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The scale of the destruction

Early estimates from some of the major players are in – and the numbers are huge.
One analyst puts the total estimated cost ‘at about R50bn’. Picture shows Campsdrift Park in Pietermaritzburg, home to a Makro store among other tenants, which went up in flames last Tuesday (July 13). Image: Sibonelo Zungu/via Reuters

It is not yet clear just how extensive the destruction of particularly retail and warehouse property and the looting of stock in the unrest in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng was.

On Friday night (July 16), President Cyril Ramaphosa referenced “preliminary reports compiled by NatJoints [the National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure]” which said “extensive damage has been caused to 161 malls and shopping centres, 11 warehouses, 8 factories and 161 liquor outlets and distributors”.

Earlier in the week, the South African Property Owners Association (Sapoa) said “some 800 stores have been looted and 100 malls have been either been burnt down or have suffered significant fire damage and a number of distribution centres particularly in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, have been looted with serious structural destruction”.

Both the NatJoints and the Sapoa figures are on the low side.

Thus far, eight listed retailers have provided updates on the number of their stores impacted and the damaged stores total 1 059 across the two provinces.

Factoring in non-listed retail groups, the listed counters that have not provided any update, and independent stores, the number is almost certainly higher than 3 000 stores (more than three times the figures reported thus far).

So far …

Pepkor said on Friday “to date, 489 retail stores representing approximately 9% of the group’s total retail stores have been damaged and looted as well as one of the JD Group’s distribution centres in Cato Ridge, KwaZulu-Natal”.

It added “the group’s supply chain and distribution operations in the affected areas have been severely disrupted and numerous additional measures, including tactical security, have been put in place to safeguard the group’s distribution infrastructure and assets”.

TFG Limited says “approximately 190 South African stores have been looted and damaged to varying degrees”. It adds that “a distribution centre operated by one of our logistics service providers as well as the manufacturing premises of one of our local suppliers have also been damaged by fire during the unrest”.

Spar said on Friday “as a result of looting and vandalism over the past few days across Gauteng, and predominantly KwaZulu-Natal, a total of 184 stores (including 62 TOPS liquor stores and 31 Build it stores) have been severely impacted”.

“This represents roughly 7% of the Spar store network across southern Africa,” it said.

Mr Price Group said on Wednesday that “to date, 109 (approximately 7%) of the group’s 1 592 stores have been entirely looted”.

“In addition, the group has had to temporarily close a further 539 stores across its six divisions.”

Massmart says “protesters gained access to and made off with merchandise in 18 Cambridge stores, 10 Game stores, 8 Builders stores, 3 Cash & Carry and 2 Makro stores”, adding that: “Two of our Distribution Centres have also been directly impacted. Altogether four facilities have suffered significant damage due to arson.”

In the broader Durban area, Attard Montalto estimates R15 billion in damage to property, with R1.5 billion in stock lost. These regional figures are sourced from Ethekwini’s EDGE Development and Investment Promotion Unit.

On Wednesday, Famous Brands said “to date, the total number of stores that have been damaged and rendered non-operational is 99, the majority being in KwaZulu-Natal”. It added: “Our Logistics facility in Westmead, KZN has been damaged and is currently non-operational but repairable once we have access to the area.”

It must be noted that the 99 Famous Brands stores are likely all operated by independent franchisees; in other words, they are not corporate stores.

Also on Wednesday, Cashbuild said “a total of 36 stores (32 Cashbuild and 4 P&L Hardware stores) have been damaged and looted and are currently unable to trade”.

On Monday, Woolworths said “eleven Woolworths stores have been looted and severely damaged with nine of the eleven stores in KZN and two in Gauteng. Although looters gained entry to the Woolworths Maxmead Distribution Centre (DC) in KZN the infrastructure was not severely damaged and has been secured, together with our other DCs.”

The new owner of Edgars, Retailability, told Business Day on Friday that 50 of its stores had been looted (nine of these were burnt).

Many have yet to disclose

We do not as yet have numbers for Shoprite, Pick n Pay, Lewis Group, Clicks Group, Dis-Chem Group, and Truworths.

Given the types and locations of most of the retail assets targeted, some of these numbers are likely to be substantial.

Based on the numbers disclosed by Spar, it is unlikely that Shoprite Holdings and Pick n Pay (which owns Boxer) would’ve had fewer than 100 stores each looted. One source has suggested to Moneyweb that this figure is closer to 400 between the two groups.

