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SAA vs Moneyweb heading for court

‘We won’t abandon interdict’ – SAA.

The dispute between South African Airways (SAA) and Moneyweb, Business Day and Media24 seems to be heading to court within the next two weeks.

This follows SAA indicating on Wednesday that it is not prepared to abandon the interdict it got against the three news outlets on Tuesday. The interdict was to prevent the publication of a leaked internal report by its General Manager: Legal, Risk and Compliance, Ursula Fikelepi.

SAA got the interdict in the early hours of Tuesday morning after an unopposed application in the South Gauteng High Court. The airline contends that the report contains a legal opinion and is as such privileged and not for public consumption.

The court ordered that any content dealing with the content of the report that had been published on the internet and social media, be removed.

Media24 had already published content referring to the report on Sunday and Moneyweb published an article at 20:18 on Monday night. Business Day’s print edition was printed and distributed as normal on Tuesday morning.

The court order only came to Moneyweb’s knowledge at 7:00 on Tuesday morning, whereafter the article and social media posts relating to it were removed. Business Day only learnt about the order at start of business on Tuesday and removed the offending content from its websites. Media24 also removed the offending part of its earlier article from its websites during Tuesday morning.

In a letter to attorney Willem de Klerk, representing the three media groups, SAA legal representative Elton Anderson of Tshisevhe Gwina Ratshimbilani Inc. said his client “will not abandon its interdict and reserves its rights to apply for final relief.”

He also states that SAA reserves its rights to claim damages it may have suffered as a result of any breach of the court order by the media companies.

De Klerk told Moneyweb on Wednesday night his clients would approach the court to have the interdict set aside. They have appointed an advocate and are busy drawing up papers.

De Klerk said the media groups hope to argue their case within the next two weeks.



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I know that the interdict compelled Moneyweb to take the article off the website, but does anybody know where one can found the original article?

I just posted a link to the cached article, but it is “waiting for moderation”, so there is a good chance that it will not be allowed. Anyway googling it, the cached version is still there.

Moneyweb has been ordered not to publish, directly or indirectly, any content contained in the report. We have also asked Google to delete the cached version of the article.

Obviously Google is not rushing to do it, just checked it and it is still there.

Amazing that these people in “high places” don’t understand how anything that is posted to the web goes “viral” within minutes. Take the case of Diane Kohler-Barnard for instance. Her careless re-tweet had s**t falling on her from a great height within minutes.

Go after them fearlessly – them and all other poorly run companies. I will come a toyi toyi outside the court in your support. Up with freedom of the press.

Seems SAA management don’t understand what “going viral” means.

This harks back to the dark days. Pity that incompetence trumps any reasonable management in our failed state of state owned enterprises. How much money will be poured down the drain one wonders….. Oh I know until our great country is ruined and there is nothing left

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