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SA allocates an extra R4bn to fight Covid-19

In a Special Appropriation Bill tabled by the finance minister on Tuesday.
Image: Anthony Devlin/Bloomberg

South Africa has allocated an extra R4 billion to buy Covid-19 vaccines and extend a special distress grant to thousands of people hit by the pandemic, in a Special Appropriation Bill tabled by the finance minister on Tuesday.

The bill, expected to be debated with the National Treasury in a parliamentary committee meeting later on Tuesday, allocates an additional R1.25 billion to the department of health to purchase Covid-19 vaccines and another R2.82 billion to social development for the distress grant of R350 per person.

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South Africa – the worst-hit country on the continent in terms of reported coronavirus infections and deaths – has struggled to kickstart a mass vaccination programme, inoculating just over 329 000 health workers with Johnson & Johnson’s shot as part of a research study, while it waits for its first batch of commercial doses to become available.

It has ordered 31 million doses of J&J’s one-shot vaccine and 30 million doses of Pfizer’s two-shot vaccine, enough for a combined 46 million of its 60 million people.

On Sunday it received its first weekly batch of Pfizer vaccine, with the US pharmaceutical giant expected to ship 4.5 million doses by June.

The Special Appropriation Bill also made adjustments to funding for struggling state airline, South African Airways (SAA), which last week exited a local form of bankruptcy protection called business rescue after roughly 17 months.

South Africa’s government had previously pledged R10.5 billion to SAA as part of a turnaround strategy, but R2.7 billion had not been handed over as yet.

The adjustment makes allowance for SAA’s units, such as low-cost airline Mango and its technical division, to also get financing, with R819 million earmarked for Mango and just over R1.6 billion for SAA Technical.

“Despite the effective date of this Act, the appropriation for the subsidiaries … must be regarded as an appropriation and expenditure for the 2020/21 financial year,” read the Bill.


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Only??? … Soon the new Covid strand will take a different path.

India has 300000 cases consistently for the past 10 days… I this strand has landed in SA by keeping the borders open… Great work SA government!

There is good data at wikipedia titled “Statistics of the COVID-19 pandemic in India”. The previous surge of cases did not reflect on related deaths and the current surge is not much different. As a percentage of population, India’s death rate from Covid is faring far better than the majority of well-equipped nations. It is being wrongly portrayed by the many fear-mongering propaganda purveyors. And the majority believe everything they are presented with without making any effort to verify anything.

With a 99% recovery rate, who cares!
The flu virus is forever changing, this is nothing new or fascinating.
You have to wake up and realize that Covid is a hoax.
Ask yourself why do the government, media and big pharma constantly promote Covid???

Special misappropriation bill. There, fixed it for you.

Another convenient “tool” used to keep SAA in the air… They should just sell the seats and convert their remaining aircraft to cargo planes. Wonder where the R4b will come from. Oh yes, the tax payers pockets, which is being stretched to breaking point!

More to steal – is the R500bn already finished?

How much will be looted by stalwarts & “the connected?”

Get ready BMW, Mercedes and Porsche dealers. More good cash business coming soon.

Where does a broke country get R 4,000,000,000 (4 billion for the mathematically challenged) from the people. They pretend to care but will tax this county out of existence! The amount of people talking about leaving and those who have left, see the writing on the wall!

The worst part of this covid-?, global warming and other doomsday scenarios is that the public is being kept at ransom. Governments consist out of team playing politicians who only fight for their re-election which is highly sponsored by large institutions profiting from these scare techniques. The only way to end these doomsday scenarios is for the public to shun the writings of publicity seeking journalists and turn their attention to more trustworthy writings.

End of comments.





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