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ANC was preparing to fire Zuma this week, Mashatile says

Ruling party’s treasurer-general says president was refusing to resign.

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC) had been preparing to fire Jacob Zuma as head of state this week, according to leaked comments from a top party official, but a negotiated exit now looks more likely.

The ANC had scheduled a meeting on Wednesday evening of its National Executive Committee (NEC), which has the authority to fire Zuma, but cancelled it late on Tuesday after “constructive” talks between new ANC leader Cyril Ramaphosa and Zuma.

Ramaphosa said on Wednesday he was holding direct talks with Zuma over a transition of power and he hoped to conclude their discussions “in coming days.”

But leaked comments from senior ANC official Paul Mashatile suggested that at the weekend Zuma was digging in. Mashatile was part of a group of the ANC’s top six most powerful officials who met Zuma late on Sunday at his official residence in Pretoria in a bid to convince him to resign. 

“Zuma basically said to us: ‘I’m not going anywhere. I’m not convinced by you guys so I’m not going to resign,” Mashatile told investors at a mining conference in Cape Town on Tuesday. His comments emerged in a recording leaked to several domestic media outlets late on Wednesday.

“Our view is that if the president doesn’t want to resign, for whatever reason, we have a party to run that is going to be very soon in the election campaign,” Mashatile said. “We want to ensure that we are not involved in motions of no-confidence, or impeachment that will affect our party.”

Mashatile was not immediately available for comment and an ANC spokesman did not respond to a request for comment.

South Africa holds elections next year and ANC leaders worry Zuma’s tenure, which has included corruption scandals and an economic slowdown, could help it lose a majority it has held since the end of apartheid in 1994.

Zuma took power in 2009 but has been in a weakened position since Ramaphosa replaced him as ANC leader in December.

Zuma has survived several no-confidence votes in parliament but faces another on February 22 filed by the far-left opposition party Economic Freedom Fighters.

ANC officials say they want Zuma to resign rather than be forced out by a vote of the ANC’s executive committee, or a parliamentary no-confidence vote, either of which could expose divisions in the party. 


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This looks like it could become like the Brian Molefe (ex Eskom CEO) saga:
Like Mr Molefe, Pres Zuma will have a lot of options: he can choose retirement, or perhaps be suspended with pay, or maybe fired, or perhaps placed on special leave?

Maternity Leave appears like the best exist strategy here.

He should be placed on medical leave for a serious case of long fingers.

Good one “MC” 🙂

After a tedious operation, JZ awakens in hosital:

“Eish, why are my hands covered in (white!*lol*) bandages?”

Doctor’s response:

“Unfortunately, we had no other choice but to AMPUTATE ALL your fingers. The spread of ‘long fingers’ cANCer could not be stopped in time.”


For heavens sake Cyril!! You say you dont want to embarrass Zuma, but he is embarrassing YOU and the rest of the country!!??? Set wheels in motion to recall him ASAP and maybe that will show that you are a leader!? Unfortunately, you are a lame duck and dragging the whole country down….shame on you!??

It is surely all about immunity from prosecution, which must not be granted.

You could almost count the votes per day that the ANC will shed (they have already shed most urban votes) by keeping Zuma in power.

It could be up to 100 000 per day.

Get rid of plaque leader. Once he is gone, the rest of the rot can be removed fairly easily and confidence in our country restored. The longer that Cyril delays this, the faster his credibility is dwindling.

How can Cyril keep delaying the removal process of a leader that dragged the country to sub-investment rate, reduced jobs, reduced the quality of education & health, replaced competent with incompetent leaders, appointed leaders that are nothing more than thieves, etc. After all of this he still dares to ask his leaders “What have I done wrong?” Clearly he does not accept responsibility and after so many years he has not realise that he is ultimately responsible for this.

@ March Hare & AP. (Only if it was as easy as this….CR can’t just “go forth and klap” JZ in front of everyone on stage 😉

As evident with last Dec’s ANC Conference, almost half the ANC supporters were behind JZ. At the time, the ANC was facing a perilous split, and CR managed to unite (to a degree at least) the two ANC camps. Now the ANC support generally seem to be on the mend nationally.

The last thing CR want to do (I recon) is to give JZ a snotklap. It will infuriate/upset the (still strong) JZ followers, and cause again a rift in ANC, and they will end up back to square one prior the December conference with a much divided party.

(….not that the ANC is that solidly united…anything but…but CR certainly not going to humiliate JZ, and in turn causes damage to the party that he’s trying to mend).

Just my 2c..

Yes, I agree that he does not have all ANC behind him, but this makes him weak and the chances of a split in the ANC still remains strong. Zuma needs to be convinced to resign, and even if/when he resigns, the chances of a split in the ANC is still strong. So he needs to show forceful, strong leadership NOW!??

I know this is not relevant, but what happened to “Robert in Sydney”? His yapping and opinions have disappeared.

911, you are right about RobertinSydney. He is quite and somehow I think we all miss his comments, which provided some entertainment.

Maybe he was banned by Moneyweb!

Robert, where are you?

Maybe Robert was run over by a herd of sheep in Sydney?

Just a thought.

Very risky for Cyril to allow the ANC MPs to vote with the opposition in no-confidence debate. I dont think Cyril wants that as then the opposition will be dictating ‘ANC matters’. The ANC want to show their electorate and rest of world that THEY are the decision-makers

If Zuma is stalling to give his associates time to finish their looting, or to entrench themselves, Cyril is going to look weak and foolish. There is a reason that revolutions are brutal…the old guard tends to hang around, and sabotage the new regime.

Zuma outmanoeuvred clever Mbeki. Is he trying the same tricks with Cyril?

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