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ANC chairman wants state to seize land from those with over 12 000 hectares

The ANC plans to amend the constitution in favour of the expropriation of land without compensation.

The chairman of South Africa‘s ruling African National Congress was quoted as saying the state should take without compensation land from those who own more than 12 000 hectares, comments that sent the rand weaker.

More than two decades after the end of apartheid, white people still own most of South Africa‘s land.

Ownership patterns remain highly emotive as the government has been slow to transfer land to the black majority after centuries of colonial and racial oppression.

The ANC’s plans to amend the constitution to redistribute land have been interpreted negatively by some investors, who see them as undermining property rights.

The ruling party has sought to assuage those fears by saying that land reform will follow a parliamentary process.

“You shouldn’t own more than 12 000 hectares of land and therefore if you own more, it should be taken without compensation,” ANC Chairman Gwede Mantashe, who is also the country’s mines minister, told the News24 website in an interview published on Wednesday.

It was not immediately clear whether Mantashe’s comments represented official ANC policy. Four key party officials did not answer their phones when called by Reuters for clarification.

Mantashe is one of the top six most powerful officials in the ruling party and a close ally of President Cyril Ramaphosa.

The rand fell more than 3% against the dollar earlier, partly weakened by Mantashe’s comments, a report by Moody’s ratings agency on the struggling economy and a resurgent dollar, which struck a 13-month peak.

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The ANC is under pressure to make headway with land reform ahead of next year’s national election, where the ultra-left Economic Freedom Fighters party has made faster land redistribution one of its main policies.

The 12 000 hectare land ownership limit was mooted in 2016, by then-rural development minister Gugile Nkwinti. But Nkwinti said the government would seek to buy, not expropriate without compensation, land from those owning more than 12 000 hectares.

AfriForum, an organisation that mostly represents white South Africans on issues such as affirmative action, has criticised the ANC’s decision to endorse constitutional changes to allow the state to seize land without compensation, saying the move would be “catastrophic”. 

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Ingonyama Trust owns more than 12,000 hectares – wonder how they are going to get this land back from the Zulu king

Cyril already assured them they are safe.
The law is applied differently to different people, a la the ANC.

12000 hectares in Mpumalanga’s grasslands are a very different thing from 12000 hectares in the drier scrubland of the Northern Cape.

Gwede has no clue what he is talking about.

Clearly Gwede does not understand i.e. game farming in S.A. Less than 12 000 hectares for a proper game farm brings about limitation on species, difficulties with variety and enough natural feeding as well as death to game due to spacial transferable illnesses. In the Karoo also, less than 12000 hectares would make sheep farming there unsuccessful.

Wow, this is the best news I have heard. I dont think anyone with more than 12 000 hectors paid for their land and its only fair that they take this land back to the state. I hope that there is transperancy behind the retake and resale by tender.

This is the best thing that has come out of the ANC.

Anything more than 12 000 hectors is hording, greed and arrogance and total monopoly.

Well done Gwede.

Yes, well …. we know how this turned out in Zimbabwe and Venezuela. Is there any sane reason to think it will be different here? Serious question …… social engineering and politics do not mix judging from history. It generally ends badly, not for those who are connected but for the very people that it is purported to “help”.

Epic comeback! But seriously, that question is counter revolutionary.

Ok, so if the regime takes the land and puts peasants on them how will they get jobs still? Will they be merely subsistence farmers as usual or will be they make a future for themselves?

Most of the population is increasingly urbanised and the jobs are in the cities. Wake up folks, this is populism and it’s going to sink the country

The goats can’t wait to move in, strip the vegetation and then sit around watching our land erode and still blame the minorities!

How many people own land that is more than 12000 hectares?????

Many Karoo sheep farms are larger than that, it’s simple maths, the sheep need a lot of grazing in the sparse Karoo environment. Try explaining that to Gweezy though, he’s just another ANC moron.

Game reserves and lodges. Maize and soybean farmers in our peak production areas.

Livestock farmers need a lot of land to be sustainable (to avoid overgrazing veld for example) and profitable.

what is next? the mining houses not be allowed to own more than one shaft, the franchise owner not allowed to own more than on outlet, the, next come house, cars?

These old ANC dinosaurs should have been extinct by now, the world and SA have moved on, and they still living in the “struggle”, now a “struggle” to keep voters, with a added “struggle” to scheme and steal. I just hope the asteroid impact in 2019 will be substantial enough to send them cadres to the “fossil” department of the Luthuli House museum.

