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Ace Magashule: ‘Will cooperate with law enforcement agencies’

Former Free State premier to be charged with corruption.
Hawks ready to swoop on ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule. Image: REUTERS-James Oatway

The Hawks have issued a warrant of arrest on various charges of corruption for ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule, in relation to the controversial R255 million asbestos contract while he was still premier of the Free State.

ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule campaigning in Soweto on Tuesday.

Source: MyANC

Magashule is the highest-profile politician to face charges since President Cyril Ramaphosa took office in 2018 and pledged to crack down on graft, which became endemic during his predecessor Jacob Zuma’s rule. The government estimated that more than R500 billion was stolen.

Hawks Free State spokesperson Captain Lynda Steyn told Moneyweb that the warrant is yet to be served on Magashule, confirming an earlier report by the Daily Maverick.

The case has to do with Magashule’s role in an asbestos audit contract in the Free State. Steyn didn’t specify what charges Magashule will face.

Once the warrant is served he would have to appear in court on Friday.

Magashule has yet to respond to news of his impending arrest. Earlier on Tuesday, he appeared as part of the ANC’s door-to-door election programme for a ward by-election to be held on Sunday.

The Free State has long been a nexus of corruption and political power within the ANC. Magashule, who currently oversees the day-to-day running of the party, is a former premier of the region and is Ramaphosa’s biggest political rival.

Pule Mabe, the ANC’s spokesman, said Magashule had become aware of the warrant and that he “would cooperate with any process taken by law enforcement agencies.”

Mabe said: “The ANC will be monitoring these developments closely and will accordingly communicate on any update should the need arise.”

Ramaphosa has yet to issue a statement on Magashule imminent arrest.

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Rah Rah Rah— Nothing will come of it as it is the same as with Zuae — Gross impunity to any punishment.

Wait they arrested him for the asbestos contract, what about Estina dairy farm or the other contracts?

“Will co operate with law enforcement agencies.” Who does he think he is? There is a warrant for his arrest, he has zero choice but to co operate. Cuff him withe cameras watching, our country needs it.

Bail of R 1000 . 00 now , now ?

IF this is true… mmmm … Cyril has to rearrange the chess pieces.

For Cyril to survive…. he needs to take out the Zuma clan!

Cyril needs to take out 80% of the ANC cadres.

80% should be in Jail … We got a problem. There is no space in our Jails.

I hope Robben Island can be re opened.

Good one DragonX…talk about going full circle

Things seem to be moving really slow, yet moving it is

Don’t confuse the arrest of Magashule with continental drift.

Nice One

The warrant presumably indicated he will be charged under section 34 of the prevention and combating of corrupt activities act. It doesn’t sound to me he is accused of any “criminal activities”? So he will probably get away with negligence charges by the court and his own ANC/NEC will just reprimand him.

Just who on earth do the Hawks think that they are daring to arrest such a senior member of the ANC. This is treasonous conduct..if not sacrilege!

Have they no respect for the values of the ANC? A touch of corruption normally leads to a senior role in Luthuli House.

This is really not how things were meant to be in the new paradise of SA with JamnadasAir, Chickentemperature decider Patel and Paramount Chief of the Free State!!

If this is true it is great news and will cause a mini political earthquake in the ANC. First sign that R means business.

I dare to believe that justice will take its course. At last.

He is going have sleepless nights until he appears on Friday. The stress level is at its highest maximum. He is asking himself who sold him? who are the state witnesses? what are the charges?. The wife is going to tell him like a kid to eat his food. His phone is going to be busy, receiving messages of support from fellow fraudsters and thieves.

Its gonna be fun watching C Niehaus toyi toying in camouflage outfit.

He is going have sleepless nights until he appears on Friday. The stress level is at its highest maximum. He is asking himself who so1d him? who are the state witnesses? what are the charges?. The wife is going to tell him like a kid to eat his food. His phone is going to be busy, receiving messages of support from fellow fr@udsters and th!eves.

Ho hummmmm another lowlife clogging up the justice system for the next 15 years.

