Millions could starve because of Russian blockade of Ukrainian ports- Zelenskiy

Russia has seized large parts of Ukraine’s coast and its warships control the Black and Azov Seas.

Millions of people could starve because of Russia’s blockade of Ukraine’s Black Sea ports, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Thursday.

Zelenskiy said in a televised statement the world was on the brink of a “terrible food crisis”, with Ukraine unable to export large amounts of wheat, corn, oil and other products that had played a “stabilising role in the global market”.

“This means that, unfortunately, there may be a physical shortage of products in dozens of countries around the world. Millions of people may starve if the Russian blockade of the Black Sea continues,” he said.

Russia has seized large parts of Ukraine’s coast in nearly 15 weeks of war and its warships control the Black and Azov Seas, blocking Ukraine’s farm exports and driving up the cost of grain.

Ukraine and the West accuse Moscow of weaponising food supplies. Russia says Ukrainian mines laid at sea and international sanctions on Moscow are to blame.

Blaming Russia for the blockade, Zelenskiy said that “while we are looking for ways to protect freedom, another person is destroying it. Another person continues to blackmail the world with hunger.”

Ukraine exported up to 6 million tonnes of grain a month before Russia launched its invasion on February 24. Moscow calls its action a special military operation.

Volumes have since fallen to about 1 million tonnes as Ukraine, which used to export most of its goods through seaports, has been forced to transport grain by train via its western border or via its small Danube river ports.


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Strange how history repeats itself.

Yes Putinistas, facts … not FB opinions, facts. “Since 2006, the Holodomor has been recognized by Ukraine alongside 15 other countries, as a genocide against the Ukrainian people carried out by the Soviet regime.”

Beachcomber: it is very interesting that the Russian garden gnomes here only have down vote buttons. It seems their rubble allowance does not stretch to membership that would allow us all to benefit from their arguments.

Why did Ukraine mine the ports then in the first place.

Well, maybe they planted mines to blow up putin warships invading their democratic country? Or, maybe they wanted to sabotage their own economy! Which option sounds more logical to you…

At first it was amusing to read the pro-putin rubbish on social media and here : basically like watching the drunks at the pub falling over their words.

Now, it is increasingly OFFENSIVE.

Innocent people are dying. Show some respect

“Innocent people are dying. Show some respect.” Thanks for saying this out loud Johan. I have 14 Putinistas downvoting a fact of history which can only mean that there is a preferred ignorance of the facts of this war which is in stark resemblance to the Hitler motivated WW2.

This attitude is endemic in the comments in a number of the online media even in The Economist and the FT and seems to be more a hatred of the US and the West than anything else. Jealousy, spite? Who knows, but demonstrates the sad state of humanity at a time in our history when we should have evolved beyond the arrogance and support of a despot like Putin and a few others like Assad …

May be because Russia has been trying to invade Ukraine from all sides? Isn’t it obvious?

End of comments.



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