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Authorities raid Gupta compound in Johannesburg

This forms part of the NPA’s investigation into allegations of theft, fraud and money laundering against the Guptas.

Police on Monday raided the compound of former president Jacob Zuma’s allies the Guptas, who were accused two years ago in a report by a corruption watchdog of using their influence to gain control of state companies and contracts.

The National Prosecuting Authority’s (NPA) spokesman Luvuyo Mfaku said the raid was part of an investigation into theft, fraud and money laundering at a state-backed dairy project in the Free State province meant to benefit the local community.

The Gupta brothers have denied any wrongdoing in a scandal that contributed to Zuma’s fall as president and the election by parliament in February of President Cyril Ramaphosa on a platform of reviving the economy and cracking down on government corruption.

As part of the investigation into the dairy, prosecutors have obtained a court order freezing R220 million in bank accounts and assets of several individuals and entities implicated pending a criminal trial.

Mfaku said the probe was meant to address “corruption in the private sector and ensuring the recovery of government losses”.

In the court papers filed in Free State province, Atul Gupta denied receiving R10 million as alleged by prosecutors and said he was outside South Africa.

The whereabouts of the Gupta brothers is not publicly known. Ajay Gupta was declared a “fugitive from justice” and left South Africa for Dubai in February.

The Gupta family lawyer, Mr Gert van der Merwe, was not reachable for comment, with his office saying he was abroad. The Gupta family spokesman could also not be reached.

The Guptas have also denied any wrongdoing after being accused by the public anti-graft watchdog of using their friendship with Zuma to influence policy and amass wealth. Zuma has also denied any wrongdoing. 

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So, the last time they raided Saxonwold, what did they do? Just left a note saying: ‘move this crap, else we will use it as evidence, if we find it lying around when we come back again in April?’ Or did they just think by not seizing the evidence there and then, they’d find it ‘just lying around’?

And what about that judge that allowed for funds (that were clearly gotten from a dubious company, set up for no other reason than to receive those funds from an entity (or project) of the State (Vrede Dairy Farm) that was pillaged)? You have to ask yourself, ‘how are these people doing this?’ and ‘who is training our law enforcement people and agencies?’ I mean they fail at basic math of investigating stuff.

Look at just how the Gupta’s and Duduzane got away…by seemingly receiving insider tip off, and or by NPA Head ‘holding-off’ decision making until he knew the people were outside the country before authorizing action. Even then, no one is investigating him for this profound oversight. To book our Consulate in Dubai, let alone anywhere else was no informed! Which is why a Gupta reportedly goes in there and walks out a free man. In what is our ‘overseas sovereign territory’ where he could have been arrested and shipped along with vital cargo back to face the music in Pretoria (Euphemism for our country)!

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