Both have been very tight-lipped to date.

So far, Shoprite has said only that: “As the authorities are restoring stability in pockets of KZN and Gauteng the Shoprite Group is working around the clock to repair and restock looted and damaged stores. These stores are becoming operational and are reopening for business by the hour while the safety of both customers and employees remains paramount.”


The major banks have also been guarded with their disclosures.

The Banking Association of South Africa says “over 1 400 automatic teller machines (ATMs) and close to 300 bank branches and post office outlets have been vandalised in the ongoing violence in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng … To safeguard their employees, banks were compelled to close over 1 300 branches between 12 and 14 July”.

Nedbank last week confirmed that 37 branches and 117 ATMs were damaged.

Members of the military survey the destruction on Tueday, July 13. Image: Siphiwe Sibeko/Reuters

Sapoa says those malls “that have suffered relatively little damage may take a couple of months” to reopen, while “where a mall has been burned to the ground, is likely to take at least two years”.

Beyond the retailers, Stor-Age says its Waterfall facility located in Hillcrest “has been extensively looted and then certain parts of the property set on fire”.

Tiger Brands says “a number of our sites in KZN have been affected by acts of looting and vandalism resulting in damage to our Rice and Snacks & Treats operations … It is currently estimated that the loss of stock is in excess of R150 million”.

A major distribution facility in Riverhorse Valley owned by Investec Property Fund and leased by RTT “suffered substantial damage as a result of looting and parts of the property being set on fire”.

Looters also gained access to distribution centres belonging to SAB, Heineken and Distell.

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) says 113 mobile network towers and four community radio stations were vandalised.

Approximately a dozen listed property funds and real estate investment trusts (Reits) have provided updates on their respective assets that were damaged.

Underestimating the damage

Peter Attard Montalto, head of capital markets research at Intellidex, says “we think investors still don’t really get the scale of what has happened”.

Early estimates by Attard Montalto put the amount of stock lost by retailers at R5 billion, with “800 non-shopping centre shop stores looted, 100 stores burnt out” and “200 shopping centres looted and majority destroyed”.

Even this number seems too low, given the sheer number of outlets impacted as well as the damage to very big stores with a large amount of stock, such as Makro.

In the broader Durban area, Attard Montalto estimates R15 billion in damage to property, with R1.5 billion in stock lost.

He says as many as 50 000 informal traders and around 40 000 businesses have been affected.

A total of 150 000 jobs are at risk because of the looting, damage, and unrest.

However, many of the impacted retailers have quietly confirmed that jobs will not be cut while stores are restocked and rebuilt. Attard Montalto puts the impact to Durban’s GDP at R20 billion.

Overall, he estimates the “total cost at about R50 billion and the GDP loss at about R40 billion”.

He has cut his 2021 GDP forecast by 0.7% (from 3.8% to 3.1%).

He cautions that Intellidex is “concerned about the impact into lower long run potential growth from foreign direct investor and local investor risk aversion”.

“We are concerned that KZN is now seen as completely uninvestable by foreign direct investors and local investors. As we commented before, the Richards Bay Minerals assassination and construction mafia problems [were] already creating unaddressed concerns about the state of the police and security structures in the province.

“Now the cost of rebuilding in KZN will have to be weighted versus higher security and insurance costs though the upside of the port is obviously substantial versus most other provinces (or other neighbouring countries),” says Attard Montalto.

“The government may have to have difficult conversations with FDI [foreign direct investment] investors about staying in KZN or relocating to the Western Cape or perhaps Gauteng.”


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And Mr. Ramophosa and his Government did NOTHING to protect these properties. Nothing. His SAPS did nothing. His Army did nothing. His intelligent service did nothing. How is this possible?
Despicable. Slapgat. Negligent. Weak.

The word “nothing” comes up often, there’s your answer, it’s what they are!!

Peter Attard Moltanto should have a word with his boss, Dr Staurt Theobald from Intellidex who thinks that everything’s fine, the worst has been priced in and it’s only blue skies from here onwards.

Theobald the Brave, pontificating from London.

The problem we have now, is that the looters know what the response from government will be and can act accordingly. The precedent has been created, expect more to follow.

you missed untrustworthy, criminal and murderous

What should he have done? Shot the rioters?

Then the Zuma faction would turn around and say “Look he’s done the same as with Marikana” and the ANC would respond by removing him as president. Do you think we would then get a better president?

