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ANC sees land-expropriation clause this year

The amendment will contribute to the acceleration of land reform, Ramaphosa said.
Image: GCIS

South Africa’s ruling party expects parliament to approve an amendment to the constitution this year outlining the circumstances in which land may be expropriated without compensation, President Cyril Ramaphosa said.

The African National Congress adopted expropriation of land without compensation as a policy in 2017 to address racially skewed ownership patterns dating back to colonialism and white-minority rule. It’s seen by Ramaphosa’s foes within the party as a test of his resolve to push through decisions unpopular with the business community.

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The amendment will “contribute to the acceleration of land reform,” Ramaphosa said in a televised speech marking the 109th anniversary of the founding of the ANC. “The redistribution of land will be done in a manner that promotes economic growth and sustains food security.”

Constitutional amendments require the backing of two-thirds of lawmakers, a margin the ruling party lacks.

Ramaphosa reiterated that officials accused of corruption must step down, in line with another resolution taken by the party in 2017. His comments came after the party’s integrity body last month recommended that ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule — a key rival of the president — step aside or be suspended after being accused of crimes including fraud and money laundering.

Steps are being taken to strengthen the effectiveness of ANC Integrity Commission in dealing with party members who are accused of wrongdoing, Ramaphosa said.

“Members who fail to give an acceptable explanation or to voluntarily step down while they face disciplinary, investigative or prosecutorial procedures, will be summarily suspended,” he said.

In his speech, Ramaphosa also called for:

  • Intensified efforts to promote responsible behaviour to curb the spread of the coronavirus; he also urged a “rapid and efficient program to provide a vaccine” to South Africans;
  • The aggressive implementation of the government’s economic recovery plan, which seeks to mobilise investment, create jobs and accelerate industrialisation; and
  • Continued discussions on the viability of a basic income grant to provide a social safety net for the poor.
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Well let’s hope that the ANC hold to this promise “The redistribution of land will be done in a manner that promotes economic growth and sustains food security.” I have my doubts. As a back up, send about 60% of your money aboard into stocks and funds, while leaving some here in case the ANC follow through.


Send your money aboard some good ships…

I already send 60% of my money every month a broad, I mean to a broad. My wife doesn’t like that joke.

To a broad, or abroad?

Hopefully the latter…

Do they see the end of corruption this year? Cadre deployment? The unearthly grip of unions? Of their pathetic ideology? The vaccination of the whole populace? The end of the state of emergency? No. They see EWC.

I see looming collapse.

I recently met a Mega farmer who’s affiliated to an NGO. Apart from running his farms, he spends his own time visiting African countries as well as our own to educate and train

They assist emerging farmers as do many farmers in their respective communities

Sadly, this is never printed in the mass media. In fact i listened to a talk from a black gentleman who’s part of a marketing team for one of our major banks

He was astounded at what he saw was happening at grass roots level from local farmers to Agricultural Organizations standing by to share their expertise, and conversely shocked that this is not acknowledged by Government
The truth is the ANC knows this. It does however not suit their narrative, and we all know why!

I agree with some of the comments re taking funds off shore however, do not forget one thing:

Farmers in SA are resilient and farming is in their blood

I can assure you they do not take money out of the country. Let history show how generations of farmers have stood their “ground” and survived

Bring it on ANC..As a disorganized corrupt organization you are deceitful henceforth cannot carve a successful EWC into our society

We ,and i include emerging farmers, do not believe a word you say.. The likes of your SG and many others is indicative of who and what you are..The concern is the Elite will step it up and leave the spoils to the uniformed!

So unbelievably corrupt, so ANC!

If they are not taking money out of the country, more fool them. No Zimbawean farmer who took money out the country regretted that.

I can confirm your remarks. There is so much goodwil among commercial farmers, but the ANC dogma throws it right back in their face. The Tripartite Alliance and the EFF depend on the fals narrative of abusive and exploitative capitalist farmers.

