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SA may ban alcohol as virus cases breach 1 Million

The country had three record-breaking days of infections through December 25.
A possible new ban could endanger tavern job. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

South Africa may reinstate a ban on liquor sales as part of efforts to control a surge in Covid-19 infections, which have now surpassed 1 million, according to a person familiar with the discussions.

The country had three record-breaking days of infections through December 25, when it registered 14,796 new cases. Health Minister Zweli Mkhize a day earlier called for stricter measures to curb the spread, which has already battered the economy. South Africa recorded a cumulative 1 004 413 confirmed cases and 26 735 deaths on Sunday.

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Some countries, including the UK, have imposed travel restrictions on flights coming from Africa’s most industrialised economy after a new, more aggressive strain of the virus was identified in the eastern part of the country. The mutation, known as 501.V2, has increasingly dominated samples from the past two months and is rapidly spreading.

Restrictions on alcohol sales have been implemented to various degrees since one of the world’s most stringent lockdowns was imposed in March, in part to lower hospital admissions from vehicle accidents and alcohol-related violence. Still, the government lost tax revenue as a result of the initial ban on any sales and liquor traders and bars fired workers.

The ban could start on Tuesday and last through Jan. 10, said the person, who requested anonymity because the information is not public and a final decision hasn’t been made.

“Government continuously monitors all dimensions of the Covid-19 pandemic and as and when decisions are taken they are communicated publicly,” Tyrone Seale, acting spokesman for President Cyril Ramaphosa, said by text message in a response to questions.

The government’s National Coronavirus Command Council is expected to discuss a potential ban on alcohol, said Lucky Ntimane, convener of the Liquor Traders Formations, which represents liquor outlets.

“We do not think that a total ban on alcohol sales will be a solution either in the short or long term,” the industry group said in a statement.

The coalition of liquor traders proposed curfew measures and alcohol restrictions, if any, that still allow off-premises sales to allow for home consumption. A complete shutdown of liquor sales would mean “an end to the tavern market and the 250 000 direct jobs linked to the sector,” it said.

Liquor companies that operate in SA include Anheuser-Busch InBev SA, Diageo Plc and Distell Group Holdings Ltd.

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Oh Dear, here we go again

Now-now. Don’t begrudge our dear, gap-toothed minister and her smuggler handlers some good Festive Season bootlegging. Luxury cars are expensive, you know.

Dont believe any numbers/statistics from this government.

Don’t forget to mention the entire health sector, public and private, too, the ones who are complaining about being swamped.

They’ve had from March or earlier to prepare. It is now day 277 of the 21 alleged day lock down. So they too have had nine months to prepare. What did they actually do since March and even earlier, however?

Nine months is plenty of time to purchase extra beds, oxygen sets and even train thousands of nurses’ assistants to take the load off nurses and doctors. How many extra ICU wards have been outfitted? How many extra beds provided? How many medical assistants trained, to lessen the load on the staff?

Answer: very few, if any. So the same doctors who demand a hard lock-down now, did very little to prepare for what they’ve been saying all along is coming. Do they even believe their own warnings, I have to ask?

….they did a lot: most funds were blown upon corrupt procurement deals.

from any goberment by the way. they are ALL incompetent and insane

Pity the innocent and law abiding citizens of this country have to be treated the same as the uncaring and selfish population who won’t/don’t abide by the regulations currently in force.

The anc communists believe in the one size fits all lowest common denominator rule….applicable to all, except for their elitist cadres!

“Repeatedly doing the same thing, expecting different results.” The very definition of insanity. Enter stage left: the NCCC.

Yep! Coming from the same people that banned hot food and cigarettes. Remember?

Indeed the large part of the stubborn populace, that is still keeping its heads in the sand, and not abiding by the rules of avoiding gatherings, wear masks, hand washing and sanitising, keeping distance, wiping commonly touched surfaces is causing the second wave, and thousands of unnecessary deaths and cases of long, debilitating COVID. The NCCC, govt can only do so much, and only reacts with these stricter regulations of Level 3, because a too large part of the population thinks those preventative measures are not for them.
I might not agree with some of the rather Draconian measures, and certainly not particularly defending this govt as a whole. But SA got the govt it deserves as a democracy, and as we should have been well warned and accustomed to these preventative strategies, we truly deserve this 2nd wave, this lockdown and the number of infections, as bitter and bad as this might sound for the affected sufferers and the ones who lost loved ones.
And the comment with the wrongly calculated percentage of active cases gets even a considerable number of upvotes. Wow, so impressed by the readers and commentariat at MW.

Ok, so government is going to nail itself again. Expected. We got idiots running the country.

It’s like they are hanging themselves slowly.

This is the 2nd wave.

When the THIRD wave arrives, expected somewhere in 2021, the public will be forbidden the combined enjoyment of (red) Sparletta Sparberry soft-drink together with Willards Cheese Curls.

It could turn the hardest alcoholics into school kids.

And the reduced state Revenue will make Edward Kieswetter cry…

Peeple must eat beetroot !!!

Not accurate reporting.
Only 135000 active cases or 0,002% of SA population

Not accurate commenting.
I suppose you mean 0.2% active cases.

They will have a better chance at success if they banned the virus instead of banning alcohol. The law of supply and demand overrules the irrational regulations of the Coronavirus Central Command Council. The supply of alcohol will meet the demand, the ignorant CCCC only pushes up the price slightly. That is all. They are increasing the profit margin of the middle man. Long live free-market capitalism. Down with Central Planning Down!!

As much as I believe these lockdowns do more harm than good:

– my family has had it.
– back in June, hardly anybody had it.
– I now know more people that have had it that have not.

Take care

We all have choices – we should abide by the consequence of our actions on our own lives and the lives of those we expose. Darwin

And yet with 1 million infections and counting, the DA is still moaning from the sidelines as they where when infections were in the thousands.

When the dust settles they will look quite the fools.

Steenhuisen sounds like a bumbling Shofar prophet trying to convince Stellenbosch science students that evolution was not real.

look around… hear around… see around .. all over the globe…all CONTROL FREAKS…

Let the weak die. I know approximately 15 people that have caught this flu and the worst case was 10 days in hospital – the remainder were two weeks at home.

Could an infected patriot kindly sneeze on NDZ?

End of comments.





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