The bigger problem that the ANC has created for South Africa is that the people are poorer and less educated than under apartheid. Things are worse for them.

However, because of that they still blame all the hardships on apartheid that ended 31 years ago.

The poor get handouts from taxpayer money and so they keep voting for the ANC.

The only helocopters in the sky for the 3 day planning meeting that he told us was to be conducted were the media. During this time there were no police where the media were sending video from. The media were even interviewing looters. No police, no authority. The public had to defend themselves against criminals with guns. Still no police. What do we expect? We expect not to be abandoned when the call for help is right there and being broadcast to the world.

A pertinent question is where exactly is our deputy president? In Russia? In Cuba? Somewhere else? What is he doing there? Was he waiting in the wings for when Ramaphosa was removed? I would like to see his doctors note when he finally shows face again.

Yes , at least with rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannons.

To answer your second question – yes.

What should he have done?
1. Fired some of his ministers and their honchos, for incompetence.
2. Jailed a lot more of them, for corruption.
3. Delegate these actions down all the government and SOE structures.
3. Send a clear message that incompetence and corruption will not be tolerated.
4. Publicise this to the World of potential investors.

How to action this? Take the example of Rwanda.

Certainly, it was an (epic) intelligence failure.

And yet, the Ramaphosa-camp does not use examples of such destruction for their political advantage, by telling all ANC supporters (..Zuma-camp as well) and the rest of EFF, the following message:

“Look, THIS will be the South Africa you have have in the end, if you giving support for Zuma/Ace/Malema. Food scarcity, MORE job losses and fuel shortages. Is that what you want? Or do you want prosperity”.

The message just need to be sent out in all local languages.

Cyril hands were tied. He couldn’t act decisively, fearing he would be painted with the same Marikana brush that dented his reputation not so long ago. Sources say he could not afford to be seen in the same light – this would have been easy ammunition for his detractors to use against him within the ANC. Cyril would not have survived another Marikana allegation made against him.

Cyril is a tainted president and the RET faction knows this. That’s why this looting and rioting was so effective and wide spread.

Mr. President, next time you address the nation, please don’t start your lame speech with ‘my fellow South Africans’. I for one is not one of your ‘fellow South Africans’.

Imagine looting a country to free a man who looted a country?

Some revolution!

What a Revolution! … the looters can’t buy bread anymore …
nor do they have the skills to make bread (they might have the equipment … stolen stove, etc)

without the skilled labour force in this country … ANC will never be able to deliver to their looters

The agent of destruction is the ANC.

This is treason.

Let the instigators be found and punished accordingly.

The instigators have been so intelligent that the scapegoats have been stitched up beyond any reproach. Thats what the 3 day plaaning meeting was about.

Daily Maverick reports “Both the KwaZulu-Natal Premier Sihle Zikalala and the eThekwini mayor Mxolisi Kaunda oppose the Zuma jailing and have said Zuma should be given a presidential pardon.”
And they lord it over Natal with this attitude towards the Constitutional Court. It is clear that CR was intimidated by them and the Zuma camp during his dash around Durban. He even told a reporter that the matter was going to be considered!!!

If businesses have any sense they will relocate as much of their operations to the Western Cape.
This is but the beginning of what is to come in the future!!

That has been happening over the last couple of years… Now that stream of businesses moving to the WC will become a torrent. Which is FANTASTIC news. More corporates residing in the WC means more tax income to the province, resulting in greater financial influence by the provincials government and thus the DA.

Hopefully the WC secession will succeed ASAP.

Aside from the tardy insurance payouts that will unfold, the instigators will get off scot free. I can see that coming already, the Free Zuma demands, the “clergy” demanding, his brothers funeral and the fact that you cannot touch the untouchables. Ace, Zuma Gupta etc.

The 50000 informal traders, 150000 jobs does not even enter their minds.

Never before has one family reeked such havoc on a country.

Mugabi had nothing on this family.


What is sickening is how they are forever looking for an explanation as to why there “people” behave in this most “undignified” manner.

