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Breaking: Nuclear RFI delayed once again

Release postponed ‘to brief minister’.

Moneyweb has just learnt that Eskom will not release the highly-anticipated nuclear Request for Information (RFI) on Thursday, despite widely-published undertakings by its acting CEO Matshela Koko to that effect.

According to South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa) chair Dr Kelvin Kemm, the documents were signed off by him and Eskom chair Dr Ben Ngubane on Thursday morning and were ready for release. A further cooperation agreement between Eskom and Necsa was also signed.

Eskom and Necsa have been tasked by government to jointly manage the procurement of the country’s 9 600 MW new nuclear build programme.

Kemm said Eskom’s shareholder representative, public enterprise minister Lynne Brown, however requested a personal briefing on the matter, since she has not been closely involved in the nuclear procurement planning.

Such a briefing has been scheduled for Monday, whereafter the RFI is to be issued, Kemm said.

This follows after the full Request for Proposals (RFP) – that would call for a technical solution, costing and schedule of delivery among other things – that was due to be released on Thursday, was scaled down to an RFI that would not address cost.

This was apparently done in order to first ensure National Treasury’s approval.

Kemm told Moneyweb the first of two parts of the RFP, a document of 1 000-odd pages, is ready for release as early as January next year.

Neither Eskom spokesperson Khulu Phasiwe nor Brown’s spokesperson Colin Cruywagen could immediately be reached for comment.



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Once again a poor showing. Bad planning and bad comms. At the 75’th hour Brown suddenly wants a personal briefing!!! And this has been bandied about, with unequivocal press releases, etc for how long already?

Maybe the clear message yesterday from the SABC Enquiry (with our (un)esteemed Communications Minister in the HOT chair) that there will be Ministerial accountability has made her cautious???

we dont need coal fired or nuclear fired electricity we need the power to be able to fire incompetents in the state and all its organs. then the economy will fire on all engines an we will begin to enjoy a better life.

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