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SAA aims to resume flights in July or August

Dependant on Covid restrictions.
Image: Tod Burns

South African Airways (SAA) aims to resume flights in July or August, but the restart date will depend on how the Covid-19 pandemic progresses and whether the airline can resolve a pilot dispute, its chief executive said on Friday.

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SAA subsidiaries to receive funding

State-owned SAA, which was put into administration in December 2019, has not flown commercially since September, when its administrators mothballed all operations pending funding for a restructuring.

The airline exited administration in late April after receiving R7.8 billion from the government, but at the time it did not say when it would take to the skies again.

“As a draft or as a proposal we are looking at July-August 2021,” SAA’s chief executive Thomas Kgokolo said during a presentation to a parliamentary committee.

“However these dates come with some complexities, the issue of the Covid-19 is something that we still need to consider … and there is a complex matter that we are dealing with of pilots as well,” he added.

Kgokolo said SAA would meet again with its pilots on Friday to try to find a solution to a disagreement over outstanding salaries and layoff terms.

The airline has been trying to reach a settlement with the pilots for months.

SAA is one of a handful of South African state companies reliant on government bailouts, placing the country’s budget under strain at a time of rapidly rising debt.


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Don’t all rush at once !

You want to continue subsidising SAA and continue to to pay taxes that are being squandered?
Then Fly SAA!!!

Not so fast – there’s still nothing to fly with as lift-off is yet to happen….

We should start a lottery betting on the odds of a lift-off, when, and at what cost to the tax payer.

Currently Mango is leading SAA by far in the tax-wastage stakes, but that can change as Pravin’s mystery Investor gets cold feet….

Ever heard an old tractor starting on a cold winters morning.

That will be the sound of the first plane being given a jump start.

Hope there’s helpers to help push…

Let us know what routes as I do not want to be underneath the flight path 🙂

No pilots?

Lesson – Be careful. The butt you kicked today you may have to kiss tomorrow.

Pilots should NOT yield! A court ruled in their favour that they were INDEED entitled to claim for meals – despite SAA having tried to dilly them out of it.

And now SAA is trying the emotional blackmail style on the pilots that goes something like this; “come guys, chip in to the greater good” even using the tax payers that SAA conned for decades to try to swing the pilots to sacrafice their legal rights in terms of labour law. Us tax payers back the pilots who Gordhan and the DPE treated like dogs by locking them out

The Cabinet Ministers are putting pressure on the Fiscal so they can get on the “gravy plane” again.

Yes, Mango doesn’t serve Jack Daniels and caviar!

I will never support regime entities if I have a choice! SAA is just to cart around fat regime workers

Regime workers are now commonly called “CADRES” , but yes, good idea to avoid flying with them.

We’re spoilt for choice in SA with alternative, safe airlines’to pick and choose from, fortunately!

What an appropriate image…. SAA impaled by what must be a a huge anc “you know what”!

End of comments.





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