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SAA’s ex-chair Dudu Myeni banned from directorships

For life, and ordered to pay legal costs.
Former South African Airways chair Dudu Myeni. Image: Moneyweb

Former South African Airways (SAA) chair Dudu Myeni has been banned from holding directorships for life and ordered to pay legal costs after a three-year battle to hold her responsible for financial mismanagement at the state-owned airline.

An associate of former president Jacob Zuma and the head of his charitable foundation, Myeni presided over a sharp deterioration of the unprofitable carrier’s finances until her departure in 2017. The company has yet to recover, and was placed in a local form of bankruptcy protection late last year.

“She was a director gone rogue. She did not have the slightest consideration for her fiduciary duty to SAA,” Judge Ronel Tolmay said in a ruling by the High Court in Pretoria on Wednesday. “Her actions caused SAA and the country immense harm.”

Myeni didn’t respond to a phone call and message seeking comment.

SAA was at the heart of widespread claims of corruption at state-owned companies during Zuma’s tenure, a scourge commonly known as state capture. President Cyril Ramaphosa, who took office in 2018, has initiated several inquiries but prosecutions have rarely followed.

‘Gross misconduct’

The case against Myeni was brought by the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa), which campaigns against graft, and the SAA Pilots Association. The judgment and evidence will be handed to South Africa’s National Prosecuting Authority to be considered for any criminal activity, Outa said in a statement.

“It is important to hold people like Ms Myeni to account, as opposed to seeing them get away with acts of gross misconduct, year after year,” said Outa chief legal officer Stephanie Fick. “Imagine what could have been done with the endless amounts of taxes lost in her tenure to alleviate poverty and advance democracy.”

SAA’s future remains uncertain. Administrators have sent all staff on unpaid leave and all commercial passenger flights are grounded due to travel bans to contain the coronavirus. Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan is keen to use whatever is salvageable to create a new airline, but the business-rescue team says that’s only possible with new funding.

Outa’s case against Myeni focused on two incidents from 2015: The collapse of a route-sharing agreement with Emirates Airline that would have earned SAA about $100 million a year, and the failure to conclude a plane-swap deal with manufacturer Airbus.

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o’Dudu made SAA into a Dodo with her ineptitude and delinquency.

When does she get a room to herself??????

Damn, forgot we still have 5 years of state funded appeals ahead of us.

I read through the Judge ruling……what an utter disgrace this person is!

A bit like the person who put her in place……..

hope his time and the rest of his families will come soon

on one side of the planet we have a South African close to launching humans into space and

on this side of the planet we have a South African that has forced an entire fleet of planes into the ground

Wel,l his craft wouldn’t be appreciated here due to certain criteria such as his skin color

Agree. I realised this country is not cut out for innovation.

Only room for managers and operational teams…. hence explains a decline GDP.

So when are the staff of SAA who are now going to loose their jobs going to take legal action against her?

One can only hope that civil claims will follow.

as she is actually declared a criminal….by law the NPA is obliged to take immediate action.

So, are the Unions now going to have her charged with criminal intent or criminal activity, or is she going to be declared a ‘friend’ of the struggle and set free? Lets see what their stance is.

What is so sad.. that she gets away with this and again nothing from those you watched over this delinquent… who had the power to stop it.
Once again, look at who suffers and now are called to pay for it as well.

The story of SA at present…

They should lock her up and loose the keys forever

Doesn’t seem like the punishment fits the crime

OUTA has done what NPA should have done ages ago.

Are you seeing a picture of how useless these government setup watchdogs are?

This brings up CNN’s Richard Quest’s recent DAVOS-interview with 702 Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield….

“Your entire economy was hijacked! How many people are in prison?”

….wow, and THAT chosen FACIAL expression!!

Uhm, err….weak and overactive bladder problems, Dudu?

Another valve about to blow…..

…. an CR has done absolutely nothing. Zilch.

The damage is already done, I want to see cuffs and an orange jumpsuit.

…or in a shark-diving suit. Without the protective cage.

even better 😉

This is great news. Shows the huge change of leadership and government from Corrupt Zuma to Cyril!

We are getting better. Thus would not have happened 2 years ago.

Please read the article. She was held accountable by OUTA and the Pilots Association, not the ANC leadership or Cyril. The NPA has yet to act.

No doubt she will go on to become a member of parliament and chair one of the ANC moral regeneration committees.

Please tell me you’re trolling us? Lemon’s comment is the correct version of events.

Cyril has been such a weak president that he allowed the opponent he defeated at NASREC to assume the mantle of de facto Prime Minister and, two years after he took office, his cabinet is still stacked with Zuma stooges.

Now if we could just as easily have inept and corrupt politicians “delinquent for life” and forbidden to hold any public office.

And there seem also to be a LOT more “businesspeople” that could be usefully sanctioned as “delinquents for life”!

The illustrious lot of directors et al at Steinhoff and Tongaat, for starters.

Dudu – “I am not the first or the last black person to be attacked in this way by agents of the colonial project. My resolve to keep fighting for an all inclusive economy is now stronger than ever and I believe that justice shall prevail in the end,” Myeni said.

Not just delinquent, but delusional.

Yes indeed, so if justice is to prevail in the end like she predicts, are the many Unions that the staff in her companies worked and some still work, now going to have her charged with criminal intent or criminal activity, or is she going to be declared a ‘friend’ of the struggle and set free? Lets see what their stance is.

Should be banned from life, b££ch!

People who lack the cognitive skills required to perform a task typically also lack the metacognitive skills required to assess their performance. Incompetent people are at a double disadvantage, since they are not only incompetent but also likely unaware of it.

End of comments.





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