In reality these farmers are practical examples of Ubuntu, whereas these socialist organisations represent exploitation and corruption.

We should judge political systems on what it delivers and not by what it promises.

We do help the new emerging farmers, but the point is that the ANC just wants white farmers off the land. Period, what happens next is of no concern to them.

The problem that the ANC never saw coming was that they have made the rural areas and farming as such so inhospitable and difficult.

very few rural towns today still have Banks, doctors, lawyers, chemists, hospitals or schools. The water and garbage systems are wrecked. No hotels, no general dealers except for the local CoOp.

So who wants to actually go back to the platteland or to move the family to Steynsburg or calvinia or any other small karro town.

Great little note Seve and rings true with what I see in farming communities where inclusivity and empathy is widespread, exactly the opposite of the ANC regime and EFF fascists want as the narrative; gladly provided by much of SA’s media . Except for one thing; plenty farmers are moving money out of SA; quite a few using money borrowed on their farms. Fewer and fewer see their children taking up farming; in SA anyway.

There are still white farmer in Zimbabwe.

90% – 10% for the wine and dinner at La Perla

So the governing party, which is struggling with rampant uncontrollable corruption, raping any form of economic growth, wants put an expropriation law into place which will lead to economic growth? “the wanting is better than the having”


Like dealing with corruption this will also just be another failure. This guy is just all talk and a bitter disappointment.

Nobody wants to hear a long story. First thing first. DEAL WITH CORRUPTION and lock the crooks up.

He cant because there will be no anc left.

If the quality of the transmission was anything to go by.. Well? Watched a few seconds and then got irritated. Cartoon network has similar programs but the quality is better.

Absolutely; EWC will be corruption.

How much of a safety net for the poor has the current social grant provided, other than life long dependence on the State?

Not even a point in Limine could save her!

I think, if all the farming land in sunny SA are handed over on a plate to ”our people” tomorrow, we will be starving by the following weekend.

We don’t have to look much further than the Speaker of the National Assembly Thandi Modise who appeared at the Potchefstroom regional court over alleged animal cruelty at a farm she owned in the North West – her farm was abandoned in 2014 for weeks – more than 50 pigs and 80 animals were found dead on the farm after being neglected, while other pigs had resorted to eating the carcasses of the dead animals.

The NSPCA had to euthanize 117 animals due to their dire condition.
It later emerged that workers were being starved on her farm too. A worker on a neighboring farm said that a Zimbabwean worker named “Nina” had asked him for mealie pap after she told him that she was not paid.

A neighboring employee also said that one of Modise’s workers had come to beg for maize porridge in June after being hired in May and not receiving his wages.

The Life Esidimeni massacre, the Marikana massacre and the deaths at Beitbridge are the results of ANC incompetence and criminal negligence. They treat their people like they treat their animals, with disdain. Respect for life is a hollow concept and has no meaning in collectivist systems.

In Zimbabwe, they have all the land, and just look what a giant success story that country is. It’s so successful, in fact, that millions of Zimbabweans feel embarrassed by their riches, and prefer to live in other countries, so as not to be overwhelmed by the prosperity.

If you think EWC will be implemented effectively where have you been for the past 26 years? The absolute need for land was the nail in Zimbabwe’s coffin and where ZUNA PF goes (and fails) the ANC is sure to follow.

Driving through tribal areas all you see is unplanned sprawl, environmental destruction and lack of basic services. Will this be the future of former agricultural land.

Rather focus on controlling the population explosion.

The irony is that expropriation itself will destory the economy and devalue both property and the currency even further.

As if the currency and property values in South Africa aren’t already at bargain basement prices relative to the first world.

Property price is always a good indicator of the desire to live in a place.

lol, this is getting very stale. take all. land without utilisation does not create income. so now you have a portion of land. and now?

The ANC are opening themselves to a tsunami of litigation with this EWC which they haven’t even considered yet.