There is no excuse!!!

they’re gonna nail the instigators. this is the end of the RET faction. they played their biggest hand and couldn’t get their insurrection beyond the Zulu-populated areas. even in KZN the majority of people is firmly against it. SA and KZN paid a big price, but this, finally, is a turning point for SA. people are gatvol and will take control if govt doesn’t, and I’m sure the ANC’s top brass noticed.

what they need to do now is to lift the lock-down immediately ( it didn’t help )

In response to Chev’s comment on the lockdown: Absolutely agree – it’s going to be interesting to see whether last week’s events results in an increase, or decrease rather, in infections.

bloukaas, I don’t care if there is an increase or decrease in infection rate, the lock-down is destroying the economy even further. Is the ANC govment oblivious to this?…are they really so incompetent??

@Chev and @bloukaas, the looters have said as much about the lockdown being part of the reason:

“I told him I don’t buy stolen goods. He told me it’s not stolen. “I just took the stuff free from the shop.” He told me he has to do something to survive. He said I should think deeply about this government.

“They lock us up in our homes saying there is this Corona. They take billions and billions of money and we have no electricity or water. But politicians are living a nice and soft life.

“So you telling me that by looting for my life I am the one doing a wrong thing? We are starving. The whole world is falling down. The rich get richer and poor people they are starving in their homes,” he said.

I really didn’t know what to say to this man so I just told him that one day it will be okay and we must pray to God to help us.

“God left South Africa long ago,” he said.

Is there any of the Chiefs that:
(1) has helped with the cleanup,
(2) offered free labour for at least a bit of the rebuild,
(3) identified the looters?

I trust all the (paid) labour to rebuild the infrastructure will be from areas where there were no looting – else the looters will score short term employment on top of their crimes.

SA has become uninvestable. This is just the start. Zuma trial is continuing and that will stir the pot more. Wait till Zuma gets out of jail. Then the jubilations among his supporters will be immense. And if he doesn’t get parole in 3 months time , there will be a huge push for that, we will see more demonstrations. If CR thinks he has things under control he is sorely mistaken.

Nothing has changed since 1838 when Andries Pretorius solved a similar problem at the Blood River. South Africa is still a frontier nation where looting and plunder threaten law and order.

We need a leader who can use the constitution to provide the protection of a lager, the judiciary as a canon, the armed forces as riflemen, and superiour inteligence and skill to outmanuevre a planned attack on citizens.

It is possible, but the the fact that the looters have the power to elect the leaders remains a problem. Looters elect fellow looters to lead them.

At least Andries solved the problem decisively!!

But Sensei, aren’t the European colonialists the original looters? They looted/plundered/pillaged/destroyed the land/resources/culture of the indigenous black people of this land!

Now we have in place a European/Western social/economic/monetary/political order that at its core perpetuates instability/disparities/exploitation/oppression! Yes, the skin colour of the overt political leadership has changed since 1994 but the underlying hegemony in place is still in line with that which pre-dates 1994, i.e. the system of Western imperialism.

Are we surprised then at what has transpired in KZN and Gauteng?

Let us as human beings then, no matter what our skin colour and disposition, have honest and sincere engagements on what the state of affairs are in reality and how do we meaningfully and justly resolve these biting issues so that we can achieve a genuine win-win for all concerned in the longer term! In this process, let us be courageous enough to surmount the barriers posed by cognitive dissonance!

In the current paradigm, the key mechanism of looting is via the debt-based interest-based fiat paper and digital currency system. This monetary system is inherently oppressive and exploitative. Each time we borrow from the banks, the loans we take out are essentially created out of thin air. This is an act of debasement of the purchasing power of the existing money in the hands of the broader populace. To put it plainly, it is brazen theft! And those who feel the effects of this theft most profoundly are the impoverished/economically disenfranchised!

The ultimate solution is to return back to the system of guidance of the Lord God as espoused in the Divine Revelations sent down to His various Prophets including Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them all)!

The Lord God is All Knowing and All Wise. It is following His guidance that provides ultimate success in this temporal life and the Hereafter. This temporal life serving as test for us to ascertain which of us are best in conduct/character – refer to verses 1-2 of Chapter 67 (The Sovereignty) of The Holy Qur’aan:

From an economic/monetary system perspective, it is critical that we return back to the system ordained by the Lord God of using money that is intrinsic in nature (gold, silver etc.) and prohibiting interest and usury. Such a systemic change will go a long way in addressing the monumental economic debauchery (and the consequential social disparities and angst) that the current system perpetuates.

His nibs the Spagetti Monster have mercy. Did the Moneyweb sensors let this drivel through to give us some comic relief on this bleak Monday?

