Ramaphosa announces 21-day national shutdown from Thursday

‘This is a decisive measure to save millions of South Africans from infection and save the lives of hundreds of thousands.’

President Cyril Ramaphosa has confirmed that the country will be placed under a temporary lockdown for 21 days in an effort to control the spread of Covid-19, only allowing for essential personnel and those needing medical care to leave their homes for a limited period.

“The action we are taking now will have lasting economic costs. But we are convinced that the cost of not acting now would be far greater,” said Ramaphosa, while addressing the nation on Monday evening.

The lockdown will come into effect from midnight on March 26 to midnight on April 16.

Essential personnel refers to doctors, nurses and police, while other citizens will only be allowed to leave their houses under strictly-controlled circumstances. 

Ramaphosa said all shops and businesses will be closed, barring pharmacies, laboratories, banks, essential financial services, supermarkets, petrol stations as well as healthcare providers.

A full list of companies that should remain open will be announced soon.

The lockdown plan makes provision for homeless people to be given alternative accommodation, either where they are or at identified sites.


Ramaphosa also announced measures that would mitigate the impact of the virus on the economy: from mild tax breaks, to a solidarity fund and increased support for small businesses, the informal sector and vulnerable workers.

He said the government has set up a Solidarity Fund that will pool funds from government, business and private individuals. Government has already provided R150 million in seed funding, while the private sector has pledged to make donations in the coming weeks.

“The fund will focus efforts to combat the spread of the virus, help us to track the spread, care for those who are ill and support those whose lives are disrupted,” said the Ramaphosa.

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The president applauded the Rupert and Oppenheimer families for assisting small businesses and their employees affected by the coronavirus pandemic with R1 billion each. Additional measures to assist small and medium businesses include using the reserves in the Unemployment Insurance Fund system to support workers in the businesses whose companies cannot provide them with support.

Large companies have been urged to support their workers during the shutdown.

“Tax-compliant businesses with a turnover of less than R50 million will be allowed to delay 20% of their pay-as-you-earn liabilities over the next four months and a portion of their provisional corporate income tax payments without penalties or interest over the next six months,” Ramaphosa said.

This is expected to assist about over 75 000 small and medium enterprises, while four million workers in the private sector earning under R6 500 will receive a tax subsidy of R500 over the next four months.

Numbers keep rising 

The number of confirmed cases rose sharply on Monday with no sign of slowing since the first case was reported on March 5. 

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Since Ramaphosa announced a national state of disaster on March 15, which was followed by a number of regulations restricting gatherings and movement, cases have risen from 61 to 402.

The president said this was concerning as it would “stretch our health services beyond what we can manage and many people will not be able to access the care they need.”

“We must, therefore, do everything within our means to reduce the overall number of infections and to delay the spread of infection over a longer period – what is known as flattening the curve of infections,” he said.

He said it’s essential that everyone adheres to the regulations in place to stop the numbers from  moving from “a few hundred to tens of thousands and, within a few weeks, to hundreds of thousands.”

Members of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) have already been deployed to assist police in their law-enforcement efforts, with some being spotted around Johannesburg on Monday.

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The plan also proposes house-to-house screening and testing, bringing volunteers in to assist.

It includes the relaxation of testing requirements, in order to identify as many cases of people infected with Covid-19 as possible. This will be done with a corresponding increase in laboratory services. 

The ultimate objective is to ensure that hospitals are not overwhelmed with unnecessary cases. Treatment will be given in order of severity, with serious cases receiving centralised treatment, while mild cases will receive decentralised care.

The plan is modelled on China’s lockdown strategy, which has been lauded for seemingly slowing the rate of new infections while these numbers rise in other areas across the world.

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Cabinet ministers who are coordinating the country’s response to Covid-19 will be briefing the nation on Tuesday (March 24), where they will unpack details on the new regulations announced by the president.

Original livestream courtesy of the SABC



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Too late….

not too late, we giving you, Mr president, 21 days with very low electricity demand to sort out the maintenance at Eskom. Please make sure that when we get back to work after 21 days there is no load shedding.

