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Putin ties grain exports to demand that sanctions on Russia go

The US and its allies would be highly unlikely to agree to remove the extensive sanctions placed on Russia for its actions in Ukraine in response to the Russian leader’s move to link it to the growing food crisis.
Image: Sergei Guneyev/AFP/Getty Images

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he’s willing to facilitate grain and fertiliser exports as global concern mounts about food shortages and rising prices — but only if sanctions on his country are lifted.

Putin didn’t specify if he was referring to Russian exports or those from Ukraine that have been stopped by Moscow’s blockage of ports since its invasion began in late February. The US and its allies would be highly unlikely to agree to remove the extensive sanctions placed on Russia for its actions in Ukraine in response to the Russian leader’s move to link it to the growing food crisis.

Putin’s comments were made in a phone call Thursday with Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, according to a Kremlin statement.

The Russian president told Draghi that disruptions to food supplies were exacerbated by the sanctions imposed by the US and its allies, and that Moscow is “willing to make a significant contribution to overcoming the food crisis through the exports of grain and fertilisers on the condition that the West’s politically-motivated restrictions are lifted.”

The call focused on a shared solution to the food crisis, Draghi’s office said in a statement that did not mention talk of removing sanctions. The Italian prime minister said later Thursday at a briefing he asked Putin to unlock the grain at Ukraine’s ports. He added he does not see room to reach a peace deal with Putin.

A senior diplomat with knowledge of the matter said there would be no quick lifting of penalties on Russia as it persists with a war now in its fourth month.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko said this week the government in Kyiv is to blame for the halt to grain exports from Ukraine because it mined its ports. Ukraine denies that, says it is Moscow that is preventing ships from docking and accuses it of stealing grain stores from occupied regions.

A White House spokesperson said Russia’s actions were increasing world hunger. Before the war broke out, Ukraine was a key supplier of wheat, corn and sunflower oil to other countries, particularly poorer nations including in north Africa. Grain is now sitting in silos in Ukraine and unable to be shipped.

“Sanctions from the United States and our allies and partners target Putin’s war machine” the spokesperson said. “They do not prevent the export of Ukrainian or Russian agricultural commodities, including food and fertiliser, nor are they preventing the ordinary transactions that are necessary for these exports, such as banking or shipping.”

Nations including Estonia and Lithuania are pushing for a system where grain freighters are escorted through the Black Sea by warships from allied nations in order to get Ukrainian exports flowing again. But that requires mines around the ports to be cleared first, and for Russia to agree to allow the vessels safe passage.

Draghi and Putin discussed Russian steps to ensure shipping from Ukrainian ports, the Kremlin said in its statement. Russia’s defense ministry on Wednesday said it was opening two daily humanitarian maritime corridors from Black Sea and Azov Sea ports.

Ukraine wants guarantees that safe passage wouldn’t allow Russian forces to enter the harbour in Odesa and attack the city, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said at a press conference in Davos this week.

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wow – use a food crisis for blackmail.

nato military cargo ships should just go fetch the food in Ukraine.

The russian dwarf would not dare attack nato

“The russian dwarf would not dare attack nato”

Ek is nie so seker nie, Johan. Sy kop vat nie meer nie. Chamberlain thought Hitler would leave Poland in peace after Munich. And we know where that went…. this man Putin is beyond reason. I think George Soros has it right, we are on the edge of Real Trouble. All it will take is a spark …. like China to go for Taiwan and we are all up the creek without a paddle. And from what I see of Biden on YouTube the man is barely able to walk let alone think coherently and articulate full sentences. It’s a real mess.

Is this the world we know live in? Where a despotic, corrupt man gets to lead a country bristling with nuclear weapons, invades a neighbour with brutal force on innocent civilians and then makes demands on the West when things begin to fall apart?

World global politics is on a knife edge and if power/ego mad men like these are not swiftly put down, we are heading into the next military world war – we are in a resources world war already.

End of comments.



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