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Price hikes for petrol, diesel in April

Petrol will go up by 72 cents per litre and diesel by 65 cents.
Fuel prices are to jump next week. Picture: Moneyweb

The price of petrol and diesel are expected to go up on April 4, as fuel and Road Accident Fund (RAF) levies increase.

The Department of Energy announced on Wednesday that the price of petrol will rise by 72 cents to R14.48 a litre and diesel will increase by 65 cents to R12.74. The price of illuminating paraffin has however decreased by 2 cents.

The increase was impacted by both fuel levies and the rand-to-dollar exchange rate. The energy department said in its statement that the rand weakened from R11.82 to R11.87 against the dollar during the period reviewed.

The increase means the cost of transport will also increase as petrol and diesel will increase by 10.2 cents per litre in Gauteng and 0.1 cents per litre in coastal cities, in line with the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) and the road transport tariffs implemented by the RAF. 

The energy department’s increases surpasse the figures anticipated by the Automobile Association (AA).

The AA anticipated that petrol would go up by 63 cents a litre and diesel would go up by 57 cents.

According to the AA the increase will largely impact the transport costs for the daily commuter and also the shipment of goods around the country. It said producers, suppliers and freight companies will be forced to recover costs on the back of both the fuel increase and the VAT increase, which also comes into effect in April.

The fuel price schedule for the different zones will be published on Tuesday April 3 2018.

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Heck!! I wish someone could investigate the system/basis/computations/factors that inform these ridiculous price increases by the DoE. And no, I don’t want those Viceroy scumbags to be the ones doing the investigations. Neither do I want the Public Protector on the inquiry because the institution has become just as abortive since the appointment of a certain “”The SARB must change its mandate”” person.

Sigh (of concern about South Africa)!!!

Indeed. A client of mine, who relocated to Ireland the past year, tells me that country does not have structured monthly fuel price-adjustments. It’s usually kept constant / unnoticeable.

…back in SA, it’s probably another way to milk the gullible SA public.

Please remember tah S.A. is last in the world in Math. So I too would like to see the spreadsheet OR note pad

One notes that they are no longer referring to “Brent crude price” as the culprit. This country has never seen Brent crude, our refineries need low quality, rich in Sulphur, oil. Which is much cheaper and often comes from Iran, btw. As far as the PP goes: she needs to be applauded for her courage trying to do the right thing. SARB should have changed its “mandate” long ago. PP just went about it the wrong way. She lost not because she was wrong but because she couldn’t (as in wasn’t allowed to) win.

In Austria petrol costs 1,12€/l incl. 20% Vat.. Prices are allowed to change at midday.

Inflation is down by 25 basis points , meanwhile the price of petrol goes up by 72c . Fantastic isn’t it?! Always a way to screw the public!!

…I can’t believe that people reading Moneyweb, is so uninformed re petrol price & inflation, etc…?! 🙂

Can’t wait for electric cars. I’ll run a wire from my street light to charge mine…

End of comments.





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