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ANC confirms Zuma recall

But ruling party members cannot agree on when president should go.

South Africa’s ruling party ordered Jacob Zuma on Tuesday to step down as head of state after marathon talks over the fate of a leader whose scandal-plagued years in power darkened and divided Nelson Mandela’s post-apartheid ‘Rainbow Nation’.

Leading members of the African National Congress now want new party leader Cyril Ramaphosa to replace Zuma as president, ANC Secretary General Ace Magashule told a news conference.

But the party’s national executive was split on precisely when Zuma should go, Magashule added, leaving the president’s immediate fate still hanging in the balance.

The ANC did not refer directly to the scandals surrounding Zuma’s presidency, but said his continued presence could “erode the renewed hope and confidence among South Africans” since the choice of new party leaders in December.

There was no word from Zuma or his spokesman, but Magashule said the president had promised to respond to the order by Wednesday. The rand weakened, with traders blaming uncertainty caused by the lack of a clear timetable.

Magashule said he had met Zuma personally to pass on the order. “We haven’t given him any deadline to respond,” he said. “The organisation expects him to go.”

Zuma had asked the party to give him a notice period of three to six months but that had been rejected, Magashule said. “Timelines? No. The NEC believes that this is an urgent matter so it should be treated with urgency,” he said.

No-confidence option

South Africa’s cabinet meeting set for Wednesday has been postponed indefinitely, the government’s communication service said.

ANC chairman Gwede Mantashe told a meeting in the Eastern Cape province that the party had given Zuma an ultimatum to resign or face a motion of no-confidence, the Independent online news service reported.

“Once you resist we are going to let you be thrown out through the vote of no confidence because you disrespect the organisation and you disobey it, therefore we are going to let you be devoured by the vultures,” Mantashe said in a message to Zuma, according to the Independent.

Zuma is already facing a no-confidence motion in parliament set for Feb. 22 and brought by the opposition Economic Freedom Fighters.

The ANC could throw its weight behind such a vote if it lost patience with Zuma, John Ashbourne, Africa Economist at Capital Economics said in a note. But would be a painful option for the ruling party, he added.

“Instructing MPs to vote with the opposition and against their own leader would add to splits in the party and provide an embarrassing political coup to the opposition,” Ashbourne said.

Zuma’s entire cabinet would have to step down if such a vote went through. He has survived several no-confidence motions in the past.

Zuma has been living on borrowed time since Ramaphosa, a union leader and lawyer once tipped as Mandela’s pick to take over the reins, was elected as head of the 106-year-old ANC in December.

Ramaphosa narrowly defeated Zuma’s ex-wife and preferred successor, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, in the leadership vote, forcing him to tread carefully in handling Zuma for fear of deepening rifts in the party a year ahead of an election.

Growth hopes

Despite the damning decision to order Zuma’s “recall” – party speak for ‘removal from office’ – domestic media said the 75-year-old might yet defy the party’s wishes.

Since becoming president in 2009, Zuma has been dogged by scandal. He is fighting the reinstatement of 783 counts of corruption over a 30 billion-rand (now $2.5 billion) government arms deal arranged in the late 1990s when he was deputy president.

Some within the ANC and the opposition say the Gupta family, friends of Zuma, have used their links with the president to win state contracts and influence cabinet appointments. The Guptas and Zuma have denied any wrongdoing.

South Africa’s economy has stagnated during Zuma’s nine-year tenure, with banks and mining companies reluctant to invest because of policy uncertainty and rampant corruption.

But since mid-November when Ramaphosa emerged as a real ANC leadership prospect, economic confidence has started to pick up. The rand – a telling barometer of Zuma’s fortunes – has gained more than 15 percent against the dollar over that period.

Zuma himself engineered the ouster of former President Thabo Mbeki in 2008 shortly after taking the helm of the ANC. Mbeki was also “recalled” by the party, ending a nine-year rule marked by economic growth but marred by accusations of abuse of power that he denied.

More comments from the ANC briefing below:


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South Africans will only be happy when the thief in chief is behind bars. What has been looted from our economy under this man must rate as the greatest crime of all time. The damage done by the ANC in the last decade will take our lifetime to repair, if indeeed it can be repaired. It is not certain that changing the captain can divert the course of the ship.

