Mango’s domestic commercial flights may be grounded

After SAA Technical suspends services to SAA.
Image: Supplied

South African Airways’ maintenance subsidiary has withdrawn its services to its parent after the struggling airline failed to pay money it owes, SAA spokesman Tlali Tlali told local news channel eNCA on Saturday.

Administrators took control of SAA in December after almost a decade of financial losses, and have been trying to keep it afloat as the coronavirus pandemic compounds its problems.

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Tlali said SAA Technical, a subsidiary of SAA that provides critical maintenance services including inspections required before a flight can take off, said in a letter it had taken the decision after the national carrier did not pay for services rendered.

“SAA Technical… as a company registered on its own is pursuing its commercial interests,” Tlali said, adding meetings would take place over the weekend to try and resolve the issue.

He added that while SAA was not operating commercial flights, it has been doing repatriation flights for South Africans that have been stuck overseas due to the coronavirus pandemic as well as some charter flights that could be interrupted if SAA Technical does not restore its services.

Another SAA subsidiary, Mango, is currently operating domestic commercial flights, which eNCA said would be grounded from midnight on Saturday due to SAA Technical’s decision.

Mango could not immediately be reached for comment.

SAA’s administrators published a rescue plan in June that requires more than 10 billion rand ($584.16 million) to work. The Department of Public Enterprises has said it is in the process of finalising funding and the airline would not be liquidated.

“As matters stand, we are waiting from the shareholder (government) to give us an indication as to when funds will be made available,” Tlali said, adding funding in the short-term was needed.


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Just more pressure on Tito to back that (improperly made?) promise about state bailout.

It’s no longer called a “bailout;” Mboweni came up with “fiscally neutral” funding. Essentially it’s still from tax payers but this time it has the added burden of trimmed services in health, policing, education, etc, of already trimmed services.

Heard the same from any industry insider this past week.

A certain fruit “hit the fan” 🙁

(And that is going seriously hurt Lanseria Aiport’s bottom line, as both Kulula & Mango were major operators. Am hopeful at least for Kulula to restore service before this year draws to a close)

Agree, Kulula back in the skies – not Mango!

Whahahahaaaaa! What a bunch??? Hey!

I honestly don’t care but it makes for a good laugh.

While these punks are at it the poorest of the poor are dying??

Are they? You have to be from the continent to understand the stupidity. Nobody is dying. They are all just struggling.

Mistake to book with Mango anyway; FlySafair has its own maintenance team so no such hassles there!
No one is going to be using government owned airlines Mango and SAA after the stinky ongoing saga. Fortunately new domestic airlines are being launched; it will fly only CT JHB route, and United Airlines is now flying SA to US direct for the 1st time.
Who needs Mango or SAA!

Surely SAAT are not allowed to withhold their services as this would be seen as placing human lives at risk. They surely fall into the same category as essential and critical services whose mandate is ensure safety of human life. Seems that trade unions rules the land and seem to be able to do just as they wish without any consideration for their effect on the entire population of this country

What lives will be endangered? It means the affected airlines may not fly legally. If they do fly, it will be the relevant airline endangering the lives.

I haven’t flow SAA in many years.

I aim to keep it that way. Same for the spawn that will originate from its ashes.

I have a problem with supporting blatant corruption.

The anc just don’t get the nexus and complexity of the modern commercial and industrialised world….move over ramaphoza, your chaps just can’t measure up to running ANYTHING!…..Phhht.

Ashes to ashes, the Africa way..

End of comments.





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