Andries Pretorius would agree 100%. He had the Bible in one hand and the voorlaaier in the other. Any soldier who walks into battle needs strong motivation. The brave, disciplined, and well-trained Zulu warriors got their motivation and protection in the form of muti. The Voortrekkers had theirs in the form of communion. It was strategy, experience, skill, and bravery that won in the end.

Contrary to plunder and theft, people apply to be enslaved by usury. People are willing to pay to be enslaved. So, entrepreneurs give them what they want. People borrow to buy a house, and then they have more cash flow to give to the church every Sunday. Usury pays the social grant. Usury keeps poor people alive through the gearing of the financial system.

This brings us to the point. The Torah talks about a Debt Jubilee to clear all the debt in the system. This is exactly what has been happening for the last decade now. What was called a Debt Jubillee during Biblical times, when they were on a gold standard, is called currency devaluation under the Fiat monetary system. Currency devaluation is the cancellation of debt, and the government is the largest debtor by far.

Therefore, my dear friend, the purchasing power of your salary is used today to clear the debt in the system. Bless you, for your benevolence.

Does Gordhan STILL want a national airline? Just wondering…..

how else does you think will the LAST whities leave???? 🙂

Certainly not with SAA .

Everyone should be warned: This is a precursor to what is going to happen when EWC gets into full gear, only this time it will be your home and farm. On who should be held financial liable for this organised thuggery, the victims’ lawyers should focus their lawsuits at the Jacob Zuma Foundation and to all his sycophants henchmen.

Why don’t we split the country up by culture and language. A country for the Afrikaans speakers in the cape, A country in the eastern cape for the Xhosas and a country for the Zulus in Kwazulu Natal, etc.

Comment removed

Someone drank the Nationalist party Kool Aid

You’re already part of the way there – from personal observation I’d say that all the Afrikaans speakers are already in the Cape.

Ek is Afrikaans en woon in Kaapstad.

Can’t imagine anything more unsettling than living with only Afrikaans speakers in the Western Cape; yes, Afrikaans IS the most exciting language in the country from a linguistic point of view but without the indigenous languages it would be rather boring.

Haaibo Baba, that was called Apartheid in the past. A Crime against Humanity as labeled by the UN.

Europe is divided into countries by language and culture.

Clearly, you don’t know your history. Here are ten of the most successful secessions in History: 1. The 13 American colonies leaving the United Kingdom: 2. The former Soviet republics leaving the Russian Federation: 3. Algeria leaving France: 4. East Timor leaving Indonesia: 5. Eritrea leaving Ethiopia: 6. Bangladesh leaving Pakistan: 7. Uruguay leaving Brazil: 8. Greece and Serbia leaving the Ottoman Empire: 9. South Sudan leaving Sudan: 10. Panama leaving Colombia. They were all better off and so will the Western Cape be.

Business owners must really have big courage to get started again.

Maybe it does make sense to relocate to more business friendly provinces.

1048 stores is a huge amount to destroy therefore a huge amount of PEOPLE had to be involved.

Like Nazi Germany the ANC was legally elected to power by the PEOPLE and the Inciters, like Dr Goebbels ,required PEOPLE to act and behave in an atrocious manner. And look what happened to PEOPLE in Germany after WW2

So solve for x-the problem is the PEOPLE.


Until recently the correct word was ’emigrate’ but you are 100% correct – ‘flee’ is more correct. SA is heading towards Mogadishu 2.0 – people forget that Beirut, Tehran, Luanda, Beira, Baghdad, Havana, Harare, Damascus and Kabul were all once beautiful places with lovely climates, cosmopolitan lifestyles and lovely people. Cape Town, Durban and the like will soon join that list. Those who don’t understand history are doomed to repeat it (Churchill?). Plan accordingly. Historically, we are in the last decade of the post-colonial project. Everything shall revert to the mean.

Might the fleas not attach themselves to a host somewhere in the Middle East!

what you’re ignoring is that the spread of looting was contained; most people in the country was against it and some even risked themselves to stop it. the chasm between the ANC’s factionalism and corruption, and what the people want, is showing. things aren’t nearly as dire as you’re making it out to be. Moneyweb comments at times looks like a competition for outrage and pessimism – bunch of disgruntled old farts 😉 I’m seeing an upward curve from here on, despite the ruling party’s internal wars. People of SA unite!

Sane voice !

You’re deluded .. sorry. It wasn’t contained, save by citizens using automatic firearms to stop it. Zero police and zero army. How can this in any way be ‘the start of good things?’

