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Netflix, Amazon Prime Video coming to new DStv Explora decoders

The move might not be as crazy as it sounds.
Image: Shutterstock

MultiChoice Group has signed agreements with Netflix and to offer the companies’ streaming services through its next-generation Explora personal video recorder (PVR) decoder.

In a presentation published on its website detailing its 2020 financial results, MultiChoice said in a section headlined “Further enhancements to customer experience — improve retention”, that it has launched field trials of its standalone DStv Streaming product — which is expected to be launched soon — and signed the Explora deals with Netflix and Amazon.

The move might not be as crazy as it sounds. Although Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are competitors to MultiChoice’s DStv and Showmax offerings, keeping customers on its hardware could help reduce churn.

MultiChoice has not said when it will launch the new Explora PVR decoder, but the set-top box is expected to bring support for 4K

MultiChoice has been losing customers at the high end of the market in recent years, particularly those on its Premium bouquet, as consumers with home fibre broadband turn to more cost-effective streaming alternatives, particularly given the weak economy is reducing disposal income.

In a separate slide in the presentation, MultiChoice said it is now “extending aggregation to include OTT partnerships”. OTT, or “over the top”, is industry jargon for Internet streaming.

‘Unique environment’

The broadcaster said its technical capabilities mean it is “trusted to successfully integrate and protect partner content”, while its operational expertise means it has a “tailored approach to cater for Africa’s unique business environment”.

Customers, it said, will benefit from “increased access to different content in a convenient way”.

MultiChoice has not said when it will launch the new Explora PVR decoder, but the set-top box is expected to bring support for 4K ultra-high-definition channels to DStv for the first time.

Duncan McLeod is Editor of TechCentral

This article was first published on TechCentral here and republished with permission

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Not long ago MultiChoice wanted to have Netflix regulated to level the playing fields?

Are they seriously expected people to still hang on to stupid decoders still?

Come on, move on DSTV!

It’s not a terrible strategy. They going to position themselves as a content aggregator. This is the case for some of the platforms in the US. Let’s be honest, we don’t want a showmax, Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon account. If DSTV can provide this in one package which is cheaper than the individual packages, then it may be quite appealing.

You won’t need a decoder for this. You can access all DSTV content online now.

The only way this becomes attractive is that the Streaming channels give the entire US based content, else, I am not sold.

Will wait to see what it costs. Our prime reason for moving away from DStv was cost-related and the fact that we don’t watch a huge amount of sport. One mustn’t forget that you still require a high speed fibre connection to stream video reliably which adds at least another R500 a month to the equation.

I haven’t watched television in years, in fact we gave our TV away a couple of years ago because it was just collecting dust. Nowadays we make better use of our time and still manage to keep up to date with what is happening around us. We also have more money to spend on what really matters.

I would posit that mindless television watching is in decline.

This can’t be a good thing. Our broadcasting is already over-monopolized.

Multichoice?? Multirepeat, there fixed it.

End of comments.





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