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Data ‘has not been compromised’ in Transnet cyber attack, says Gordhan’s department

Based on a ‘preliminary assessment’. Force majeure at Transnet Port Terminals still in place but expected to be lifted in ‘coming days’.
Image: Moneyweb

Minister Pravin Gordhan’s Department of Public Enterprises (DPE) has finally commented publicly on the cyber attack at Transnet – a week after the IT hacking forced the state-run ports and logistics giant to resort to manual operations group-wide.

The DPE posted a statement on social media channels on Wednesday night, assuring the shipping industry and other stakeholders that key operations at South Africa’s ports have been restored and that Transnet and its client’s data ‘has not been compromised’.

“Government announces that there has been a breakthrough following the IT security breach,” it said.

“Transnet has managed to fully restore operations at the ports, which enables the country[’s] supply chain and logistics system to resume normal operations … The return to operations is good news for the economy, as the Transnet ports and rail system are the backbone of the economy,” it added.

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One of the hardest hit divisions within Transnet group was Transnet Port Terminals (TPT), which was forced to declare a force majeure as it battled to deal with trucks coming into the country’s main container ports of Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Ngqura.

Moneyweb reported on Wednesday that TPT’s vital Navis port operating system came back online on Tuesday night, but Transnet group’s overall emails and websites remain offline (even as of Thursday morning). The force majeure at TPT also remains in place, but Transnet expects to lift this soon.

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“The preliminary [IT/cyber security] assessment of the cyber attack indicates that Transnet and its customer data has not been compromised,” Gordhan’s department stressed in its statement.

“Cyber attacks have been on the increase in the country and globally. Investigations are underway into the events and due process will take place,” the DPE added.

On TPT’s force majeure the ministry noted that it “is currently in place” but “under review with the intention to lift it in the coming days”.

In the statement, Gordhan commended both Transnet and industry stakeholders in handling the situation.

The DPE also said that based on its interactions with the shipping industry, most shipping lines assured the department that  South Africa’s ports would not be bypassed due to the cyber attack incident.

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Pravin Gordhan also said that a private equity investor is “investing” in SAA. We all know that the Government loaned them the money and if they can’t repay, it will be nothing other than another taxpayer funded bailout. So no, I don’t believe anything Gordhan says.

Yep … laughable. This man is a one-man economy wrecking ball with his inane “rescue” of the airlines.

If that’s the case, why have exporters on Cape Talk this morning been complaining that they have had no feedback from Transnet (with tons of fresh fruit sitting around) and why are shippers are bypassing Cape Town because the systems are not up to standard and have moved to PE and DBN.

Even Mozambique is apparently more efficient for movement of mineral exports.

Have Transnet’s IT systems not been BEE’ed? Asking for a friend. Declaring a Farce Majeure seems to be the easy way out of this dilemma.

…mentioned this week that the “hack” was the ANC to siphon off tax payers money, seemingly ethically and take cover in a problem affecting super economies

The man is senile and needs medical evaluation.

Ransomware is so destructive, and is gaining traction globally. Low barriers to entry send high gains make it lucrative. Sometimes good security awareness can help build the human firewall. If your employees know the risks and how to spot them, your business will be better protected.

I laughed so much that I nearly fell out of my Covid sick bed when I read (in another article) that according to the new Cybercrime Act that the South African Police Service (SAPS) will be the leading agency to coordinate investigations!

Heaven forbid that Mr “Hat” Bheki Cele attempts to operate a computer. Hopefully they have more qualified techies than the constables who cannot write up a legible statement at the local station.

End of comments.





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