Mok, it wasn’t even looting, it was blatant destruction. How do you call pulling the roof’s down, burning, destroying assets you not going to take “looting” and “contained”!! This was savagery, and the nature of the beast has been truly exposed! Forget the PC and the Woke policies, it’s high time the Scientists got involved! You clearly lost nothing!!!

chill it Snowy; i wasn’t writing an essay…. this mess didn’t spread beyond KZN and parts of Gauteng; and yes, it was an unholy cabal wreaking destruction. but now it’s ending. nothing like Nazi Germany. a heavy price was paid, but this fire isn’t spreading, it’s contained and will burn out. what’s the scientists gonna say by the way? that using words like “PC” and “woke” are meaningless unless you have an actual argument?

With the exception of the big retailers, I can’t imagine many business owners trying to rebuild in KZN while the risk of a repeat of this destruction is high. KZN likely to become a ghost province.

Hello my personal opinion is I see opportunity in the flames.
I’m still in university studying but I’m going to use my easy equities to capitalize on the opportunities. Still saving up for a proper Stockbrocking account like itrade or PSG wealth.

I was looking at the J235 index or JS5011 index. I see lots of opportunities for cement manufactures and construction companies.
Depeneding on who can secure contracts to rebuild the malls and supply the materials.

Kind Regards
Toko Maringa

I hope you’re learning something useful at university, but judging solely from your post it doesn’t look like it.

All this over a man who didn’t even finish primary school and who can’t count beyond 100. I find this very difficult to understand.

Thing is, one would expect that competent people are in charge. They aren’t, the world over.

We need to rebuild and that we will do as a nation. We must not allow this to take our eyes off Covid. However with all the additional people out of work we need a mind shift change and open Restaurants and that ban on Alcohol sales must be partially lifted. A strong message must go out to Society that people need to enjoy a drink responsibility and not overload our Medical facility’s. Monitor this closely and arrest those people or threaten to impose than ban again.

We are not children Mr President. What has transpired was not sparked by Alcohol. The infection rate is going to increase big time amongst the looters during the free for all.


Can Siya Kolisi not donate his no 6 Springbok jersey to Dr. Suliman,

of the Gift of the Givers, for all the good work they have been doing?

The only way for investor confidence to be restored is for incredibly harsh penalties to be imposed on the instigators and those who have been caught looting. The instigators cannot only do time, they are wealthy and they must be fined harshly as well to strip away their wealth as they have done to others. If there is no accountability and no consequences forget discretionary investment. The large retailers with insurance will return as they make huge profits. All the major companies affected and the insurers need to be more vocal and stand together with a single message. No consequences and we will stop further investment. The masses need to see the consequences or else they will never change their behaviour. It is not okay to adopt Kamikaze tactics and then a week later say we are hungry.

who are the 212 people that died?

how many are south africans?

I always said the majority in SA are stupid because they voted zuma in now i will add scum to stupid after the latest looting etc.

The travesty is yet to come. Forget the food shortages. Forget the increased unemployment. Forget the implosion of service delivery…


Quite sobering to think that so many people are so naive, gullible and impulsive enough to think that the looting and destruction is a step in the right direction. They have shot themselves in the foot and they will ultimately pay the highest price.

All this destruction was pandemic driven…nothing more nothing less! It started out as a protest against Zuma’s incarceration and ended up with the masses rioting because of pent-up frustration over job losses, constant lockdowns and no alcohol. There is zero will to have Zuma back in power, this has become very obvious.

If you said driven by lockdown frustration, not pandemic, then I could agree with you.

Well, lockdown is caused by the pandemic…

South Africa is finished at so many levels, the least of all economic.

So true Colson, one only has to look the general populace’s driving behavior alone, the lawlessness, no decency, no concern for consequence of behavior. The moral and ethical decay in other areas of life is very much on the decline with no sense of standards. It’s disheartening to see!

So we have to believe that the Government was caught unawares?
So ‘National Intelligence’ is a perfect example of an oxymoron?

Let’s add the 150 000 potential job losses to those as a result of the lockdowns, the destruction of the economy, and then blame it on someone other than those in power as usual.

Very soon we might not have the ability to become great again. As long as we are divided and as long as ill-discipline is not dealt with, we never will be.

Please can one of the large retailers or all of them actually start legal proceedings against Government for damages . In essence for a complete dereliction of duty . Received tax to protect citizens and property and failed dismally.

End of comments.




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