A disenchanted Herman Mashaba resigns from the DA

He has confirmed his exit as Joburg mayor and the party.
Mashaba chooses country over party. Picture: Moneyweb

Herman Mashaba has announced his resignation as Johannesburg mayor, saying the election of Helen Zille as the party’s federal chairperson has marked the beginning of the end for the coalition government in the city and the pro-poor stance which he has championed in it.

In a press briefing in Johannesburg on Monday, Mashaba said that Zille’s election to the top leadership structure of the DA over the weekend was a victory for people inside the [party] who were “opposed” to his ideas. 

“I am gravely concerned that the DA I signed up to is no longer the DA that has emerged out of this weekend’s Federal Council,” said Mashaba. 

“I cannot reconcile myself with a group of people who believe that race is irrelevant in the discussion of inequality and poverty in 2019,” he said. “I cannot reconcile myself with people who cannot see that South Africa is more unequal today than it was in 1994.” 

Mashaba previously mentioned that he would resign if “right-wing elements” took over the party. 

Mashaba will remain in office until November 27 to allow the party to identify a new leader. 

Difficult coalition

Mashaba was elected as mayor of Johannesburg in 2016 after the local elections resulted in a hung council where no party had enough seats to claim an outright majority. 

With a 38% victory, the DA entered into a coalition government with other minor parties most significantly, a cooperation agreement with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in order to secure the administration of the city. 

The cooperation between Mashaba and the EFF has received criticism by some within the party with a review panel recommending that the DA review its relationship with the red berets. 

On Monday Mashaba described how, over the past three years, the DA had been “the most difficult coalition partner in this arrangement”.

“From the very first day that I took office, this coalition arrangement has been undermined, criticised and rendered nearly impossible,” he said, explaining that the party was opposed to his consultative approach wanting him to rule “arrogantly” as if it had won an outright majority. 

DA not pro-poor

Mashaba said that the people who emerged triumphant at the party’s Federal Council meeting on Sunday are the same people who he has faced significant resistance from when he moved to implement the insourcing plan which saw over 7 000 cleaners and security guards benefit.

He added that he had no doubt that these individuals would collapse the governance arrangements that he has entered into with the cooperative government in the city, particularly because of the “pro-poor agenda” that has been executed. 

“Some members of the DA caucus in Johannesburg have suggested that we prioritise the needs of suburban residents above providing dignity to those forgotten people who remain without basic services 25 years after Apartheid,” said Mashaba. 

“I have had to deal with individuals who would rather spend more time on cutting grass than on fixing our broken and aged infrastructure,” he continued. 

Mashaba said the events of the weekend had forced him to make a choice between the DA and the country. 

He made it clear that he did not come to the decision lightly saying he “could not be a willing participant, in good conscience, in a process that is placing the narrow internal interests of a political party ahead of the needs of the residents of the city”.

Mashaba a ‘hero’

DA leader Mmusi Maimane stood alongside Mashaba on Monday calling him a “hero”. 

Maimane made it clear that he, as the leader of the DA, has always supported the coalition arrangements in Johannesburg.

“I want to thank you not only as a resident of Johannesburg but I want to thank you as a fellow South African for always driving the ambition to serve our country and our people,” said Mashaba.

 “You are a hero to me,” he added.  

Zille told EWN that she does not know why Mashaba would resign over her appointment especially given her struggle credentials. 

“Herman knows very well that I was hiding uMkhonto We Sizwe operatives in my house when he was a businessman making many billions out of hair straighteners and things,” she said.



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Going back to where he came from????

The DA is in a bigger mess than we can even imagine.

The City of Johannesburg is even in a much bigger mess under his watch!

That’s your truth.

What utter nonsense reasons given by Herman.

Zille is the chairman but she does not decide on policy and she has never been anti-poor either.

Childish from Herman or perhaps there was another reason but resigning because the chairman you wanted didn’t get elected is very odd.

Trying to do further damage by saying the DA will no longer be pro-poor is shocking, can see him in red overalls soon.

Intellectual dishonesty :- a crime without a cause.

Herman should be the DA’s party leader. He is considered an elder, which gives him the respect and will give him a lot of votes.

This is a massive loss to the DA

Indeed ! Kenneth Kaunda, Julius Nyerere – Elder Statesmen of Africa – says it all. Zuma will probably be accepted into this ” VERY respectable ” club soon.

What a joke.

He is in bed with the EFF???? What are you on about?

Comes soon after a visit to Denmark. A coincidence?

Yes the Danes totally did it.

He was also recently at the local pick n pay.

Don’t make stupid conspiracy theories that you can’t even be bothered to flesh out.

Another inane, mindless little comment. Meaningless, devoid of any semblance of contribution to the conversation. *Yawn.*

OK, I guess this has to be be spelled out: He spent time with the SA ambassador to Denmark, a well known figure, who made racially charged Tweets .

While in Denmark he Tweeted out a racially charged response to a white constituent who was complaining about a service delivery issue, that he subsequently apologised for.

