Ramaphosa can turn the SA ship around – Gordhan

But those who risk losing influence won’t give up easily, former finance minister warns.
Former inance Minister Pravin Gordhan. Picture: Moneyweb

Deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa could “definitely” turn the South African ship around if he was elected ANC leader at the ruling party’s December conference and became president, former finance minister Pravin Gordhan has argued.

“That is what we must hope for – that the Ramaphosa project does succeed in December,” Gordhan told the Alexander Forbes Investments IFA Symposium.

He warned however that individuals at risk of losing influence within the ANC and in government would not give up the privilege easily, as they would be unable to continue with their “nefarious activities”.

While there might still be efforts to disrupt the ANC conference, it would be best for the conference to continue and for the Ramaphosa team to succeed, he said.

“And then we start the process of moving South Africa back onto the right track.”

Gordhan’s comments follow a turbulent political period in which South Africa’s weak economic growth continued to drift downwards. President Jacob Zuma removed Gordhan as finance minister in March, a move that triggered two ratings agencies to downgrade the country’s foreign credit rating to junk. There has been increasing pressure on Zuma to step down amid reported links to the controversial Gupta family and allegations of state capture. Zuma’s ex-wife Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma and Ramaphosa are considered to be the front-runners in the ANC leadership battle.

Since December 9 2015 when former finance minister Nhlanhla Nene was dismissed “under false pretenses by the president” politics have messed up the South African economy, Gordhan said.

“2016 and 2017 have been about creating conditions – not for economic growth, not for better prosperity for South African citizens, not for better growth so that you have a better fiscal framework that is going to be tabled on October 25 – conditions that would allow you-know-who to loot from state-owned entities and other entities of the state so that your taxes begin to move in the wrong places and into foreign accounts.”

Gordhan said if this was the focus, the immediate environment was neglected, resulting in lower levels of confidence, investments and growth and in turn lower revenue numbers running into “tens of billions”. In one way or another, this had to have an impact on the deficit and debt numbers in the budget.

“If you have a combination of that and the wrong results in December then I think we are in trouble in 2018 and the ANC itself is in trouble in 2019 if it doesn’t make the right kind of choices as well.”

He said as a loyal member of the ANC, he didn’t believe this was where the party wanted to go.

Asked to comment on reports that corporates weren’t investing and that there was a seemingly acrimonious relationship between policymakers and the business community, Gordhan said corporate risk averseness was a global phenomenon.

He said since Nene was dismissed – particularly during 2016 and the early part of 2017 – a lot of work was done to bring leaders in government, business and labour together which yielded positive results. One of these was the youth employment scheme that would provide jobs for a million young people and that would hopefully be completed soon.

While he didn’t believe the overall relationship between business and government was angry and bitter, he conceded that the relationship was acrimonious in “certain areas”.

“Let’s be frank: The mineral and resources minister [Mosebenzi Zwane] and the mining industry aren’t going to get along because that minister has a particular agenda and that agenda is not constructive for this country.”

With the right collaboration and leadership in both government and business, it is possible to change the mining industry and find a pragmatic way forward, he said.

Asked whether Ramaphosa would change the way the ANC operated and whether he would have enough power to do so, Gordhan said it would be “key objectives” if the deputy president succeeded in December.

“We in the ANC ourselves talk about renewal of the ANC so that it works differently, regains the old values of the Mandela generation and ensures that factors like corruption and factionalism don’t destroy what is a powerful organisation.”

Gordhan dismissed a suggestion that the South African economy could follow in Venezuela’s footsteps and spiral into chaos, saying South Africa’s institutional framework was very different and its civil society was active.

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“then we start the project of moving SA back onto the right track” – sure, after the downgrades!

all just smoke and mirrors – all this happened on their watch, and all them like the “see, do and hear no evil”. Now, all suddenly outspoken, and so concerned about the country, while its been bleeding out for the last 10 + years. 10 years back you all had your chances to be concerned about the country, and again this time, I do not believe any decision from Luthuli House is for country but for ANC cadres only, ANC can not be trusted, with or without Cyril. For Gordhan to gain my trust he must walk away from the ANC and stop trying to play “B Potti”for Cyril and the “New ANC”.

ANC took SA to the abattoir, to be sold to the highest bidder, that’s the ANC agenda, money and power for them elite cadres.

The country bled for years under apartheid, and most who could have had voices to change things at the polling stations did nothing because they protected their own privilege. Amazing that these same people find it so hard to believe that the current crop of Zuma cronies would dare to do the same. Remember that the very same gutter education that discriminated against people is now to blame for Zuma not needing “clever blacks” as he put it. he has the masses of uneducated people to support him. Imagine if we had equality and an educated mass, how different the country would look. The truth of the matter is that all South Africans are now paying the price for decisions and social conditions created by a privileged minority …. I don’t understand how its possible to forget the root cause and to point fingers at the effects as if they are somehow disconnected.

Perfect response!!!

@Jay2000 my how correct you are!

the self-pity of the new SA, tit for tat,… gutter education that discriminated against people, just as schools were burned in the 70 and 80’s for that equal education, when kids was used as shields, for making statements and died in the streets with burning tyres around their necks, they today again are neglected by a governing organisation with even more sewerage education models and pass rate adjustments, more schools/universities/collages has been burned down in the new SA than in the apartheid era.