So Mr President, I understand you have to make some sort of populist announcement to make up for the failures of a once ‘great terrorist organisation’, now turned democratic regime. I understand fully. Like how during the run-up to the first free and fair democratic election in 1994, your team promised the lady who runs my house and the guy who works in my garden that they would be getting a free house, car, stove and fridge if the anc won the election. Neither of them have a house of their own, a car and the lady’s fridge often doesn’t work because the electricity supply in the rented Zozo is unreliable. Your team was very absent in the areas they live since April last year.
So please explain how the confiscation of land/property in any form is going to assist them in the years to come. A piece of ground in an informal settlement where they provide their own corrugated iron sheets to start from scratch? Any title deed, water, sewage, roads? Maybe you should ask the smartly dressed lady involved in the recent spat with a community leader down in the Cape – she seems like the dullest knife in the drawers – despite her dress-code and hair-do.
And just as a point of interest, have you and your team discussed this with the banks, the insurance companies and I was going to ask about the metros/municipalities, but your team seem to have that all sown up and none of them really function – except to collect rates from those who still pay. Likewise the insurance companies – why would I insure something I don’t own anymore? And the banks? I can’t wait to tell my bank to get stuffed – its not my bond anymore.
Or am I missing something here? Is this just populist rhetoric to appease that little boy in the eff and to try and rescue your crooked team after 25 years of complete and utter failure? Please tell me so I can tell the guy who still gets paid for working in my garden although I do all the work, because we are too scared to let him travel in an overcrowded taxi because he suffers from repeated bouts of TB and other health problems and not been to his local clinic because it remains closed, and he still doesn’t have a house, car or fridge. I can’t repeat what the lady who works for us says about your team – but needless to say both of them will be voting for your team come election time. It must be brilliant to be on such a failed yet winning team. At least you all get to drive in fancy imported cars – like your organizer does – or did I get that wrong too? Cheers Boet on your team’s 109th or whatever – I’ll have a dop when I can buy one again….

Land expropriation will simply accelerate emigration of the tax paying base of this country.

While the economy shrinks, people lose jobs and businesses ,unemployment soars, SOEs fail, families starve, crime spirals and hundreds die daily from the Chinese virus the ANC focuses on EWC.

Surely this EWC can wait until we have vaccinations? Isn’t the role of government to protect its citizens rather than squabble about which ANC cadre gets the biggest backhander for vaccines.

From a humanitarian perspective the ANC must be one of the cruelest organizations that ever existed letting their electorate die while they score political points with EWC. Probably a fair reflection on its supporters though.

Clearing out corruption in the ANC is like having a circular firing squad.

The ANC have a standard list of promises it dusts off and howls out each year to re-read to fool the youth, the poor, the veterans and basically everyone in-between.

Never has the poor been so thoroughly stolen from as the ANC have done with the people of SA.

So once again we have a government hell bent on destroying another country in Africa – presumably this is the African way, redistribution has not worked anywhere in Africa so what makes the present government of RSA believe it will work here

You cannot talk of expropriation and mobilization of investment in the same breath. Any form of expropriation implies cut backs in investment. Its obvious that the ANC are now just trying appease masses with damaging populist policies.

“Ramaphosa reiterated that officials accused of corruption must step down, in line with another resolution taken by the party in 2017” –

We still waiting for ACE to Step Down, Cyril! … make it Snappy

Hopefully Covid will wipeout the ANC

On the positive side, fasting promotes anti-ageing growth hormones and boost the immune system.

The ANC at it again fearing the loss of voters.

Yes, feed the voting mushrooms shyte..

…and keep ’em in the dark!

There is an election coming and before every election the ANC plays around with land, white racism and sports quota issues.

Nothing happens and after the election the ANC wants public / private partnerships again.

The ANC simply stole the EFF’s only policy, the land policy, and is pre-empting the EFF.

My take is nothing much will happen to land.

End of comments.





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