He needs to be behind bars and pay back all the stolen money. An example needs to be set to big thieves and petty thieves, because all crime needs to stop, as we have all seen the effects of these crimes. I would even say chop off his the steeling hands that are full of crimes.

Zuma does not understand his crimes. His crimes let to people suffering financially and psychologically.

Please do set an example, so that people can see what will happen if they do this. Because there is no enforcement of the laws.

True…. he, the Guptas, and those Cabinet Ministers implicated, MUST be tried and go to jail. In addition, those SOE ‘stooges’ (A Singh, B Molefe, etc.) must also be tried and go to jail.

I believe the ANC will split once again. A movement originating in freedom Fighting finds it difficult to effectively run a modern democratic government, bound by a Constitution, with specifically defined processes that are ignored.

An obvious answer to the impasse over the past few weeks, since ANC Elective Conference, is to make it co-incide with a General Election; then should not have this factional politicing eroding the country

I don’t know for who to vote any more, because no party actually does something. Take the three biggest parties as an example:

ANC – No need to mention the stolen money that’s flushed down the drain, while the blame goes to apartheid for some reason. Currently the ruling party with a president that steels with numerous criminal offences.

EFF – Wow, now here’s a party that think that a difference can come by burning down the things they want, that keeps on pushing government for free supplies (nothing is free, its only at the expense of others). The same party that has numerous racial comments, also blaming apartheid.

DA – Not doing anything, quiet at the moment. Why is this party sitting back at the moment. Showing a difference in CT since they won CT, but not proving anything else. Why not lead lawful acts at the president to force him out?

Is there some kind of criteria that needs to be met by listed parties (some sort of terms and conditions)? Or can these parties do what ever they want. We have to much running parties. Only list 10 running parties, that needs to comply with a set of rules. Once with an election the bottom 3 gets removed to create space for 3 new parties. Parties that don’t abide by the T&C’s are out.

And what is this presidential immunity to all wrong doings?

While the DA’s response to the drought has been lamentable, and through this they see fit to fight amongst themselves.
They have at least tried going through the courts and been involved in 8 motions against zuma in parliament, only to be defeated by the anc parliamentary majority.

But i have to agree that there is no party that seems worth voting for at this stage.

Rumor in the political corridors have it that some of the ministers very close to Jacob has started to clear out their own offices in the anticipation that their corrupt tenure is also fast coming to an end.

The problem of changing the state president will repeat itself in the future. It would be easier if the ANC moved their own presidential election closer to the parliamentary election, automatically eliminating the 18 months delay. I expect that when Ramaphosa looses the ANC presidential election he will be recalled too. Of course if by some miracle the DA or a coalition would win the parliamentary election the transitional period would be much shorter, but I do not think it will happen in my lifetime.

Eventually. Eventually the chickens have come home to roost. The A.N.C. have fallen into the hole that they themselves have dug so deep while trying to defend the indefensible. Watching them defend Zuma and in the process trying to belittle opposition parties in the process, makes this development all the more sweeter. May Zuma and the A.N.C. please suffer the just consequences of their criminal and treasonous actions.

Not going to be that easy. If it comes to a vote of no confidence, the opposition will vote against it. It’s secret, so they will blame the Zupta faction and Cyril will lose more credibility. Zuma isn’t going anywhere folks.

From Marxist Terrorist organisation to failed corrupt ruling party. A poisoned tree can never bear good fruit. The most ironic and contradicting “Political Party” cough cough Terrorist organisation there ever was. Cough cough communism failing once again, cough cough, white were right all along.

Ha ha, this Anc is playing us all for fools. they speak with forked tongue.
these so called discussions are all about damage control to the Anc – the donor countries are being told what they would like to hear , then out comes the begging bowl for our bankrupt SOE’s.
if you want an accurate assessment follow Sikonathi from Business Day.
non corrupt African politicians have still to be born.

——Biggest coup in SA history averted————-

I was Zuma & Gupta’s then I would have done the following.

Get Mbete in parliament to call for voting of no confidence in Zuma, that is already called.
All pro-Zuma mp’s will this time vote him out.
Mbete will then be acting president for 30 days until parliament selects the new president. Note here “parliament” will select the new president and not the branch structures of the ANC. They are not allowed as the NEC and top structure including Cyril will lose their jobs in a no-confidence vote in Zuma.