Its so easy to blame the apartheid era for all, the reality is that lets take one man as an example, think you would have hear about him, Nelson Mandela the boy who from a rural farm boy and looking after cattle, educated himself, becomes a lawyer and than a president, and that in the apartheid era – even through all the hardship realise a new beginning for SA, not on self-pity, and now its my turn, but on for SA to move forward we will need everyone in this country to work together.

The root cause today is definitely not that their was apartheid, the root cause is a corrupt government today, incompetent in making educated decisions due to cadre elite placements, and not building on what could have been a great success past ’95, when all the pieces of a new SA was falling in place starting with the rugby world cup, but rather the destruction of all, and this done by the so-called “exiled, freedom charter, educated”, creating a society less acceptable to one another than during apartheid.

Stop playing the blame game, apartheid is long gone, but reinstated by the ANC with BEE and legislation, after 10 years of we can star to called this country of ours South-Anarchy, and this is not due to apartheid, the root cause is “greet” and “power” by the select, and that is a reflection of what the ANC has become, a greedy and power hungry organisation for only himself.

When KPMG was indicated as corrupt – all shout “walk away”, “Oakbay” all shout “go away”, why ? they were corrupt in their dealings , by appointing a new CEO will not change the fact, same with ANC, corrupt to the core, to appoint new CEO not going to change the fact. That’s why I state any one with integrity will “walk away” if not he/she part of this syndicate and in to deep.

Education is a choice, of free will, and it seems that today the will to “burn” is more important than the will to “learn”.

Too bad the ANC chose Nkosasana Dlamini Zuma 2 years ago for president. Remember an American told you.

not the ANC….the Gupta’s….it is of paramount importance to have someone with low intellect as president. It is the only way for them to stay in control no matter what the cost.

After the decision was made at the Polokwane Conference, the National Democratic Revolution was implemented with precision. The ANC captured all organs of the state. ANC cadres are deployed in all key positions. Luthuli House is now the de-facto parliament. The real parliament is a farce, a show to keep the public under the impression that their vote counts.

In true communist fashion, out of the communist Russia handbook, the ANC captured the state. The Guptas are a mere side-show. A chain of events has been started by the ANC, that they now lost control over. Nobody in the ANC can come up with the solution because the ANC itself is the problem.

If you want to know what the future holds for South Africa, read a few articles about life in socialist countries. Read “The Gulag Archipelago” by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. If our future is determined by people who do not read, I am afraid we engineered ourselves a gigantic catastrophe.

Yes precisely. Also read “Red Notice” by William Browder to understand how easy it is for capture to happen. And how the Russians are doing it to this day. Nammawan is deployed by, and beholden to, the Russian oligarchy.
And they think Ramaphosa will turn this ship around? Pull the other one.

I can’t see the party recovering from the split; whoever gets elected. FULL STOP.
Start preparing for the funeral.

my worst case scenario…..public revolt, disobedience….a socioeconomic bloodbath.

PG is also somewhat of a chameleon in this whole circus. One would have thought that someone who has been hailed as such a loyal, intelligent, patriotic South African would have seen the nature of the beast and split from them. Mandela’s, Tambo’s, Biko’s legacies, blah, blah, blah, they were never ready to govern, still aren’t and won’t be for a while to come. Resume’s, CV’s, track records, all the same, all over Africa, but note the success rate when it comes to governing democracies!PG, CR ain’t going to be that much different, I’d bet on it if I had anything left after being **** by you lot!!

“There has been increasing pressure on Zuma to step down amid reported links to the controversial Gupta family and allegations of state capture”. Really? There is nothing reported or inferential about the Zupta link. State capture is not an allegation. They are facts, pure and simple. Read the Guptaleaks emails; look around you – Eskom, DMR, Treasury, NPA, SAPS, SAA, SABC and the list goes on and on. All are saturated by the Zupta influence and all (whether directly or indirectly) have been captured – fact!

How do you sit on your fat behind watching for 10 years and now suddenly you jump up and down frothing at the mouth. When the first transgression took place why did you not stand up immediately and nip it in the bud.
Why? Because you are implicated all the way. No backbone no principles no integrity.

Now you expect us to believe that you are going to clean up??? Come on Squirrel pull the other one now. Spineless politician.

Despite all that’s bad, we must have hope and believe that there as South Africans, we will find a solution!

Now the police clown wants the army to help stop the violence. This is then a state of emergency, just what the Zuptas want, no elections dictator/looter for life.

As minister of finance Gordhan had a grand-stand seat of how the looting was conceptualized and originated. After all, he was in charge of the banks, FIC and the SARB and SARS.
How easy was it not to stop the rot by checking the flow of money from bank accounts and have lifestyle audits done for those implicated? I cannot move R20 to my offshore bank account without a mountain of forms to fill in and questions answered.
I don’t buy his innocence and sweet talking for a minute.

He potentially can, but not with ANC in its current shape. Good scenario will be a split in the ANC and let Cyril lead the good, non-corrupt and sensible fraction. Dlamini Zuma can lead the other fraction (losers) to complete destruction.

The best result will be if Cyril’s fraction also undergo a name change so that it will have freedom to change all the non-productive policies and get rid of dead wood.

Cyril was the sell out that helped propel Zuma to the presidency.

Well he definitely can’t do worse !

End of comments.



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