You got this one wrong, where they are late is America and there is still no government direction, no national, no coherent, cohesive and consistent plan or directive. Some States say, no ten persons can get together, CDC says 25, others say 50, while others say make a discretion if you are over 100, and others still say, well 500 aint that bad and others still don’t give a guidance. In this plan here, nationally no more walking about aimlessly, to allow the period that the virus burns itself out, while you are only with a few people that can be found at their location when they fall ill, no more swapping DNA material involuntarily.

The governments biggest challenge will be what to do with inbound traffic or border in-bound traffic. If they don’t want additional infections or re-introduction of the virus they must ban that too until all coutries have sorted out their mess.

Gentleman … I just saw a spike in infections yesterday from about 274 to 402 … More than a hundred.

Our border control is slack … I had a family member witness this at OR Tambo…. very little checking is done … we spending money on putting a fence on the Zimbabwe border

the President mentioned in his speech … and I quote ” Any employee who falls ill through exposure at their workplace will be paid through the Compensation Fund ” – this is a bit concerning. How do you prove you got infected at work???? You then have a situation where people purposely go out and get infected so that they can get compensation. very similar situation to previous grants given in this country (e.g aid/hiv)

we can go on and on here….

lets see what happens in 21 day …. Im holding my breath …. i might just die.

We just spiked to 554 … a delta of 152 overnight.

Whilst this may be a good idea, SA lacks implementation and the masses are a law unto themselves. With the government unable to control it’s own voting population, civil service, taxi industry …this remains a sight to be seen.

Time will tell. Lets us be positive and make our contribution.

Disagree. I think everyone realises the seriousness of the situation. Don’t spread disunity. Time to work together.

Its not going to work, the townships are going to be hit very hard, watch the space.

German Finance Minister is asking their parliament for $160 Billion dollars…..

As for SA…. We have nothing…absolutely no money to combat this Virus

@DragonX you a really a bundle of negativity. For 1st world country Germany they are in trouble; just like our European counties. I hope Merkel a speedy recovery from the virus.

Thanks for your comment.
Are you from SA?

I am being real.

I have 26 years experience seeing a Great Country fall to its knees with negative economic growth just before this virus struck.

Lets see what this President can do in 21 days … lets see if he can do what he could not in 26 years.

I had a family member fly in on Saturday… I was told that OR Tambo Border Control done very little checking … makes me feel very positive.

You are wrong.
We don’t have nothing. We have the Ruperts and Oppenheimers.

2billion … this country requires a Billion rand a day…. great …. we sorted for 2 days

I saw the President Begging for Money yesterday … its called a donation

So a ‘pandemic’ that has just over 400 reported cases [ and for goodness sake, how many of these cases are being mistaken for ‘Corona’? ]

400 cases ??????….when road deaths number 57 per day…!!!!..

Mmm…and now we have in effect martial law……

Huh ?

Is this part of an agenda, or what ?????

we don’t have 400 cases. We have 400 people that have tested positive X days ago, plus X more cases in the backlog, + Y more cases of people infected since then +Z more cases of people undetected.

400+X+Y+Z growing at exponential rate is a problem…

….estimates are 450 thousand murder homicides annually, globally

….estimates 6 million malaria death globally annually

….CDC has shown 96% of deaths in Italy are people above 80 years of age and having had a recent or on going illness

Leah – murder and malaria were not contagious the last I checked. Millions are spent trying to fight malaria.

Does the age of the patient matter or are they just acceptable collateral damage? There have been deaths of people in their 30s and 40s – yes, they had underlying health problems, but a country like SA has hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people who have compromised immunity systems and our public healthcare is hardly functioning as is.

Other governments are throwing billions at the problem. Unfortunately SA Inc has been looted to such a degree there are no billions to apply.

Wow Leah,

13 Drs died in Italy working at this and 16 priest at least by just checking on patients..

This is a NEW ADDED BONUS an all what you mentioned and it can grow exponentially..

Agreed. The hysteria caused by mass media is out of hand. The economic cost of this will kill far more people and leave sa in a permanent depression with no jobs.

They should use all resources to help the vulnerable (elderly over 79) who are 80% of those dying from the virus. 98% who have contacted it have recovered. It mystifies me

Well said mike. Take all the deaths in Italy, divide it by the 60 mil population, its less than 0.0001%. I do understand the human side of things, but far more people are going to suffer and die from this social media driven overhyped reaction that will kill off the last vestiges of SA’s economy. Really ridiculous!!! Wonder how the world would react if deaths and infection rates for TB, Maleria, ebola, pneumonia, bronchitis, common flu etc were updated hourly and daily. Corona would be far at the bottom.

