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MTN, Vodacom infrastructure destroyed

Linked to conspiracy theories around 5G roll-out and the spread of Covid-19.
Workers install 5G telecommunications equipment. Image: Adrees Latif, Reuters

Mobile telecommunications infrastructure belonging to MTN and Vodacom has been torched and destroyed in KwaZulu-Natal, possibly as the result of conspiracy theories linking 5G roll-out to the spread of the virus that causes Covid-19.

This is according to communications minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams, who said in a statement on Thursday that three towers belonging to the mobile operators were destroyed on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. TechCentral understands that four towers were burnt, while an attempt to torch a fifth was unsuccessful.

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The minister urged the police to arrest those responsible for what she described as “anarchy” and said the destruction of the towers “follows a resurgence in conspiracy theories which link the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic to 5G”.

Ndabeni-Abrahams on Thursday said linking 5G to Covid-19 formed part of a “misinformation campaign” that posed a “threat to investments” made by telecoms operators.The torching of the towers comes after an eThekwini (Durban) councillor, Sifiso Mngadi, reportedly shared a voice note with colleagues over Christmas linking 5G networks to the spread of Covid-19. Mngadi was slammed by the ANC and opposition political parties for the remarks and is now facing disciplinary measures.

“It is regrettable that the much-needed network infrastructure is being destroyed. The country needs resilient and high-speed connectivity for every citizen to enable them to participate meaningfully in the digital economy. Furthermore, mobile telephony is crucial in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic,” she said.

“The destruction of network towers compromises multi-pronged efforts and initiatives to stem the spread of the virus. We therefore urge the police to arrest anyone who is threatening or removing infrastructure network stations or towers.”

South Africa isn’t the only country that has had network infrastructure targeted over the false belief that there is a link between 5G and Covid-19. Scores of telecoms towers were attacked in the UK last year, apparently by people who believed such links existed.

MTN South Africa spokeswoman Jacqui O’Sullivan said: “South Africa’s ability to meaningfully play a role in the fourth Industrial Revolution is inextricably linked to greater access to 4G and 5G technologies and these baseless conspiracy theories achieve nothing more than senselessly undermining much-needed progress, for all South Africans.”

A Vodacom spokeswoman, who asked not to be named due to company policy, said: “Vodacom’s security teams continue to monitor the situation in KwaZulu-Natal following the criminal destruction of some of our 5G base stations. We are working closely with local law enforcement to bring these criminals to book as well as to help protect our network infrastructure across the country.”

She added that there is “no credible scientific evidence linking 5G or mobile technologies to the spread of coronavirus”.

Duncan McLeod is Editor of TechCentral where this article was first published, here.


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Are you sure that this not simply the result of theft by professional criminal gangs that are harvesting materials from the infra structure.
The new N2/M41 Interchange in Umhlanga Rocks which was completed recently is now totally devoid of street lights as criminals with the right tools have removed all the copper wire/ light fittings/ other components at will. There were probably over two hundred street lights in this new interchange less than a year ago and now there are none. To dismantle these light poles some which stretch thirty feet into the air requires skill and equipment which is not easy to come by. What have the police or the municipality done to stop this theft of infrastructure? You all know the answer to that!

The harvesting can be it. Why not? Who would buy? Probably hordes of criminal conspirators. Don’t get excited, Its just the nature of the entrepreneurial beast. Go beast!
Who cares about the consequences? Is it you? Is it me? We say poo poo.
And we know nothing except “give me the money” ooga ooga

Sorry the SAP is too busy on the beaches to arrest anyone.

Hahahah… so true.

Bizarre! To think 5G signals will help spread Covid-19 (…or can we name the new strain, Covid-21??)

Was about to comment, this you’ll find typically in 3rd world countries which populations have a general lack of knowledge. You would not find it among the population of well educated Scandinavian & Northern European countries.

Then I read further…the the United Kingdom got mentioned! So you damned Brits caused my argument to fail!
What can one expect from a nation that believes “crop circles” originate from UFO’s/extra-terrestrials!! *lol*

(Ask a Freestate farmer about crop circles, and the response would be: “…ek donner vir julle net hier! Skoert hier uit my lande uit…julle stoutgat bliksems!”) 😉

To be honest I think Sfiso Mngadi should be held personally liable and responsible for this economic sabotage as it was he who yesterday spread the misinformation about the link between COVID and 5G.
I wonder how he thinks his tweets gets delivered…….via a pigeon.

Classic Gil, classic 🙂

I have heard, from a friend of a friend, that toll gantries also spread the virus…

Interesting observation, MTN does not pay dividends and its share price reflects the decision not to pay dividends.

