Escalating SAA strike to test Ramaphosa’s will

Unions probably see the SAA saga as a tipping point in their opposition to how government wants to restructure SOEs to ensure their survival – Professor.
Image: Siyabulela Duda, GCIS
Labour unions are threatening to bring air travel in South Africa to a near standstill to force the loss-making state carrier to meet their demands for higher wages and job security, testing the government’s resolve to get its finances back on track.


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Pull a Ronald Reagan and FIRE THEM ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry but there’s no Maggie or Ronnie waiting in the wings in the ANC. You can bet that they government is going to capitulate to the unions’ demands. This will then lead directly to a downgrade next year and the rand plummeting. Hope you’ve hedged against this certainty….

This is what you get when your own Government consists of such low class individuals that sells the future of the country to a few Union members in exchange for leaving their deployed cardes in place to keep looting.

They will make a deal to keep the status quo in place as before. Win Win.

Taxpayer will pickup the tab.

They blame corrupt/incompetent management for job losses but still vote ANC.

Taxpayers have had enough.

I believe it was Confucius who once said : Strike in julle m*er in.

It was actually Siener van Rensburg who said it first, and Confucius got the credits for it.

The point is well made by the unions that they are being punished for the miss management and corruption of the SAA board and others. However, they made a big mistake by rejecting the very generous 5.9% pay increase . Seen it all before in the coal miners strike in UK. It gets pretty ugly as the battle lines are drawn.

SAA is just another failed SOE, why are people losing their minds about it? Shut it down, let it go, how many airplane companies do we need in the world anyway! Instead of throwing billions into this empty abyss throw billions at SAPS, so we can have safety and security in SA again.

Vintage ANC chickens of greed and entitlement coming home to roost.

Trade unions: it’s simple.
SAA has lost over R28 000 000 000 (that’s 28 billion Rands). It is not a going concern. THERE IS NO MONEY TO PAY YOU YOUR RIDICULOUS DEMANDS. Suck it up. End of story.

Relieved my bcom is’nt from northwest.

South Africa is rated as the most unequal country in the world. This is not because we have so many people who live in poverty, but rather because we have so many union members who live in luxury.

The unions are fighting to protect their exorbitant benefits. They are the extortive wealthy elite who are kept in positions of power by the tripartite alliance. They are the enemies of the poor, who use their government-given monopoly over job opportunities to keep the non-unionized members of society unemployed and poor.

They use the very law that is supposed to ensure equal rights to all, to enforce their extractive and parasitic behaviour. This standoff between the Ramaphosa administration and the labour unions is make-or-break for South Africa. If the unions win this one, we are heading for hyperinflation. If Ramaphosa wins, we stand a chance to build an economy.

This is a fight worth watching. Ramaphosa is the underdog though.

Who runs this country…? For what it is the Government? … or a bunch of thugs in a Union?

This is the only passage that you need to read in this article:

“The government is forcing a crisis so that it can save SAA through a deal that they’ll cut together” he said. “Get ready for the downgrade — there’s no imagination in this regime whatsoever.”

This statement sums up SAA, ESKOM, all other SOE’s and South African government perfectly.

Close it down, give it away, pay someone to take it off our hands.

So lecturer Mr Mondi reckons it’s all a farce between ANC and Metalworkers Union…

Downgrade (S&P) will on Friday announce a negative outlook, from stable.
If government doesn’t stick to its guns by refusing to increase its offer, wait for a tax payer’s revolt!

Best solution might be to just give it to the employees for free to run themselves or close down. The strike is not ideal but in a way it has forced a solution. I doubt SAA will recover after this strike. Many people will never use them again after this chaos,so at least it forced the ending.

Where’s cyril anyway? Still overseas?

Crying is his pillow?

The UNIONS must put the foot down. They must draw a line in the sand and show SAA and the government who runs the country. We can’t have the SAA’s management dictating salary limits and conditions of service for wukkazz. We can’t have retrenchments just because SAA is broke and should be liquidated. Bailouts must continue to the year 2050. Taxpayers must come to the party. After all, taxpayers cough up continuously for the Corrupt Eskom, PRASA, Denel, SAPO, etc., so why not SAA?

Gismo – When you wake up from your coma your coffee will be cold.

Gismo. You sound like one of those 30% pass rate people.

Sarcasm? Anyone?

Yeah Paining – (chuckle) obviously written in too complicated a fashion…

Yip Gismho you so right.

Proud to be one of the elite 4% who are slowly bleeding out.

Enjoyed your sarcasm. Lost on some I see.

Sarcasm: the last refuge of modest and chaste-souled people when the privacy of their soul is coarsely and intrusively interrupted.

End of comments.





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