Chill people. Go with the flow. It is what it is.

I hope we have a rational response.

Shut down movement between regions. If the southern cape has no cases, stop anything but essential moving into southern cape.

Shut down obviously non essential gatherings of people : hotels, restaurants, bars, brothels, pubs, shebeens, gym, personal services like physio and massages, etc etc

The devil will be in the detail.

So you import a “non-essential”. Container will dock next Monday. What? Turn back the container because container cannot be received?


For once South Africans, let us listen to the president’s leadership. Let us put our cleverness aside and be led… 21 days is not a big ask.

“four million workers in the private sector earning under R6500 will receive a tax subsidy of R500 over the next four months”

Not sure how his will work. The tax threshold for people under 65 is R83 100. People earning under R6500 are anyways exempted from tax.

Exactly. Nobody will benefit from what is termed a generous tax concession. Nobody…..

Employer will get the subsidy via the ETI system perhaps

21-day martial lockdown from 12pm Thursday! Our main organic cooperative trade channel into the tourist market is closed over one of our traditionally busiest periods of the year.

Welcome to the descent into the “embrace” of plutocracy. I feel a bit like McMurphy in “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest” slipping into an electrocution therapy session and a straight jacket.

Going to have to organise support structures locally to last a lot longer than 21 days if we are going to come out of this all in one piece!

5 horses,(one still missing), 2 dogs, 2 cats, 18 chickens. A loose conglomerate of 6 to 12 cooperative members depending on a good performance at the community kiosk to maintain a minimum but the vital positive flow of cash for our marketable surpluses. These organic outputs, which include upcycled arts and crafts, are 4IR activities and nowhere near the government radar, so there is not a chance in hell we will be reciprocated for our losses!

May our greater parts rise above the lesser and grant all safe passage with surpluses of energies in fertility, nutrition and health through these insane times…dump the red meat, alcohol, drugs, sugar, preservatives and put some immune-boosting complex organic compounds in your systems… Good luck Azania!

My CelticBushman friend 🙂 (twitter) May you & your organisation receive supernatural Strength, as we’ll need it. Hope your organics business survive well enough.

(Irish or Scottish?)

Dankie meneer Michael. And you too… using a name like Murphy I’m sure you can guess. Even you okes from Klerksdorp!

These other guys can’t organise a salad for lunch and now they are going to crackdown on an invisible enemy!

Pass the tinfoil please and remember, “Murphy WAS an optimist”

COVID 19 – is the Global leadership action/ reaction justified?

Is the announcement by CR tonight remotely justified, or will it be looked back on as a moment of madness.

I believe these are very valid questions, considering that in a matter of a little over 2 weeks Earth as it were has closed for business. Historically this is unprecedented and I personally believe a complete over reaction, based on facts. We did not do this globally in WW1 or WW2, not even 9/11 had a fraction of this impact. When you are a leader/s of the USA, UK, EU, China and Japan – you can maybe in a complete crisis and epidemic, that had a real mortality rate (proven) of 25% across all ages, impose draconian measures like we have seen but we are nowhere near that. More on that later.

It must be pointed out that the regions and countries above, whilst imposing these extremely economically destructive measures, allegedly for the general public safety, or one could say the perceived threat. They are simultaneously introducing truly unparalleled and gigantic direct cash injections to the public, massive SME support, massive fortune 500 support, mortgage holidays, car repayment holidays of 3-6 months, VAT suspension of payments for similar periods, they are flooding the markets and the banks with liquidity and so many support packages they are too numerous to list here. However, all of these countries have the ability to almost issue unlimited debt and print/ create unlimited quantities of hard currency. Does it completely balance the destructive measures put in place – no of course not, not even close. The damage already done if this passed tomorrow, will take several years to recover from, if it goes on much longer there will be generational damage and some businesses will never come back. The way we travel and the way we live will have been forever changed, by a virus that for all current available data (Diamond Princess accidental case study)is maybe only as bad as our worst flu, but our worst flu badly affects infants, which Covid 19 is not, so is it that bad – in my opinion, if it were not 2020 (in any other decade we would have just issued a global warning of an additional virulent flu like virus doing the rounds and that we should take special care of the elderly and vulnerable – but it is 2020) and with all of the behind the scenes debt blow ups, derivatives blow ups (Deutsche/ Commerzbank forced merger), the 10% blowout in the US overnight repo rate in September 2019, the rise in civil unrest (Macron has had 70 weeks of yellow vest protests/ Hong Kong 6mths or so), the rise in populist movements in the EU, negative interest rates in the EU and Japan where we pay the banks to hold our money!?, it did not take a genius to work out that sovereign debt in the EU would be very soon the first domino to fall, however, the rules of the EU and ECB dominated by Germany are, or were very pro Austerity, that has now been blown away and thrown out the window. In the words of Merkel and the various unelected authoritative handful of bureaucrats in Brussels, anything and everything will be done without limit to save the system, including nationalising huge corporates if need be – wow!

