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Strike certificate issued at South Africa’s Comair – union

As part of a secondary strike against SAA.

Update: Comair refutes being served with a Numsa strike notice

A strike certificate has been issued at South African airline Comair as part of a secondary strike against South African Airways, a spokeswoman for the National Union of Metalworkers South Africa said on Wednesday.

Two unions that called a crippling strike at SAA said on Sunday they would pursue a secondary strike to ensure their demands are met, that they warned could shut down the entire aviation sector.

After a strike certificate is issued, unions have to notify employers within 48 hours of any strike action.

Comair operates as a British Airways franchisee as well as its own low-cost carrier,

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SAA & Government should not give in to the Unions unrealistic demands for a 8% increase and job security guarantee. No jobs can be guaranteed in the private sector nor in the public sector/service and increases far above the inflation rate is just not on. No salary/wage increases should be considerate and granted in the foreseeable future.
SAA is a luxury that SA can ill afford. It is technically insolvent and further bailouts is not affordable. We can do without a national carrier.
Let go of SAA now! This will teach the unions a lesson that is long overdue and that they will never forget.

Last sentence of the first par should read: “No salary/wage … be considered … future.”

So. When the racist BEE policy cards are used up, you resort to strike action? Really? The stupidity of this is overwhelming…
The sooner we rid this country of racist politics, the sooner we can get down to business. The ANC should stand up to EFF infiltration and their unworkable ideals.

Heheh. Nice picture. 737 Max. Pretty much sums up the article.

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