“More than two decades after the end of apartheid, white people still own most of South Africa‘s land.”

Moneyweb and general media continue to print this, the word most is vague enough but reports I have seen show this to be not true. Would like to see the report that substantiates this with factual research and not sampling.

I am interested to hear the ANC’s plan, take land without compensation, results in the occupant not paying the bank back for the mortgage, results in banks no longer being able to fund land purchases, results in land being worthless. How does that uplift the poor?

Seen a few examples of farmers funding workers buying into the farms either through third party debt or their own schemes. Similar to BEE on a less aggregated basis. It sounds promising and really don’t understand why the state has not set up a guarantee system which facilitates more of these deals, state could approach farms that meet the criteria and scale this rather quickly. Makes no sense as to why there is no other solution.

There were plans like this in the Thabo Mbeki era and some of them were proving successful.
Govt pulled the plug on funding though and a number of emerging farmers never got their title deeds.

So now it serves the narrarive because technically those farms dont belong to the people who live and work on them, which means there is no shift on paper in the racial demographics of farm ownership.

The govt is the largest landowner in south africa.

Every single large commodity based company is getting targeted… Think all the forestry guys, large farms, karoo farms, probably even some of the property development guys, REITS…

Just blatant anti business rhetoric…

All the mobile capital is heading the for the exits…

The uncertainty that will be caused by implementing EWC is going to last for many years , severely damaging the SA economy .A common sense approach would require government to clearly state the extent of land to be transferred to disadvantaged citizens , and even more critical , a time line for completion of this process .
Presently all the above issues are avoided by government , simply because they have no consensus of what the end result will be .
It is a very dangerous political game for the future of SA to allow EWC as a legal state structure , which will allow future governments to continue with EWC as they deem fit .Once amended , the majority will insist that EWC remains in the constitution .
Nelson Mandela may have been able to fulfill this massive task successfully , but the present leadership group do not instill any confidence in their ability , or political will, to control this process.

I would like put a cap on looting and stealing from the State and taxpayers. The cap is zero but the ANC wouldn’t go for that would they.

This is excellent news. Just what the rand needs. I’m hoping that the rand devalues by at least 20% so that my foreign income (pension)is worth a lot more. But I pity the poor in S.A. they will just have to pay more for transport, food, etc.

Ummmm, dont celebrate too fast. your pension will be worth exactly the same buying power after only a short period after the devaluation. all commodities immediately adjust to the new exchange rate. i.e. fuel, imports etc.

The kingmaker for that rubbish Zuma. Says everything about his judgement and ability.

A true son of the SACP.

Get every cent that you can out of this venuezela model dump.

ANC cannot deliver. ..too incompetent. …so desperate to make a nonoise pre 2019 election time ie licence to steal

World-class stupidity. In response to the crazies in the EFF.

Very few Africans understands basic economical principles. Those that do, have become very rich indeed.

The majority however are caught up in the illogical, unsustainable belief that government must and will provide for everything from free education, free medical services, free housing, free farms, free public transport, free water, free electricity, free funerals, free comrade parties ever so often, social grants per over-bred child, pension grants to all citizens 55 years and older, same free services and benefits to an unlimited number of immigrants from all over, full employment job opportunities to every one (of course all office jobs with very high pay, ample benefits with just about no responsibilities and very low productive input). Oh and free food is also on the wish list.

As the government and SOE’s have become bankrupt, it’s now time to confiscate farm land. If that doesn’t make everyone rich (which it won’t), then confiscate houses. When that results in further economical chaos, then loot the Reserve Bank and pension funds.

And just like in Zimbabwe within 20 years there will be nothing left to loot and everyone left in the country would be hopelessly poor and without a job. Those still employed by the government won’t get paid (as in Zimbabwe).

We are already 10 years down this road since Mbeki and Maneul were forced out of office. The next 10 years will fly by very fast. Zimbabwe became independent in 1980 and 20 years later by the turn of the century in 2001 the country was totally bankrupt. Seventeen years later their sorry state of affairs have not improved at all.

Before you would realise it, China will be the owners and masters of most African countries and those left in Africa will become mere peasants in a country that were previously theirs. Now explain this to your grand children.

“Now explain this to your grand children.” – it will be explained as Jan Van Riebeeck’s fault of course!

Foolish comment. Shoes ignorance and stupidity. This guy knows nothing about farming.

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