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ANC moves to suspend accused officials

Those in the firing line include Ace Magashule and Bongani Bongo.
Ace Magashule, the ANC’s secretary-general. Image: Getty Images

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress has set in motion the process of suspending officials who are facing criminal charges and have ignored a directive to step down, according to a senior ruling party official.

Jessie Duarte, the ANC’s deputy secretary-general, is drafting letters to those whose membership is being revoked and they could be served on Tuesday and Wednesday, said Fikile Mbalula, the party’s head of elections and a member of its decision-making National Executive Committee.

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Those in the firing line include Ace Magashule, the ANC’s secretary-general, and Bongani Bongo, a former state security minister, both of whom are being prosecuted for graft yet deny wrongdoing.

Magashule has repeatedly challenged President Cyril Ramaphosa’s authority and been linked to an ANC faction aligned to former President Jacob Zuma, who the party forced to step down in 2018 after he became embroiled in a succession of scandals. Magashule’s exit could add impetus to Ramaphosa’s efforts to tackle the corruption that became endemic during Zuma’s rule and bolster the odds of him securing a second term as ANC leader next year.

The ANC is determined to prove to its members and the electorate that it is serious about cleaning up its image by dealing with those accused of graft, Mbalula, who is also South Africa’s transport minister, said in an interview on Tuesday.

“The indecisiveness of the ANC in the fight against corruption, perception-wise, has put the ANC in a very precarious and defensive mode,” he said. “And you cannot only defend yourself in rhetoric, you have got to defend yourself by action.”

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The deadline for Ace was the end of April. Nothing happened. (As per usual)
Now we have 05 May. The NEC will hold a meeting this week-end where more double talk will be connived to delay this matter even further.

That is how the ANC works. Rule No 1: “Talking is as good as doing”. Whenever faced with a problem you just have a meeting with lots of people. The meeting then takes a collective decision. If it can’t decide, then you postpone and have another meeting later on. In the unlikely event that a decision is taken later, and it turns out to be a disaster, then you just call another meeting. However, under no circumstances whatsoever will anybody ever accept responsibility for anything because it was a collective decision of the meeting. In other words: deliberate deceleration with no accountability. And that stands directly in the way of development and prosperity.

Let’s all remember that these cadre deployments don’t just have a financial cost, no deployed cadre has gone to jail for Life Esidimeni. To think that people that could not look after themselves starved due to inadequate care, and there are no persons in orange jumpsuits.

The ANC’s step aside policy is plainly wrong in its design, it should rather be…Move to Prosecute and Step into Jail

The ANC would rather have a 100% of Nothing than shand and contribute towards a modern growth uplifting economy to the benefit of all South Africans.

Sadly, it will require more severe pain for the general public before the average ANC voter wakes up and decides to hold their elect to account.

That was quick – within three and a half years the ANC made a decision.

Mr Zuma is still walking tall on the wrong side of jail.

Any party that has Fikile Mbulula in a senior position can never be taken seriously.

… and that Jessie Duarte is involved makes it even more laughable.

My view; it has little to do with wrong doing; more with power within the ANC regime. The Ramaphosa faction senses it can prise an advantage over the ACE/NDZ faction by manipulation of these suspensions. It has nothing to do with reducing corruption or improving efficiency; just shifting to another set of thieves; their turn at the trough.

Still not a single senior ANC politician has been sent to jail for the giant scale money-laundering and corruption that took part in South Africa since 1994. The ANC has shown a complete lack of conviction in dealing with the step aside rule. The ANC continues to subject teh good people of SA to criminals and thuggery. The ANC is a complete disgrace of a government!

“The ANC is a complete disgrace of a government!” Agree, but due to no feasible political alternative and not even a half hearted opposition what does this impart to South Africa? It must also be a disgrace of a nation. Every citizen should be hanging their heads in shame, 24/7.
At last we have something that is belonging to everyone of us – shame.
A rainbow without colour hidden by dark clouds. A totally hopeless and unworkable half-baked contrivance.

“Jessie Duarte, the ANC’s deputy secretary-general, is drafting letters to those whose membership is being revoked and they COULD be served on Tuesday and Wednesday,…”
There we have it …. COULD, not WILL. Yet another delay tactic, another obfuscation.
I suppose we’ll learn of yet another meeting to discuss “COULD”, and then another meeting to discuss these EESUES.
After another six months or more, after eight or so meetings, after counselling sessions, after working group reviews, after representations and appeals, it will be announced that the ANC has reached agreement with ACE & Co. and a compromise has been reached. Ace & Co remain in place but he is not allowed to use the fax machine at HQ.

End of comments.





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