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Nissan pledges R3bn to SA for new Navara model

Move will increase jobs locally.
Nissan plans to more than double its industrial reach in the Middle East, Africa and India by 2022. Picture: Moneyweb

Nissan Motor plans to invest a further R3 billion in its South African plant to prepare for production of the latest version of the Navara pickup.

The decision by the Japanese carmaker may add 30 000 units to the plant’s current annual volume of 35 000, Mike Whitfield, managing director of Nissan Africa, said at the factory north of Pretoria on Wednesday. The manufacture of the Navara from 2020 will also create jobs in a country where more than one in four of the population are unemployed.

“Automotive is already the largest part of South Africa’s manufacturing sector, contributing around 7% of gross domestic product annually and accounting for a third of manufacturing output,” South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said at the Nissan facility in Rosslyn.

Nissan’s investment is the first significant commitment by an automaker since international firms agreed with the government late last year to extend a manufacturing incentive programme through 2035. The plan has also seen the likes of Toyota Motor, Volkswagen AG and BMW AG operate plants in the country, in return for generous tax breaks. The majority of vehicles are produced for export.

Nissan plans to more than double its industrial reach in the Middle East, Africa and India by 2022 by adding more factories, Peyman Kargar, chairman of the car-maker’s operations in those three territories, said in an interview last month.

“By 2022 we want to double our presence in Africa and South Africa is the most important base for this growth,” Kargar said on Wednesday. “We export to more than 45 countries from South Africa and with the new Navara this will be even more.”

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Good news for a change…

So the SA taxpayer will be subsiding Nissan with generous tax breaks via higher taxes for citizens, and Eskom with higher charges to fund the diesel generators to ensure Nissan’s guaranteed power supply (or are they simply going to take a chance that load shedding will not happen too often so as to disrupt production?

How will the taxpayer subsidize Nissan? Lower corporate tax and big companies will invest in SA. Creating jobs etc.

@paining, I agree.
The subsidies that are granted to this so called vehicle production and manufactures assembly plants actually mean that the taxes payers subsidise them.

The bigger the corporation the less the tax. This industry might contribute 7% to GDP but in reality they are a burden to the focus.

We might as well pay Amazon R100Bil to put their head office in South Africa.

Free money, let’s print XD

End of comments.





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