Lets take a step back for a second, the problem I have with what is being done, is the facts and reality do not support the actions being taken. The other problem I have is that Africa just blindly follows the G7 financial giants above, in a herd like mentality. Do not get me wrong but the existing problems in the countries which have taken these steps, largely driven by the media causing criminal levels of public panic, which is boldly reflected in the markets over the last 2 weeks, this forced the leaders to panic, massive FED rate cuts (even more tonight) caused more panic – when your government panics how can the average person/ hedge fund remain calm. Selling begets selling until it runs out of sellers/ energy. But African leaders imposed within in a couple of days of confirming a case or 2 and no deaths, the same draconian measures, they too switched the lights off, in what will be looked back on as a complete act of insanity – in my opinion of course – (so will that of the 1st world leaders mentioned earlier) – why – well its all very well to pat yourselves on the back, and laugh about it in Davos in a year, that we copied our leaders in the G7 – yes you did but you did something else, offered no financial support or simultaneous cash injections to support million of workers that live on debt and pay cheque to pay cheque – why because you have nothing to offer – tonight a pittance, R500.00 a month is an insult. Act now think later – wait SA did cut rates 1%, in the new Covid 19 nightmare (your panic not the virus) that was about as effective as giving one boiled sweet each to the entire populace. Now cutting rates to zero would do nothing. Countries like Mozambique with 20 cases shutting their doors, non-sensical and dozens of other countries with no cases and no deaths, all locked in step.

COVID 19 and influenza flu in UK and ITALY – SOME PERSPECTIVE:

As of the eve of 23rd March. The UK had 5,683 cases and 281 deaths. ITALY has 59,138 cases and 5,476 deaths (www.worldometers.info/coronavirus). The population of the UK is 66 million and Italy is 61 million. Why the huge disparity in infection and mortality rates? The common argument put forward is that the UK is approximately 12 days behind that of Italy in having its first infection, but comparing similar arguments made 10 days ago, Italy continues to roar ahead and is accelerating, the UK is certainly picking up steam, but it is hard to see it getting close to the Italian death toll 12 days from today.

I believe the answer is a simple one, the median age in the UK is just under 40 or just under depending on your source, although most point toward somewhere in the 39 range, as a lot of young people have migrated there for work from all over southern Europe and Eastern Europe in the last 10 years, that are not properly reflected in the numbers. Italy has a median age that is the highest in the world at 51 based on the same basis and depending on your source but close enough, as youth unemployment is so high in countries such as Italy and Spain, this has forced their youth to migrate everywhere looking for work, not just to the UK. Also Italy hold records in terms of the number of people aged over 70, in categories like 85/90 and even 95 and over. The death rate in Italy might appear scary and is being used as the main media scare tactic all over the world, as the poster child of what will happen. Fact, the average age of the deaths in Italy as of tonight (23.03) is 78.5yrs old. Fact 99% of those deaths have a minimum of one underlying existing health issue and in most cases 2 or 3. In the UK 99% plus of all deaths have underlying pre-existing conditions. Bad influenza flu out breaks usually have a deadly or can have deadly impact on the young and on infants, this is the polar opposite. I believe still no child under 9 has died and that one child had multiple pre-existing conditions.

So how bad is the COVID 19 pandemic really, when lined up against the last 5 years of flu?

