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The bulls versus bears guide to the world economy in 2019

2019 is shaping up to be a testing year for the world economy.

Bears say bubbly credit markets, protracted trade wars and uncertain politics will put the brakes on growth. Optimists argue that global demand remains solid, inflation is under control and that any slowdown will be shallow.

Here’s a whistle stop look at some of what could go wrong or right.

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The new world order is crumbling and you have “D” man to congratulate. They NEVER fixed 2008 and what we have is 2008 to the 5th power. France, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and others are broke and, Deutsche Bank has $75 trillion worth of Derivatives on its books but the nominal GDP of the world is $71.83 trillion. How is this possible? This printing money has turned into the stock market highs as well as the “buy backs” that are about to cripple the world economy together.Buy Gold.With De-Dollarization occurring and getting larger the dollar will fall.Remember when Mugabe printed money and they had the Z$ 100,000,000,000,000 note with 4,000% inflation??? Hold on get debt free. I got 2008 right! You have been warned

Please explain your logic behind being debt free when you expect super high inflation?

If you known sky high inflation is coming you WANT to be in debt, inflation is like having your debt forgiven, in fact, go make debt and use it to buy gold if you want as a hedge, but I would never pay down my debt if I expect hyper inflation etc coming.

If you believe France, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and others are broke, you can bet your bollocks that that everyone will rush to buy USD as a safe haven currency which means your GOLD investment will become worthless.

Its a matter of months before this casino comes crashing down. Been out of it for 6 months, and I’m glad I did.

Been buying gold and some silver for a while.

Expect a 10% suckers’ rally in the casino early next year…then BOOM!!! 42 000 for the ALSI.

You heard it here first folks

I think ALSI 60K would be doable given a good election result, one thing is certain, its a casino alright.

What is a good election result? its pretty obvious the ANC is gonna win majority votes, and cyril will remain the Pres.

DA will do worse than 5 years ago, EFF will probably gain 2%.

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