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Great benefits for Moneyweb community members.

Moneyweb is one of the most trusted financial media names in South Africa. Across our various platforms, we reach in excess of 750 000 people and we are respected as a key provider of financial news and information.

A major goal for us is to find ways for us to identify ways to reward our community members and the readers who support us.

Over the course of 2015, we invested heavily in our data tools and this has differentiated us from a number of our competitors. For context, more than 2500 Moneyweb readers run free mock portfolios on our platform.

Our goal for 2016 is to identify ways in which we can use our reach and brand to reward our community members. Over the course of December, we launched a R49 per month subscription service called Moneyweb Insider Gold which provides:

  • Discounted analyst research and economic analysis
  • E-commerce specials
  • Savings on education courses and content
  • Subscriber-only content

Moneyweb MD Marc Ashton said: “Since our initial soft-launch in December, we have had very favourable take-up of the product and we attribute this to tangible benefits for those who subscribe.”

Subscribers have the option of either a once-off payment or a monthly payment of R49 per month.

For a full list of the benefits or to sign-up, please click here.

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