The question is: to what extent were his views shaped during his visit to Denmark by the aforementioned individual?

Congrats! You learnt to use your words boet!

Who cares who he was influenced by? He is an adult. He can take advice from wherever. It is not illegal to talk to people.

So you think he was influenced by her.

I don’t care. He is an adult responsible for a city. He is not a child been peer pressured.

Adios to a race-obsessed politico!

Goodbye Herman.
Seems you regard taxpayers as the right wing. You were excellent at giving a middle finger to the people who voted for your party.

Well, the right wing are always bragging that they are “the only ones paying tax”.

I don’t think he cares about being nice to people who voted for ‘his’ party.

All the major political parties live in denial. The ANC and EFF are well known for their casual acquaintance with economic science, history and their dogmatic belief in magic puddings.

The DA on the other hand don’t seem to know the voters. EWC, BEE, RET, WMC, BEEEEEEEEEEEE are policies and concepts you have to support in order to get voters to vote for you. Even if reality, history and science tell you otherwise, and the history textbooks are full of gory examples of what happened when other nations walked down this road.

South African voters all want to go to heaven but all of them want to take the short cut. Bringing Zille back was a monumental mistake, but not unexpected for a political party that has consistently scored own goals in the past few years. This latest one is just the last big mistake.

Hasta la vista baby … you may have made a lot of money from your cosmetic products – estimated $100m – and your company directorships but if you really want to sulk at least you can do it comfortable boardroom chairs.

Do you really hate the “White Madam” so much that you just can’t tolerate taking advice from her?

And Zille was a “struggle” veteran and member of the Black Sash. Now the real loyalties on both side are clearly evident along the racial divide!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The world in general, and South Africa in particular, has finally gone through the looking glass as far as “Newspeak”* is concerned.
Zille, who (as far as I can tell) is a classic liberal, is being branded as “right wing” by persons who, even though they apparently regard themselves as left wing liberals – are in truth xenophobic, racist and nationalist, as evidenced by their actions.

*Newspeak is the language of Oceania, a fictional totalitarian state and the setting of the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949), by George Orwell.

Mashaba is confusing equality of opportunity with equality of outcome. The former does not and should not imply the latter. That is an ANC ideology, along with race based identity politics which Mashaba has sadly subscribed to. What a pity..

Form a party Mashaba and confidently we will vote for you en masse.

On what basis?

“I have had to deal with individuals who would rather spend more time on cutting grass than on fixing our broken and aged infrastructure,”

On that basis.

There are massive ironies. Hellen does have more struggle cred than Herman and Herman has done nothing to stop the non-payment for services and yet he has an issue with Helen who calls it as it is.

One of the biggest issues of getting to truth in SA is defining who is right wing and who is left wing. You have virtually the whole of the ANC implicated in corruption (money stolen from the poor of SA) and yet they will be perceived as being left wing.

The truth is not the color of skin or what you say, but what you do and how you act.

EFF are achieving what the ANC want it to do with impunity. Go into coalitions, disrupt and destroy.

looking at politics from the outside, it looks like it is same old sad story everywhere. Politicians cling to Power. Hellen could have been valuable as an experienced advisor, she did not IMO need to take the seat at the admin head. She seems unable to take on a broker role. The DA needs to shed the small army of 40-80 year old front of office white politicians if it aims to ever govern our nation.

I am disappointed but not surprised – they are after all just politicians of varying beliefs.

The DA will never govern, the ANC have ensured that there is enough dumb voting fodder to ensure they always stay in power.

On the surface it looks like the demise of the DA is close to happening. Helen Zille should have remained retired. But no, she got greedy. Needs another salary to enhance her pension. I guess she too has her snout in the feeding trough. The gravy trains is on the move again.

“I cannot reconcile myself with people who cannot see that South Africa is more unequal today than it was in 1994”.

Yes very rich people like himself do tend to upset the balance.

Okay so? Should he apologise for being successful? Do you?

Maybe he is talking about the failure to bring up the rest rather than berating himself for what he has done. Bet you go crazy when a politician attacks the wealthy. But here you use the opportunity to completely miss the point. Is it jealousy?

The irony is that “the people” he is no doubt referring to (whites) are not at all responsible for that increasing inequality.

The ANC is partly responsible (because it has hamstrung the economy and stolen a Rtrillion to make its cadres rich) and so are the poor themselves partly responsible (for nearly doubling in numbers in 25 years and also for continuing to vote in the ANC).

Helen was probably asked to return as an advisor, since the DA struggled under Musi. Ironic that the party that stands for non-racialism is clearly racially divided.

I suspect the real irony is that they are fighting over a carcass already picked clean by many years of ANC misrule and theft. Sad in a sense

“A disenchanted Herman Mashaba resigns from the DA”
“A Herman Mashaba, facing an internal inquiry and directly responsible for handing a ward to the ANC, reducing the DA-led partnership majority by two, scuttles out of the DA”
— much longer headline but more accurate.

Nobody seems to be wondering why a millionaire is anti-rich or posing as pro-poor

End of comments.




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