Get parliament to vote in Zuma’s ex wife Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma.

Out of jail free card, thank you, mam.

Why do you think Zuma just wants another 3 months, nuclear aside it’s because they all just want is one more opportunity to execute the above plan.

Well done ANC !!!, I sincerely hope you smelled the rat.

This guy is like that “Floater” that just WONT flush away….

Even if by some miracle the DA wins the next election.

I’ve lost my faith in them.

There’s just too many people in parliament whose only there for the snacks and chats.

None of them work anymore.

All the parties seems to lack the understanding of the sole purpose of a government.

Irishblessing, we don’t want to hear it, but its the truth. 99% of the parliament are there to obtain big salaries for nothing. Not one of them are doing something to save the country. If only a person with a high intelligence level can come along and become the president. Someone that can make a difference so big that the country can become the first world country like we could. But its all about money in the parliament and the blame goes to apartheid. The blind eyes will never be opened because the example is set wrong. The majority of the un-educated looks up to a president because its a high source of power, but in fact they learn incorrectly from this person.

Wish there can be someone in the parliament that’s there for the country, and not just their own pocket.

Looking forward to the budget speech though, to see how they are going to make up the tax gap (A.K.A. stolen money). Stolen money that they refuse to collect from the thieves that stole it in the first place.

Irish the problem is not the party. It is the individuals in the party. Look at their characteristics.

Zille proudly got rid of the real capacity of the party to get the indigenous vote. The result is what we see today. Zille, one of the 3 evil Hellens the other being Joseph and Suzman.

In politics one must vote for the best or if that not available then the lesser of the evils and the DA is that at the moment.

If FF+ could be more flexible and broaden their base, they could be the next Western Cape government. Not likely though .

The only time the citizens of South Africa should be happy is when the despicable Msholozi toad is publicly hung, drawn and quartered and left in the Union building gardens to be pecked at by crows.

When do they dissolve parliament? Just after the vote of no-confidence?

“Well, we asked him to leave. He said no.”

Why does zuma’s cv still reads “anti-apartheid activist” while it should read “anti south africa activist”?

I would like the ANC to answer to Zuma’s question:
“Tell me what I did wrong!”

I want Rampahosa to spell out Zuma’s involvement in corruption and state capture, and then explain why the ANC spinelessly supported him all these years. Tell the country what has changed since the last motion of no confidence where they defended Zuma?

Politics is a dirty game. Its not about them defending Zuma. Its about putting the party above the needs of the people. Like half us the republican party who despise Trump but wont unite against him. Also why Putin the thug does what he wants and gets away with it. they will all salute the captain even while he is sinking the ship. And when a new captain comes in, they will all sing a different tune ……. Politicians should all be second hand car salesman …… the entire idea of government globally needs to be scrapped and a new system thought out…..

Much has been said about the 13 hour meeting of the NEC yesterday. It does not say much about the Top 6 if it took them this long to arrive at their conclusion. Surely.

The whole lot must go.

Spot on, in a lot of other countries what Zuma has done to SA would have been viewed as treason, and he would be jailed and tried as a traitor. He is not a Political leader but a Cult(ure) leader, and an Enemy of the State and it’s people!! But African Democracy has a different view!

That it took 13 hours to take a simple decision speaks volumes about the deep divisions in the ANC.

“After a 13-hour meeting of the party’s top leadership” = African time

” ………..notorious Robben Island prison camp………”
More like a holiday camp.

Who wrote this tripe?


Once upon a time, in a beautiful land far far away, Simple Simon met a pieman going to the parliamentary buildings.

Said Simple Simon to the pieman, “I’ll need seven hundred and sixty nine, eight hundred and seven hundred – listen properly – seven hundred and sixty nine thousand, eight hundred and twenty, and seventy, pies to feed my wives and extended family.”

“But aren’t we supposed to be cutting back on government spending?” asked the jolly pieman, who had cut his road trip short to attend to Simple Simon’s needs.

“You’re fired”, said Simple Simon.

He felt no sympathy for the pieman, or his family. Simple Simon had accumulated a huge pile of gold by stealing the hopes and dreams of millions. Whenever he walked past a group of hungry homeless children in the streets, he smiled. Because he knew that he had destroyed their future. It made him happy.

