services from international rivals, including Netflix, and its own Showmax service. — (c) 2019 NewsCentral Media

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Compared to Netflix, I think DSTV premium should cost around R120 a month.

Kodak, anyone?

Exactly what s going through my b mind while reading the article.

You know they have their own streaming service right?

Well what I normally watch is available on the cheaper bouquets for less than half price anyway.

They can call it whatever they want – its clear -this crowd will not last long. They are trying to flog this dead horse one last time…. That’s why they are so eager to sell fixed term contracts for two years…Don’t fall for it people!

Yup and once they have your money, they will possibly reduce rates and no refund for you.

“……As such, we’re keeping DStv as affordable and accessible as possible to as many households as we can, to ensure they can enjoy great entertainment for their families”. Ha ha bull dust.

Talk about sugar coating a rip off and why do they (and often politicians) have to bring our family into the conversation and how much they are doing for our family.

So South Africa price goes up since there’s no competition.. even SABC was denied to broadcast PSL soccer games so everyone watches soccer will buy or subscribe on DSTV.. this us unfair and we are been used while also SA economy is lacking. South Africa on financial drought

SABC is inept, forget about it. Why are all the mobile networks & Telkom not creating viable content that can rival that of Multi Choice? SAns like moaning alot & not come with viable alternatives. Multichoice is not a monopoly like Eskom…and I wish them well in the diverse content they are offering SA.
If you don’t like MCG, just join the exodus to Netflix or whatever is coming from Apple. MCG adequately serves the needs of the African middle class and lower classes.

Every network has their own streaming options and services. Here you are moaning without knowing basic things that have been around for years.

Confession: the schadenfreude at the greedy monopolists getting some karma is immense.

Sickness of the South African psyche in general, Business in particular… We like to hold on to the past… DSTV is so yester-year. Because we are not capable of moving with the times we hold on to the past and lock people in on un-competitive contract terms. Because we are afraid of loosing the revenue we have become accustomed to.

I wonder what will happen to Eskom should a group kids in their back yard harness the power of the photosythesis process to produce renewable energy thus producing perpertual electicity…. Just an observation

You know most DSTV subscribers don’t have a contract right?

Perpetual energy! I wonder why eskom (or anyone else) has thought of that! Kids can do it!

Ref Boombang: They would tax you on the electricity you produce at home!
There are to many ignoramuses who need to learn the economics of growing and running the country. Rule 1. The less interference by Govt and Labour Unions the more growth! Trying to preserve jobs for pals and other socialistic attempts do nothing to grow the countries financial base- result SA today. 2. Admitting ones shortfalls, mistakes and learning from these has to be the prevalent mindset.3. Corruption in any form can and will destroy an economy. 4. Hire people who can manage effectively and maintain standards as most jobs cant be learned on the job- good education and experience alone can succeed.

Sneaky bastards got my wife to renew for 2 years with ‘no increase’ about 3 months ago. So good honest people when you cut in SA are you automatically going to adjust our Premium charge? If not,,,

People if you are still using DSTV then you are clueless. afdah.info and netflix for movies, kodi for sport. Even if you have to use a VPN you will still not be paying as much a DSTV premium subscriber…

As an expat in Kinshasa, the DSTV subscription that allows you to watch SuperSport 1 and 2 (which you need for rugby and cricket) costs US$ 120 per month. A cool R1,800 for the below average “West African” package, as they call it.

Instead of Kyk-net, you get Nigerian soap operas shot with hand-held cam-corders from the 90’s. I’m not sure which channel is worse.

It’s much better value for money to get a 4G connection, watch streaming services, and watch the sport in a pub with mates at $3,50 a beer.

Dee Es Tee Wie’s Jou Ma

I find it curious how the talk of ‘its a rip off’ and ‘too expensive’ and ‘it’s a monopoly’ after years of below inflation increases.

It was fine before? It is not DSTV’s fault that your salary is not keeping up.

Their saving grace its sports and they know that very well. Golf, Cricket, Rugby, Formula 1 – cannot get that on other packages but Premium –

End of comments.



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