In the UK over the last 5 years the UK death rate has averaged 17,000 flu deaths a year. This is counted in the winter period of 6 months from October to March. Each year around June the UK NHS actually the DHSC (Department of health and social care), attempts to predict the severity of the upcoming flu season. Depending on best guess, which strain will hit them, how bad will it be and then they add in a variable, which is referred to as an excess death factor as a possibility not a certainty. In the UK that figure is 8000. So the expected worst case scenario for flu this current season was 17,000 + 8,000 = 25,000 deaths in 6 months. That is a death rate of 137 people a day. Yes this flu rate varies dramatically in 2018/19 the total deaths were 1,692, but in 2014/15 it was 28,330, averaging as stated above 17,000 over the 5 year period. The COVID 19 has been in the UK for nearly 2 months at the projected worst case scenario of flu this would result in maybe 7,500 deaths in 2 months, we are no where near that.

Now Italy, in a 4 year period 68,000 people died from flu in the same sample period, which has been increasing with the median age year after year. Strangely enough, the variable allowed for in Italy in the 2019 journal of infectious medicine 2019 issue was between 15,000 – 24,000 excess possible deaths. As such for the current flu season the Italians projected worst case scenario generated in June 2019 was around 38,000 deaths. This would equate to 208 deaths per day in the flu season. Covid 19 has been in Italy for just arguably over 2 months, on this basis total deaths would be around 12,500, it is a lot lower than this at the moment.

I am not oblivious to the fact that Covid 19 is taking place in parallel to the existing flu, hence the potential for overwhelming of the health care systems in place in both countries, panic media reporting aside.

However, common sense and logic and expert independent medical doctors (not part of the herd mentality crowd), but those that think for themselves, have stated the obvious which the media ignores. OVERLAP deaths and THOSE THAT WOULD HAVE DIED ANYWAY, these 2 medical facts, are conveniently ignored by the mainstream media as it deflects from their current apocalyptic narrative.

– If you currently die in just about any country in 99% of the cases you have a pre-existing health condition, this alone tells you it is not nearly as lethal as suggested. Lethal pathogens cut down perfectly healthy individuals not just the immune compromised and the elderly, this alone speaks volumes. The problem is that if you die with the presence of COVID 19 in your system, your cause of death is COVID 19, there is no autopsy to see if you would have died anyway, or from something else, there is no time and it has been disallowed. So the number of true COVID 19 deaths as a ratio is being over stated dramatically.
– Now take another fact, the media spins this as negative, but is actually a big positive. That is because of a lack of testing, or people not bothering to test, we are missing multiples of the true COVID 19 cases. They are correct, it is estimated by experts not doom mongers, that at least 20 times the number of reported cases are actually present in the populace and this number is increasing. Why is this – well people get tested for 2 reasons, if they feel bad enough, or are forced to. So we have this massive number of people in the community that are asymptomatic, or symptoms are so mild there is no way in their opinion it could be covid 19, others just grin and bare it – this last point is because of the media – trying to make us all believe that you will die if you catch corona virus, people assume that they will feel like they have been shot in the face if they have it, so even those with more severe symptoms are saying hey its not so bad, stay at home for a few days, stop gym and a week later it has passed. This is another good sign – as waves of this pass through the community so immunity is built up and a natural buffer to future exponential infections diminishes daily. These viruses, these milder viruses burn out in 3-5 months usually, even more severe ones peak inside of 6mths. If this was as fatal as the press state as fact, you would be waking up each morning with dead neighbours lying on their lawns or dead slumped over their steering wheels not so, as this is not happening, again it speaks volumes.
– Bearing the above logic in mind, when this is over and the total number of actual Covid 19 deaths is tallied against the total infections the mortality rate will drop off a cliff, to something like 0.5% or even less, if you remove the extreme elderly and those with an underlying health issue or more than one, then the mortality rate will drop even further. With all due respect to those aged individuals, a lot of them would have died anyway in this period, we will never know, as the death certificate says COVID 19. But in several thousand cases it should and would read, old age, heart attack, diabetes, respiratory issues, flu, kidney disease, various cancers etc etc. This is called overlap, death attributed to Covid 19 but is actually not the cause of death.

