ANC: Policy on central bank role has not changed

ANC emphasised it’s policy position on Sarb as set out by the Constitution.
ANC says the spat between its officials relating to the Sarb's mandate, had undermined investor confidence. Picture: Waldo Swiegers, Bloomberg

The African National Congress (ANC) said on Thursday that its policy on the role and independence of the central bank had not changed, following a public spat between senior party officials over the bank’s mandate.

Read: Top ANC officials clash over Sarb mandate

The ANC said in a statement that there had been a meeting of senior ANC officials on Thursday at the ANC’s headquarters in Johannesburg to discuss the country’s economic priorities.

“The Officials emphasised the policy positions of the ANC on the independence and role of the South African Reserve Bank as set out in the Constitution,” the statement read, adding that the spat between its officials had undermined investor confidence.

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Enraged ANC retracts retracted retraction, claiming the party was misquoted.

SA issues commemorative coins as USD:ZAR reaches New Down of 16.
The next set will commemorate $:R of 17.

Well markets are buying Ace’s version of the story @R15 to the USD.

ANC senior execs can say what they want but the fact that the lekgotla voted for money printing are actions which speak louder than any words.

Can Moody’s spare us the anxiety and snip the umbilical cord now please?

And so confusion reigns. I have spoken to a number of people in the small community where I live, (NC), today,about the economy in general and the ignorance is astounding. We are truly fuuked.

Absent-minded Ace Magashule accidentally throws ANC’s collective brain in washing machine with the Wednesday laundry – sources

Secretary-general cannot believe he forgot to take it out of his pocket

and now they will argue for months about the Reserve Bank and not worry about the economy

ANC blames Peter Bruce for economic meltdown, accusing him of using false propaganda to ensure ANC election win

Respected columnist exiled to Sunday Times broom closet after “unsavoury” fracas during screening of “The Lion King”

Painful to see these jokers kick the country around like some worthless ragdoll. It is way beyond my comprehension that something so pathetic can get 57% of the vote. It just cannot be.

Sure, we believe you. The ANC mostly lies but now we are to believe it? Not.

Truth is it hasn’t changed; problem is no one in the ANC “leadership” understands it or is even interested in understanding it. They have two goals. One; do anything, promise anything, to stay in power. Two, once in, loot, steal and thieve because you know nothing else. Repeat until coffers empty or you are about to get caught. Then resign on a fantastic pension. Thank you Mr Taxpayer; not likely.

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