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SA will ‘never, ever, ever again’ have load shedding – Zuma

President is confident after visiting Eskom’s generation control centre.

President Jacob Zuma made a huge commitment when he told journalists on Friday that the country would never again experience load shedding.

Zuma was confident after a visit to Eskom’s Megawatt Park headquarters, where he met the utility’s executive, had a meeting with power station managers and addressed other staff briefly.

He said the visit was part of his programme as president, “to see how [State-owned companies] are doing”. He said in light of earlier problems with electricity supply, he had to come to see how Eskom is dealing with its problems and find out whether load shedding is a thing of the past.

“Written reports don’t tell you the whole story, because anybody can write them,” Zuma said, emphasising the need to see for himself what is happening (at Eskom).

He said he has been telling people load shedding is a thing of the past and was asking the Eskom management whether that is the truth.

Before, people announced there would be load shedding, without saying how they would turn the situation around. The situation deteriorated to a point where government had to intervene and it looks as if the interventions worked, he said.

The Eskom leadership presented their plan to prevent load shedding to him and are in fact about to reach a point where it has a surplus of energy, Zuma said.

He said he saw the flow of energy in the country during his visit to the Integrated Generation Control Centre (GICC) and left convinced that Eskom “knows what it is doing”. He was impressed with the fact that Eskom is in a position to be able to sell electricity to neighbouring countries and saw that Eskom has a clear plan to prevent load shedding from re-occurring.

“Even I, who went to no school, could see the plan,” he said. “It makes me feel so confident I want to run out into the street and shout: ‘We have won!’”

After the visit, he can confidently tell people that the lights will stay on, “because you are doing a wonderful job”, Zuma told Eskom staff.

He praised the Eskom leadership who tackled the problems for their commitment.

He said electricity is key to changing people’s lives for the better and therefore Eskom plays a very important role.

The eyes of the world are on South Africa, he said. Many other countries in Africa have load shedding “as their daily bread”, but you never hear about them. One country in the Southern African Development Community region has eight hours of load shedding per day, but nobody talks about it, because they are not in the spotlight like South Africa, Zuma said.

He thanked Eskom staff for their contributions – a job well done, he said. “I was almost tempted to ask for a job, because I like working with people who work. Sometimes I change people and there are many reasons for that.

“Whatever job you do, do it effectively because you contribute to the bigger picture,” he told Eskom staff. He said Eskom used to be in the news for all the wrong reasons, but that has been changed to positive coverage. “We are proud of you”, he said.

“I’m happy, more than happy. I should have come to you before talking to Parliament about my budget, because this is a good story to tell. You are the pride of the country.

“I am going to tell the country we will never, ever, ever again have load shedding,” he said.

Eskom staff was clearly excited about Zuma’s visit – the first ever – and sang songs, saying he is holding their hand.




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Ja no well fine

Unfortunately not much of what he says has any foundation in the truth.

GHUA – (God help us all)

Most people over the age of 10 years old know that you can never ever ever make a commitment like that where things like power stations and machines are involved, because you actually cannot control all eventualities into the future with 100% certainty. Natural disasters for example.

People no longer believe a word said by this esteemed president. Mainly due to the distortions to the truth he has been feeding the population for years. He cried wolf just far too often.

For he’s a jolly good fellow, and so say all of us….Hehehehe

Well now, Jacob. Never is a long, long time.
However, why has there been no power failures recently?
I think it may have more to do with less demand from Industry, the mines especially, than the prowess of Escom or indeed the ANC.
You sir and your ANC cohorts have done more to destroy this beautiful country than anyone else!

Zuma the economist
SA has just had the best prediction for the economy in the next 5-10 years: economic output would remain very depressed hence the lower demand for power.
Well, I hope he is wrong, and he is soon replaced with another ANC stooge who thinks what he says in Sandton will never be reported in the world.
I find more and more questions / negative statements about the SA president when I meet businessmen in Uk and Eur. The last time this happened was when PW botha was running the country.
SA has had its fair share of idiot leaders – why can there not be another Madiba? Or Jan Smuts?

yes, but in +/- 2 weeks time Kroonstad will not have any water, taps will be dry. This will have a direct impact on the local economy.. eg Bokkie week will be cancelled. So Mr. President, we will probably have electricity but all other infrastructure is destroyed ( come and have a look at our roads, post office,sewage…) all because of poor/lack off leadership and planning/thinking ahead!

Overheard a few months from now…”please would someone find the candles, I can’t see my hand in front of my face, or the wood for the trees”.

While it may be possible that the country may not have major power cuts in the medium term, this is not due to “wonderful” work from Eskom or the current government! This is due to the fact that the SA economy has slowed drastically due to overseas factors and current government policy. The high costs of electricity and low growth are causing less demand, simple economics! But zuma will continue to baffle “brains” with his smoke and mirror talk, sadly!

Mr. President, do you know how long “never, ever, ever again” is?

Ops ….. the power just went off ……….. . .

The previous Eskom management black mailed the SA people into higher tariffs to feed the pugs at the trough. Dames who was a true Eskom man messed it up??? How? Along comes a guy who knows nothing about electricity and he fixes it in a year.

As for Zuma? what does he know about watts, volts and demand. Zip!!!

Not just the pugs, either! They don’t eat a lot. The pigs are far more voracious. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist 🙂

Thanks phill99 my bad temper messes with my spelling…………………….

Oh! Zuma. The future is so uncertain. The man is so detached from the realities of life. Predictions are useless. We can use probabilities to estimate what the future might hold. We do not know for sure. Eskom is benefiting from the pedestrian economic performance and subdued electricity demand. Yes, the supply side will be better with the new power stations coming on board. Education teaches logic and empowers us with analytical ability. Unfortunately, our President decided against education when he spent 10 years in Robben Island.

Next thing Zuma will have flown an A340 and pronounce all’s well at SAA.

With Dudu as co-pilot, so she can play with his joy-stick.

Easy to say when the taxpayer is paying for it.

End of comments.





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