I will take the UK, with some more details as the information is readily available. About 600,000 people die in the UK every year of medical conditions and old age. Why have we selected the COVID 19, or why has the collective media selected this specific virus to blow up to beyond panic proportions. In our current era of a race to the bottom of selling papers and click bait, and getting people to keep your channel on at any cost, facts be damned. Facts and context are conveniently left aside, overlaps, recent historical data or flu comparisons, underlying illness, elderly and other facts are not allowed, God forbid you write such an article you will be crucified by the Twitterati as a pariah or a ghoul or likely much worst. Why in the UK in the winter of 2017/18 did 50,000 excess deaths pass unnoticed, only the odd story in passing was mentioned. (See UK Sunday press, Daily Mail pg 28 even articles on Sunday published by MSN on Italy, the main stream are just starting to question this madness)

People love to compare this outbreak to the 1918 Spanish flu – but you cannot we had just completed the 1st WW. It had spread like wild fire in the trenches, there were no resources, no medicines left and much bigger problems to solve, so it swept through the world without being hindered. A more recent comparison would be the 1968 flu season where 3 million people died. In a winter that is 16,000 a day – we are currently at total global deaths after 4 months of ‘only’ 14,611 (that is 122 per day, yes it will grow, but a far cry from 16,000 a day). Ask your grand parents now they will all remember 1968 – but we did not turn off the economy then, why now?

Unfortunately the governments are being advised by notoriously pessimistic institutions like the Imperial college of London and the WHO. Who paint these very grim pictures and are all too willing to pass on their worst case scenarios on an hourly basis. Herd mentality has infected the people, the main stream doctors, the markets and unfortunately our leaders. The science just does not back up or justify, totally imploding the world economy, it does not even back up taking a fraction of the draconian measures that have been taken. I firmly believe we will look back on this in 6 months and say OMG what did we do and why. I will not ramble on about previous media panic non events like mad cow disease or bird flu.

Where does this leave South Africa and Africa?

There are barely 700 cases on the continent and hardly any deaths, yet the continent chose to follow their very rich G7 (well that’s wrong but they have the ability to create massive liquidity) draconian measures without a plan and without a penny in the bank to cater for the very obvious and bleak outcome.

Africa could easily be referred to as a continent of teenagers, when looking at the median age and the science and medical evidence to date, clearly shows this attacks the vulnerable elderly, not the young. Take Niger, the average age is 14 yes 14, Uganda 15.4 so on and so forth – South Africa is quite ancient by comparison at 27 years of age. The fact is you battle to find countries closer to 20 years in Africa as a median let alone get anywhere near 30. The science says Africa will fare much better and probably likely better than their worst ever flu season, including 1968. Yes I am aware Africa has far more medical challenges and a much higher mortality rate naturally in the world, hence the very low median age. Malaria, TB, AIDS etc. But the science says this is milder than the regular flu on the young children which is very important and is not that bad or critical on those individuals 20-50 the actual productive work force of South Africa Mr CR, that you have just sent home for 3 weeks! Allow also for the fact that well over 70% of Africa`s 1.3 billion residents live on the equator or very close to it and do not suffer ever the European and N. Hemisphere brutal cold. Covid 19 like flu does not like heat, that is why the flu season is measured in winter and not summer. So in Africas favour, they have an exceptionally young populace and relatively speaking, the heat to protect them, even though places like Gauteng head into winter. One has to ask the collective African leaders – what the hell were/ are you thinking? Yes I am asking the same of the rest of the worlds governments. Maybe Africa, having been criticized for so long on their dictators and despotic ways, that watching their very critics now impose far worst restrictions is just too much to pass up on. With the G7 justifying their actions by at best dubious and very small sections of data, created by panic not science or fundamentals. All too many African countries and I believe South Africa has decided they had ‘no choice’, have jumped on the same boat – imagine what you can do with a blank cheque book, access to pensions, access to maybe even the SARB to do whatever it takes. Many leaders and ruling parties I believe will be thinking and doing just this. Others for sure have just followed thy neighbour, but will soon catch on to the short term opportunities this presents. The continent has unfortunately a culture of now instead of tomorrow.

