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Tongaat Hulett slashes chairman’s fees by more than half

As company grapples with financial restructuring.
Louis von Zeuner, the new chairperson of Tongaat's Hulett's board has agreed to have fees for the role slashed by more than half, in the face of the group's financial woes. Image: Moneyweb

Louis von Zeuner agreeing to have his chairman’s fees at struggling sugar and property group Tongaat Hulett slashed by more than half, has been hailed by shareholder activists Chris Logan and Theo Botha.

The move was revealed during the group’s AGM at its head office at Amanzimnyama Hill in Tongaat, north of Durban, on Friday.

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Tongaat Hulett’s previous board Chairman Bahle Sibisi, earned fees of more than R2.7 million for the group’s 2018/2019 financial year. Von Zeuner, who became the group’s chair in November last year, following the departure of Sibisi and several other Tongaat board members, agreed to his fees being “restructured” to R1.3 million.

Tongaat Hulett’s head office at Amanzimnyama Hill in Tongaat, KwaZulu-Natal. Image: Supplied

Logan, a former Tongaat shareholder who has been a vocal critic of the group’s previous executive leadership and board even before it was rocked by an accounting scandal last year, told Moneyweb this week that Von Zeuner’s move is a “great gesture”.

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He said considering the financial and other challenges facing Tongaat, the move is hugely welcomed. “It comes at a time when excessive fees are being paid to some executives and boards in companies that are not performing. Take Nampak for example: its chairman gets more than R2 million and company’s share price has fallen from R15 to R5 over the last couple of years.”

Logan described Von Zeuner as a “quality” appointment to take Tongaat forward, together with the new executive team that came in last year led by CEO Gavin Hudson.

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“Von Zeuner has shown leadership in accepting a massive cut in his chairman’s fees….

“But this is a very important decision, because it highlights the new ‘tone at the top’. It is a good sign that things are changing at Tongaat,” he explained.

“With the group undergoing a major restructuring, which includes big job cuts, this move shows that the top is also feeling the pain and is cognisant that things need to change…. Tongaat Hulett’s previous board chairman earned ridiculous fees of almost R3 million a year. The previous board also needs to be accountable for where Tongaat finds itself currently,” added Logan.

Meanwhile, Botha said the move is “positive” in view of Tongaat’s previously high fee structure for its board and the group’s financial woes. “The boards of companies must be held accountable for a group’s non-performance or when things go wrong…. At Tongaat, the group’s previous audit committee needs to also account.”

At Nampak’s AGM last year, Botha was the one who raised the issue of board Chairperson Peter Surgey’s fees, in the context of the group’s reduced market size. This led to the company not raising Surgey’s fees last year.

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“I expect Nampak’s board chair fees to come down, as well as the chairman’s fee at Comair to also come down substantially this year…. Another company, Purple Group, has already seen the fees for its chairman Mark Barnes come down from R2.2 million to around R0.5 million,” he said.

“If the shareholders of companies take a knock, then it is only right that the chairman and executives also take a knock in terms of remuneration. Directors fees must be aligned to shareholders interests,” added Botha.



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Only a desperate man can accept terms like these…

Maybe he must also take Eskom, SAA, PRASA and DENEL as well at half their rates… He can save the taxpayer a packet.

Thats so noble given that he earned enough at Absa and can afford to have hobbies like Tongaat without remuneration might i add

I’m sure his dabbling in cattle also looked after his pension

Yes -siestog- must be hell to survive on a side side side pension of R1.5m a year.(if he took a “massive” 50 % cut.) Very few working people earn that in a year- parasitic ANC and officials excluded.

R17 million! Aveng are you listening

If Chairman get R17m how much does the CEO,COO and CFO each get at Aveng?

A lot but still much less than Ace and his comrades.

People don’t realize what this guy has done to the Free State and how wealthy he actually is. He still holds the reigns of power in the Province. The looting and corruption of this man and his comrades is a disgrace to our society and continues relentlessly and unchallenged to this very day

Where in the world are Government Officials , elected by the people for the people, earn more than their counterparts in the Private Sector?

The magnanimity of SA’s elite surely knows no bounds. We plebs should be humbled.

must be tough when the ATM’s can only dispense R200 notes – how do they cope…

Thank you for leading from the front. Even our president donates 50% of his salary to charity. We are all here to serve. Leadership has to lead by example and encourage all our employees and the unions to save and invest! We can only wear one set of clothing at a time, be humble and make wealth for your stakeholders and your country!

End of comments.



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