Vodacom continued to pay dividends at its share price is almost double that of MTN.

Standard Bank also does not pay dividends and its share price reflects that also.

I am sure that the two companies have insurance to replace the equipment.

The more obvious culprits would be telkom. KZN is full of poor people for hire.

I wonder when will Telkom share price overtake the MTN share price?

Just rent one of musk’s satellites, haven’t heard of any space pirates yet

SA will fill that void !!

Maybe if we tell them about the myriad radio, television and satellite signals frying their brains (?) they might torch the SABC and rid us of that pestilence?

What does Jacqui mean when she says that the theories are baseless when renowned experts have commented on the effects that the radiation due to 5G migration will have/has on the immediate environment and people. We want this tech at what cost especially when we cannot compare to the proverbial global landscape because this 5G will not be accessible to most of South Africa so who is really benefiting from this. Definitely not Thabo from Alex or Wimpie from Danville.

Actually, Thabo in Alex and Wimpie in Danville are exactly the people who will be benefitting from 5G. You see, 5G (the 5,8 GigaHertz frequency band) provides higher data capacity in the towers that serve densely populated areas like cities. Both Alexandra and Danville will fall into this category. The people who will not (initially at least) get 5G coverage are the ones in low population density rural areas. See, they do not need it and the existing 2,4GHz data coverage is adequate there. As for the concerns regarding “radiation due to 5G migration”, please read my comment further down.

Madam Minister you snd your incompetent predecessors are the reason we don’t have reliant high speed internet. Not the fact a couple of towers are destroyed. Your hypocrisy is mind blowing!

Well first of all I dont for one minute believe the two have anything to do with each other, although I strongly do believe as I am a technician working in and around this technology is that 5G is a major health hazard due to its frequency it’s the same as been incubated inside a microwave. Not good it is way over the prescribed allowance which was properly amended so they could roll it out as money talks but peoples health as well as lives dont

In support of @MichaelfromKlerksdorp and others, and in response to @Badnsm and @Theproking75, I have to point out that “renowned experts” do not agree that 5G is harmful. This argument can be settled by simply looking at high school physics. And Wikipedia, if required.

I drafted a long explanation, setting out the electromagnetic spectrum, the difference between microwaves (frequencies between 300MHz (MegaHertz) and 300GHz (GigaHerz) and ionising radiation – frequencies between 3PHz (PetaHertz) and 300EHz (ExaHertz). Ionising radiation being alpha-, beta- and gamma radiation – the stuff that really will kill you. Think x-rays and nuclear accidents.

I also explained that if one is scared of radiation between say 800MHz and 5,8GHz – the microwave frequencies used by mobile phones and WiFi (the 5,8GHz being that much feared “5G”) – then one needs to be much, much more scared of radiation with a frequency of say 550THz (Terahertz), which has five orders of magnitude (one hundred thousand times) more energy than microwaves. Of course, radiation at a frequency of 550THz is simply visible lightgreen, to be exact. Note that visible light still has six orders of magnitude (one million) times less energy than gamma rays.

But then I changed my mind, I am not going to try and convince anybody of anything. Rational arguments and scientific facts have never been able to convince people to let go of any conviction that they arrived at irrationally. So to all the conspiracy believers, go ahead, believe in whatever “truth” you know in your heart of hearts to be true. The 5G, the micro-chip vaccinations and the New World Order are all coming for you. Good luck.

Nicely said …. the world of self-appointed, entitled anti-technology “experts”, critics of medical research and political conspiracy theorists has burgeoned exponentially as a consequence of?

High speed global world wide web connectivity and sophisticated communication technology via sites like FB and Youtube.

The irony.

Darwin, it is not merely an issue of ionizing versus non-ionizing radiation.

The more fundamental issue is the pulsing nature of the non-native EMFs at high frequencies. Our bodies are non designed for this. This detrimental exposure damages the voltage-gated calcium channel sensors attached to our cells leading to issues such as oxidative stress, increased prevalence of reaction oxygen species – a pre-cursor to cancer and a whole host of other heath issues.

There is also very detrimental effects on the structured water state in our bodies.

There is plenty of peer reviewed material highlighting the great health risks from non-native EMFs – you can start with the works of Martin Pall. Locally, James Lech is an expert on this issue and his papers/reports can also be accessed.

People can also refer to for more information.

I see. Pulsing nature, non-native EMFs and structured water. We are so screwed. Am buying all emfsa’s products tomorrow morning first thing. [/sarcasm]

Looking forward to the MTN results.

Seems that Telcos are the real money makers and not Banks.

End of comments.





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