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Authorities seize R252.5m in Gupta assets

Raids follow High Court order against those involved in questionable dealings related to Gupta-linked Estina.
South Africa’s Asset Forfeiture Unit seized properties, cars and aircraft linked to the politically connected Gupta family worth more than R250 million ($21 million), according to the National Prosecuting Authority.

The assets included luxury cars, farms, residences, a helicopter and two other aircraft, the NPA said in an emailed statement.

The Monday raids came after the High Court in Bloemfontein in the Free State province granted an order against people and companies associated with suspected theft, fraud and money laundering related to Gupta-linked company Estina.

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The case is about a state-owned farm that was leased to Estina under a free 99-year contract in 2012. The regional government agreed to help develop it, but earlier this year prosecutors said most of the R220 million in public funds transferred to the company ended up in the hands of the Gupta family.

In February, former Oakbay Resources and Energy  CEO Varun Gupta, former Oakbay Investments CEO Nazeem Howa, acting Oakbay Investments CEO Ronica Ragavan, and Ashu Chawla, the CEO of the Gupta family’s Sahara Computers, were among eight who were arrested on graft charges related to the farm and later granted bail.

Howa’s house in Johannesburg’s Greenside suburb and five of his cars were among the assets identified for seizure, according to court documents provided by the NPA. Eleven properties linked to Ragavan were also on the list along with company-registered cars that included brands such as Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Land Rover, Lexus and Lamborghini.

The Gupta family, who have fled South Africa, have been accused of using a friendship with former President Jacob Zuma to win state contracts and influence government appointments. Zuma and the Guptas deny wrongdoing.

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What about the Nkandla compound?

The problem with Nkandla is it was so poorly built, no one would be willing to buy it, so it is worthless….

It’s a start I suppose.
Now go after the mines and the offshore cash.

I’d like to know which Sheikh those curry munching rogues have got in their pocket now. If a man gets arrested for simply filming a Gupta what chance is there of ever getting their heads on a chopping block?

A start. But this is but a pittance of the total amount they stole and/or embezzled.

Does not seem as if South Africa has an extradition agreement with Dubai?

Some South Africans look very comfortable in Dubai?

Is the South African Tax payer money not in Dubai?

The three musketeers certainly do have sway. Be careful you next take a picture in Dubai, you may get arrested.

Guptas owe my business more than R3million…

How do I recover my money?

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