Can you just hear the lawyers in the background, all scheming with each other how long they can spin this one out.

One small step for the Hawks, one giant leap for law and order.

why can the same not be done to Zuma??? I think the prosecution authorities/HAWKS are too afraid…the evidence is there after all?

We can vouch for the man’s generosity: It takes someone special to give away a Pierneef!!

I have realized that it’s events like these that turn people like Ace into Presidents.

For Zuma, the Arms Deal made him a President..for Cyril placing improper political pressure on Riah Phiyega and the Police turned him into a President.

For Ace, it’s this event we are witnessing. I don’t think Cyril will survive.



I agree pwgg. This will be a very long drawn out case making more attorneys millionaires and giving them huge pensions. I know of one case where the directors of a company were arrested in 2002 for millions in fraud and the case only gets to court in 2016. Since 2016 one man on his own has been dragging the case out since then for 4 years against the best brains in the Country. Ace will be around for another 20 years but Pres. Ramaphosa will be forgotten by then.

and that’s what you call due process and people availing themselves to all the options available to them in law. Attorneys are briefed to do their job, not be taken up by real and/or perceived positions of bias.

Whatever your position is they should be accorded the same rights as any other person. Can it be abused? Certainly. Are they entitled to use whatever strategy they can to avoid prosecution? Certainly.

But then, if and when found guilty, this strategy should be taken into account when sentence is handed down.

The law is not perfect, nor will it ever be, so one can but hope there is a median of justice.

“….I will cooperate with the law….”

For starters, the Arrest Warrant is unable to find this Big Makhulu!

Already working nicely together with the law, as expected.


What does ARREST mean????

This is what the dictionary says!!!!

“seize (someone) by legal authority and take them into custody”.

So they are already not doing the job properly. Just eye blind. A common ANC con job!!! TSK!!!

Nowhere does it say come at your own time if you like!!!!!


I thought Ace was so looking forward to the arrest that he had packed his sleeping back, his meds, a face cloth and secret sim cars in some special place, and ready to present himself for arrest at any police station or in any district in the country. So, where is Ace now when the law enforcement is looking for him left right and centre. I, recommend that he pack a toothbrush and a face cloth (was-slap) with, and if he can a 30 carton of cigarillos would be a heaven’s send in prison. Especially flavoured ones, plus you can bargain with them and even sell them for outright profit (huge profit). No need to take a Bible with, he’ll be angry with the Man upstairs for a minute, besides the department provides you with that.

All you peeps are too afraid of commenting on all the positive and amazing things that happen in SA. What is wrong with you?

I hope Zondo will not let him use the commission to go off on a diatribe instead of answering the questions. Zondo is far too lenient letting accused yap on about irrevelant issues not pertaining to the questions asked. Myeni is a case in point. Good hearted Zondo is being played.

Is Ace paying for his own defense or is this taxpayer funded?

No-one get excited, we will most definitely NOT see MR. Magashule in any orange overalls anytime soon. Have we not learned? shame on us.

That ‘overwhelming’ ‘big’ and ‘beautiful’, ‘positive news’ section is left entirely for you. For your ‘wonderful’ and ‘heart pleasing’ little tales of ‘clean coal’ and ‘clearest, cleanest and pure, almost drinking quality sewage run off’. Have at it budddy.

People here can do lateral thinking and are not on free government issued, all expenses paid regime of undisclosed medicines [xoloft, serequel, and retalin) to aid them to imbibe infinite amounts ofruling proper-ganda (propaganda) and thus parrot ad verbatim mindless party slogans in their semi-commatose state of failty.

So, if you are looking at people whose medula oblongata has been hacked by years of party indocrination, I hate to break it to you, you won’t find them here.

So Ace the Snake will cooperate with law enforcement? Gosh thanks ANC, that’s so gracious of him! He doesn’t have a bloody choice you muppets! He’s been arrested and charged!

The big test is Monday when Zuma is supposed to appear.

Will he be arrested for not appearing?
Will he be on a covid intubator?
Did the dog eat breakfast?

End of comments.





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