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UK sanctions Gupta brothers over South African corruption

They face visa bans and asset freezes.
Atul Gupta pictured in Johannesburg in November 2014. Image: Supplied

UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab will impose sanctions against three Gupta brothers who were previously accused of being in a corrupt relationship with former South African president Jacob Zuma.

Ajay, Atul, and Rajesh ‘Tony’ Gupta are among 22 people from six countries who face restrictions ranging from visa bans to asset freezes after the UK expanded its sanctions regime to include corruption for the first time. The Guptas, who no longer live in South Africa, have denied wrongdoing.

The three men, and an associate Salim Essa, were “at the heart of a long-running process of corruption in South Africa which caused significant damage to its economy,” the Foreign Office said in a statement.

The brothers became so enmeshed in national politics under Zuma that their families and associates were collectively known as the Zuptas.

South Africa’s ruling party forced Zuma to quit under threat of impeachment in February 2018 after his links to the family led to a loss of electoral support.

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Britain’s status as a global financial centre can make it “a honey pot, a lightning rod for corrupt actors who seek to launder their dirty money through British banks or through British businesses,” Raab said in parliament on Monday. “Now we have an equally powerful weapon in the fight against corruption,” he added.

UK sanctions were previously targeted at individuals and entities for human rights abuses.

Sudanese businessman Ashraf Seed Ahmed Hussein Ali – widely known as Al-Cardinal – and individuals from Russia are also among those on the list.

The Russians targeted were involved in the diversion of $230 million of state property through a fraudulent tax refund scheme uncovered by Sergei Magnitsky, a lawyer who died in a prison there after investigating fraud, the Foreign Office said.

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And yet the S A authorities are yet to act!
Says it all.

What does it say? Our authorities have applied to extradite them for the UAE so maybe do your research first.

“Authorities?” What Authorities?

The ANC are a law unto themselves..

Are you suggesting you must set a thief to catch a thief?

Perhaps you Sir should he the one to do research on who is all involved in this activity called “State Capture”

Ever wondered why after nearly 3 years and R1 billion later, the Zondo Commission has yet to nail a high profile individual? It won’t happen, they all have dirt on one another

A blanket Presidential pardon will occur, sending every ones hopes for arrests into flames

They let them go to the UAE and didn’t arrest and charge them (because they didn’t want to investigate them) before they left. There’s some facts for your research.

The SA Government could as Interpol to execute a warrant of arrest for the Guptas to be help by Dubai Authorities until extradition is arranged. But they have not done this and wont do this because the ANC is corrupt and if the Guptas are actually arrested they would tell the world whoelse in the ANC was involved.

Corrupt people look after each other.

Excellent of the UK! Finally they stand with us. Before their firms were trying to take us down.

The immediate question that comes to mind is:

– the Guptas are deemed corrupt and sactioned internationally
– Arthur Andersen was disbarred due to a little thing called Enron
– Bell Pottinger was destroyed because of facilitating state capture
– SAP and EOH have admitted guilt

– why does KPMG still exist?
– why does Chancellor House still exist?
– why are the likes of Jacobs Zuma, Ace Magashule, Dudu Myeni, Mosebenzi Zondo, David Mabuza, Julius Malema, Floyd Shivambu, Malusi Gigaba, and all of their associates both inside and outside of the ANC not being charged with crimes against the state, and fraud, theft, corruption, and conspiracy?

Your questions are based on the premis of a fair and just society where accountability and rule of law apply. South Africa is not that place. The ANC is King. (The poor and uneducated will always vote ANC by virtue of being poor and uneducated.)The ANC know their grip on power is absolute. They use this to their advantage. They have corrupted, government, the judiciary (dont be naive to think they havent), the NPA, etc.

There is no one to hold them accountable within this Country. And thats the problem… Crimes are committed within SA. It may be by foreign entities (Bell-potinger, SAP, etc) but because it is within SA, it limits the extent to which foreign agencies can actually get involved.

Very interesting. Mzansi will never be able to prosecute these guys. The fact that the Brits have taken this move makes a total mockery of Zuma’s defence of “I did nothing”. By implication the Zuma faction and their buddies are therefore also implicit and by extension then also guilty. After all the hot air at Zondo and the “I know nothing” testimony this directly implicates the miscreants in SA.

Peter Hain’s efforts have done something at last.

Does this mean that BLM matters more to them than us?

Well, well it took them some time to come to that conclusion – at last arrived on the reality wagon, any legal action taken against entities like bell pottinger’s management / directors as yet???

Where is the extradition from Dubai?????

The US, UK and Dubai are as much guilty.

Why does Dubai not repatriate the Tax Money back to SA?
That would be the honorable thing to do.

Not convenient for them.

Thus SA should not assist Dubai in future either.

The United Kingdom is plagued by these Gupta Bania Marwaris of Insia

1 – Guptas of South Africa
2 – Sanjeev Gupta of Steel fame
3 – Gupta ji of McKinsey

What is the South African govtt doing >

There is NO Interpol RCN or Green Corner Notice,on these Banias
They are plonked in Dubai
Dubai has NO extradition treaty,with South Africa
The Immovable property of these Banias in South Africa – was left behind purposely,as a distress sale – would give away their plans to flee the nation
The Value of assets seized,is a pittance
Billions of USD are siphoned off and ringfenced in some safe jurisdiction

The GOI will do NOTHING.These Banias are the STRATEGIC ASSETS OF THE GOI,all over Africa,and are used by the GOI to BRIBE AFRICAN POLITICIANS and do Political consulting on behalf of the GOI in Africa, as also,indulge in a propoganda war on the Chinese in Africa

The GOI has also used these Bania Guptas in South Africa (when the going was good)

All the key players in the Audit and Consulting firms of South Africa – used by the Gupta Bania – are ALL INDIANS !

Coincidence ?

If the so “called professionals” are NOT nailed – the GUPTA BANIA will never be nailed

An Interpol RCN CANNOT be issued as it will be preceded by criminal culpability of the “called professionals” and Zuma

Dubai is full of Indian criminals – who have invested in real estate and are under the patronage of the State.

Y does South Africa tolerate these Indian Banias ? dindooohindoo

End of comments.





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