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Level 2 rules allow restaurants to sell alcohol on weekends

Along with other surprises….
Image: Chris Ratcliffe, Bloomberg

There are a few surprises in the Covid-19 alert Level 2 rules that were gazetted by Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (Cogta) Minister, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, on Monday.

In a big win for the hospitality industry, restaurants, bars and taverns will be allowed to also sell alcohol on weekends, but for on-site consumption only, until the curfew time of 22:00.

However, bottle stores will still be restricted to selling alcohol from Monday to Thursday between 09:00 and 17:00 for off-site consumption.

Other surprises include concerts, weddings and smaller events now being allowed, though these will still be restricted to no more than 50 people. The government has previously allowed small conferences of 50 people or less under alert level 3, in addition to inter-provincial travel for businesspeople and in essential and emergency cases.

SA placed on Alert Level 2, effective August 17 at midnight
Move to alert Level 2 ‘is not a free for all’ – Ramaphosa

The gazetting of the new rules follows President Cyril Ramaphosa announcing on Saturday that South Africa will see an easing of Covid-19 restrictions to alert Level 2 as of Tuesday. He mentioned that inter-provincial leisure travel will be allowed for the first time since the hard lockdown in March, in addition to the lifting of the tobacco and alcohol bans.

The president also revealed that family visits would be permitted.

According to the new alert Level 2 rules, no more than 10 people are allowed to visit you at your home.

Gyms and Airbnb establishments are also now officially being allowed to operate for the first time since the hard lockdown in late March. However, like eventing venues and cinemas, gyms will also need to conform to the rule around not allowing more than 50 people in each venue at any one time.

Accredited hotels, lodges and bed & breakfast establishments have previously been allowed to accept business guests as well as leisure tourists (only within a province) under Level 3 restrictions. With the move to Level 2 and inter-provincial travel (between provinces) now being opened up, new accommodation rules stipulate that establishments cannot operate at more than 50% capacity.

Casinos have already had to operate under similar restrictions after being allowed to operate in Level 3 since July.


Restaurants set for ‘Million seats on the streets’ protest

Domestic leisure travel ban raises ire of tourism industry

As mentioned by Ramaphosa on Saturday, under Level 2 restrictions international travel remains banned. In addition, spectators will not be allowed at major sports matches. Major conferences and mega events are still not permitted.

The gazetted Level 2 rules stipulate that nightclubs are still not allowed to operate, which seems to be in line with restrictions on mass gatherings.

Public parks and beaches will now also officially be opened, however, some of these have been used under fitness rules in Level 3.

Under the latest eased restrictions, the wearing of masks as well as social distancing and health protocols in public spaces remain mandatory. The curfew between 10pm and 4am also remains in place.

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”The surest way to make a monkey of a man is too quote him”

Robert Benchley (1889-1945)

This still begs the question: If you visit a restaurant until 22h00 – how do you get home with the 22h00 night curfew – sleep on-site or Uber a Helicopter?

The stupidity of government thinking is evident in the curfew limits. You can go to a restaurant but must have eaten and left the restaurant to give you and your family sufficient time to get home by 10.00 p.m. (22 hrs) – I can just imagine that all government6 policies have similar flaws in their logic

I was also considering the same logic at first.
But do you need the government to tell you when to go home when you know when curfew starts?

Hotels at 50%???

Maybe they need at least 80% to break even.

As usual, the left foot is shaking the right hand and the head is way up a dark place……………

Yip… and a concert with 50 people? At R100 per ticket for a typical gig at a live music bar that will pay for the sound guys only. Up a dark place indeed!

The fact that liquor can only be served over weekends in restaurants is a surprise to say the least. I suppose this was Ms Zuma’s call…..a real low blow after the expectation created last night by the President.

It’s very counts productive.

So you can drink at home , bur rather between 50 people at the pub.

Sure , most can plan ahead , but those that can’t will drink with strangers.

Yet another example of the stupidity of our government

Not sure the weekend restriction on Restaurant liquor sale statement is correct. It is NOT stated in the Gazette issued on 17 August 2020?

Is there some other publication by Government??

I am definitely not going to sit and stress in a restaurant that I may miss curfew due to unexpected traffic conditions on my way back home.The National Corona Circus Clowns have proven their utter lack of brain matter again.

Why stress???
Remember the taxi associations do as they please with impunity.
We, the citizens, should follow their example.
And also remember that there are now almost 300,000 citizens with “criminal records” due to lock-down infractions. This is on top of over two to three million (real) criminals!
Soon, possession of a criminal record will be an attribute on a CV, just as it is mandatory for an ANC position.

Ha ha agree your criminal record for breaking a curfew or surfing will indicate determination, lateral thinking, ambition, independence amongst other attributes.

Whatever. We should be back to normal.but what do billionaire Cyril care?

End of comments.





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