The buses were on strike again, and the trains he had bought were too big for the tracks. His wives had taken possession of more cars than the land could afford. All his over-priced submarines were in dry dock for repairs. And he was not allowed to buy himself another jet (at least not openly). So Simple Simon didn’t mind walking. It was a short trip from his fairytale homestead, and the path was paved with the bones of dead miners and farmers and mental patients. This also made him happy.

He would normally have taken his goats with him on such an outing. But he had recently traded them for some magic beans. These beans had sprouted overnight, growing into a huge firepool in his yard. From the land beyond the firepool had come a family of ogres who demanded that Simple Simon hand over his land to them in return for lordship over all the sheep in the land. And more gold.

Some of the sheep who lived in the beautiful land had been less than happy with this arrangement, but the vast majority of them had just gone along quietly. Simple Simon found that sheep were much easier to control than goats. They did whatever Simple Simon said.

Especially when he generously provided them with the illusion of freedom. He allowed the sheep to believe that they had some say over what happened in the beautiful land. He waved documents at them, documents which had been drafted by wise men a long time ago, before the ogres and the big bad wolf had darkened the land. These documents assured the sheep that they had rights, and that they were indeed free. Unfortunately, the wise men had written the documents in an ancient tongue which was no longer generally spoken in the beautiful land. So the old documents were often misinterpreted and misunderstood. Simple Simon considered himself exempt from these ancient rules. They only applied to the sheep.

He found that it helped to dance with the sheep at every opportunity, and sing songs with them. This made them believe that he was one of them, and that he wasn’t just dressed in sheep’s clothing. It also distracted them from the annoying public meetings and question sessions they held from time to time. These meetings always made Simple Simon laugh. He laughed so much that his glasses kept falling off his nose. He liked to use his middle finger to push them back up. He felt that this sent an appropriate message to the sheep.

One of his old friends had been caught stealing from the sheep. He had been sentenced to an endless session of playing golf and fighting with news reporters. The message had been clear – steal from the sheep, and your skills would be recognized and rewarded. There would be a lot of bleating, but nothing bad would actually happen. Nobody would ever have to repay their ill-gotten gains.

So Simple Simon had done his best. He hadn’t stopped at theft. He had his way with every young sheep that caught his eye. But he always showered afterwards. So he didn’t understand how anyone could possibly take offence.

And yet, he did hear distant mutterings of unhappiness. Luckily, there were enough dancing sheep around him at all times to keep these problems at bay. To be safe, he always kept his famous spear with him wherever he went. This weapon was so famous, it had even been immortalized in works of art. But Simple Simon and his favourite sheep were not happy about this. He preferred to keep his spear hidden, a secret weapon to be shared with those who were closest to him.

Besides, those who muttered against him had stolen everything themselves originally. Simple Simon wasn’t sure how he knew this, how it worked or exactly what it meant. But he knew it to be an indisputable fact. Whenever they raised their voices in protest, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men were denounced as foreign invaders, and every attempt they made to put the beautiful land’s economy back together again was blocked.

This made Simple Simon happiest of all. He laughed as he trampled his land’s currency into the dust, dancing a jig and raising his voice in song. It was a good day for spending the money that should have been allocated to education and housing and basic services and social grants.

He decided to buy himself a shiny new jet after all.

Wow….the energy you have for writing this, is something I lack to read it 😉

The ANC has lost all credibility. The ANC says that ZUMA has not done anything wrong. It looks as if the ANC has gone rogue. Even those members aligned to Cyril. The ANC knows their COMRADES who has profited being close to Zuma. What the corrupt ANC politicians did is akin to what the Nationalist Apartheid Government did to the poor of South Africa and they want to let off Zuma with DIGNITY!!!! LoL. WoW.

A party without a “conscience” is a party not for the PEOPLE but for but for itself. The ANC makes decisions for it’s own survival and not for the country. ANC you are doomed. With all the corruption within it’s own ranks, it will slowly die over a period of time.

Does this man not understand that the whole world is watching and must be wondering where this man was educated that he does not understand that South Africa does not want him anymore. He must pack his bags and leave before he makes more of a joke of South Africa. He is an absolute joke.

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