I was hoping that Africa would stand fast and watch, only taking measures if this develops into something that warrants it. It was not to be. Famine and massive unemployment and the deaths resulting in Africa will be far worst than Covid 19 could ever be. Likewise in the G7, they will look back on this and wonder why they destroyed the global economy, as they quickly try and dig themselves out of deep recessions/ depression civil unrest. The UN/ IMF/ WHO and the likes will be grinning at their new found massive power and endless funding and control. The EU and ECB will breathe a sigh of relief that they were able to cover up their inevitable collapse under the cover of covid 19, not their magnificent incompetence over the past decade plus.

To finish, I can say that this will likely be the final straw and confidence will be forever eroded in public assets globally and in politicians and the bureaucratic enterprises such as the UN/ WHO and IMF. This can be a light for us all, as confidence in them collapses, so will investment into anything not them, namely private assets and commodities will take off over the next 5-10 years. Maybe we can recover from this faster than we think if we have anything left to invest with. A commodity boom with a ZAR at 20+ could certainly help repair damage done. The week ahead I expect to be full of surprises (exhibit A tonight) and chronic volatility in markets, more fear and panic but hopefully we are closer to the end of that and in the weeks coming set higher lows. There will certainly be hell to pay soon enough, if the doomsday predictions do not start to materialise.

Lastly Mr President you have managed in 2 brief speeches and barely 2 weeks, to do 100 times more damage to the South African economy than Zuma and the Guptas could ever have dreamt of. You have certainly created a legacy. What were you and your advisors thinking? Were you thinking? Please be gentle with the R7 trillion in pensions that must now be obliterated to stand a chance of surviving this, it is all we have left.

Thank you for the time you took to write this. First bit of sense I heard in last couple of weeks

Wow, fantastic typing.
Now, remind me again: what are you doing to help, today?


Well it seems that @Romulus is bringing some common sense and much needed perspective to the table while the world and MSM are having a mental meltdown sowing fearmongering everywhere, which is much more than your comment, which serves zero purpose…

I agree with some of what you are writing, in that it makes sense in countries with high median ages to protect the elderly, eg Germany and Japan with more above 60 than below.

I suspect that SA and to an expect Africa is that the models say someone with no immune system is likely to die from the virus. Therefore we have as many at risk as Europe. Do you let the majority die, as a country leader? As they say in economics it was for the greater good. Rather keep everyone alive in poverty than half die and we are still poverty.

My question is, how do you prove that we were/weren’t ever at risk? If no-one dies, is that because we did a good job. The right choices aren’t reflected by the right outcomes, same as poker.

10/10. We salute you and support you 100%.

I,for one,think the government is riding the hysteria wave. There’s no need to finish off an already dying economy by implementing these draconian measures.

Will the people walk the talk. There were already some incidences of looting yesterday. Will the police and army be able to control the people and will people actually stay at home???

Ultimately humans must bow to the laws of nature. If we overpopulate the earth, expect nothing less than Nature desperately trying to correct the situation. Regretfully,for some,survival of the fittest must come into play.

Well done to the s.a government (Ja I can not believe I’m saying / typing this) and to the contributors of the fund !

We in S.A might actually be ahead (not by much) for once , compared to our “developed counterparts” like the USA.

And for all the people that don’t understand maths and quoting but cancer and aids kills more people.. take note of the following:

1) All the death rates of stuff can can kill you is given per annum i.e one year. We are only a month or two into this and the RATE is increasing.
The RATE (delta) of Cancer, TB, Guns, HIV is “almost static” compared to this. (I said almost).

2) Compared to for example cancer the “average” time since detection to death is a lot longer than the few weeks for covid-19. True some rare and fast moving cancers are deadlier.

3) Compared to other other pathogens with higher mortality rate. Few spread to fast and easily as this. R0 number, basically anything over 1 is exponential and should scare you.

4) Only a few hundred cases doesn’t scare you ? Well it should… Those are only the ones we know about.

5) Past the threat of death there is the threat of hospital beds and available staff and equipment being completely overrun.

“Everything we do before a pandemic will seem alarmist. Everything we do after will seem inadequate.”

M. Leavitt – DHHS

Are TB/Aids sufferers at the same mortality rate as the 70+ group? If their mortality rate jumps based on age from close to 0% to just over 0%, then it was an overreaction. If it does up the mortality rate to 5% or higher, then collapsing the economy was correct.

I assume that the medical profession knew that it would be a high mortality rate for immune compromised.

Can your employer tell you no work no pay during the lockdown period?

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