Sars refunds R2.4bn since Friday

Authority urges businesses to remain tax compliant.
Sars urges taxpayers to use online platforms. Image: Shutterstock

South African businesses are getting a boost from the taxman with the South African revenue services (Sars) giving back R2.4 billion over the four days of the nationwide lockdown, from Friday, March 27.

Sars is paying out tax refunds early as part of the state’s bid to mitigate the economic impact coming from the enforced shutdown of South Africa’s businesses. The enforced lockdown is the drastic step taken to curb the spread of the deadly Coivid-19 virus.

In a statement, the tax collector said it has paid out refunds to large businesses amounting to R1.1 billion and R1.3 billion to small, medium and micro-enterprises.

It said: “The payment of refunds represents a major cash injection into the economy at a very critical period. SARS can only do this if taxpayers and traders remain compliant by fulfilling their filing and payment obligations even during the lockdown.

“Sars has made available the following online channels, namely, MobiApp, eFiling, e@syFile, email and the Sars Contact Centre (0800 00 7277) to fulfil these obligations”.

It urged taxpayers and traders are to use these channels to make payments that are due on or before March 31 2020.

It also said that it was “imperative that various categories of businesses in distress continue to be compliant in order to access the tax relief measures that government has put in place to counter the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic”.

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Congratulations !!! We hereby return your OWN money to you !!! Jislaaik, thanks SARS, you bring tears to my eyes 😉

Haha so true! Miracles do happen. We must be grateful that it’s coming in time of need. Our government is standing with us in time of need!

Very different to Zuma government.

Did Luthuli House give you the day off today? Or have they got the shills working in shifts during this crisis?

SARS normally pays tax payers as late as possible so that treasury can do some financial gymnastics. The way treasury is dole out monies to all and sundry as a result of the virus will the country ever get out of its debt trap and yet they tell the citizens of the country to avoid debt and be frugal Ha Ha

thanks, but just go slow with printed money!!!

Incredible spin-doctors. Finally – after years of arrogance and incompetence – they start doing their job, what they are paid BY US to do, and they make a big song and dance about it? Next time our company pays VAT or PAYE or SDL or UIF or WCA or provisional tax, we’ll call MoneyWeb to hold a press conference and announce it to the world.

How can SARS auditors actually audit refunds when they are on lock down?

SARS has a very limited capability to work remotely. They did not plan for this and looking at it from the inside they are still out of plans.

End of comments.





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