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Beware of ‘scavengers’ in power sector – Mantashe

Minister cryptically warns of people who want to ‘make quick money’.
Gwede Mantashe denies wrongdoing in powership controversy. Image: GCIS

Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe broke from his prepared departmental budget speech to cryptically address issues in the country’s plans to use liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a power source to supplement its energy needs.

The plan to use powerships fuelled by LNG has attracted controversy, as there are accusations that the bidding process for the Risk Mitigation Independent Power Producer Procurement Programme has been repeatedly adjusted to favour the bid of Turkish-based Karpowership.

Beware scavengers

In his speech, Mantashe did not directly address the issue. Instead, he spoke broadly about how, if the LNG programme was not managed right, it would fall victim to those who “just want to make quick money”.

“It must be planned properly. Implemented properly. And not allow scavengers to fill that space.”

He did not elaborate on who these “scavengers” are. 

Mantashe has previously denied any wrongdoing in the shortlisting of Karpowership, which has been earmarked to supply 60% of the 1 800 megawatts (MW) of power to be bought through the programme.

Mantashe was indirectly implicated in the manipulation of the bidding process when a losing bidder, DNG Power Holdings founder and CEO Aldworth Mbalati, accused his wife in court papers of being involved in Karpowership SA.

Mantashe has denied any wrongdoing on the part of himself and his wife and said the manner will be dealt with in court.

Big money

Though the allegations made by Mbalati still have to be dealt with, Mantashe outlined the next step in the process following the shortlisting of the bidders in the programme.

“An environmental impact assessment study has been undertaken for three gas-to-power plants of 1 000MW each to enable gas-to-power projects in special economic zones.”

Mantashe added that an estimated total capital investment for 15 LNG projects currently under construction was R8.9 billion. 

“From these projects, at least four of them with a value of approximately R6.3 billion are expected to be completed by the end of 2021.”

Carbon neutralish

Aside from LNG, he also addressed the tensions of SA’s commitment to low carbon emissions while still looking to exploit two large offshore gas finds, as well as the prospective gas finds in the Karoo.

Mantashe said though its commitment to a low carbon future is “unwavering”, it should be seen in the context of SA being a developing country that is making a “transition” to reducing its need for carbon.


The government’s relaxing of regulations to allow some business to provide their own electricity has got some traction. 

Power regulator Nersa has so far registered 200 projects under 1MW totalling 94MW and licensed five projects above one megawatt. 

“We have also noted with delight that the mining industry is also taking steps towards self-generation which is in support of our initiatives, to this extent Gold Fields will soon commence with construction of its licensed 40MW.”

Aside from these power projects, there are several other ones coming online in the next few months; like the remaining 1 000MW coming from bid window four of the Independent Power Producers (IPP) programme by the end of December.

“We have approved eight preferred bidders with three recommended for appointment subject to them meeting specific value for money conditions. This initiative will deliver a total of 1 995MW of power into the grid within the next 12 to 18 months.” 

On the mining front, Mantashe said as of March 2021, the department has set a six-month deadline to put in place a “new modern system” to provide “reliable and precise information on [the] location of exploration and mining rights” which will be “transparent and easily accessible to investors and the public”.




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Says the scavenger

The scavenger-in-chief is warning all other scavengers to beware of yet more wannabe scavengers.

Don’t want competition?

*Highly pregnant scavenger

Sometimes you need thief to catch a thief

Beware of the Pot Calling the Kettle Black (excuse the pun)!

Speaks like the devil him self. Take your gravy train power ships somewhere else.

Name 1 thing this guy has accomplished??????????? And then there’s this
“Mantashe was indirectly implicated in the manipulation of the bidding process when a losing bidder, DNG Power Holdings founder and CEO Aldworth Mbalati, accused his wife in court papers of being involved in Karpowership SA.”

Name 1 thing this guy has accomplished???????????

Blocking new power stations from being built?

Name 1 thing this guy has accomplished???????????

He likely succeeded in filling the toilet bowl to the rim this morning….

?? If it is possible to have four LNG projects to value R6b completed by end of 2021 why are we even talking about powerships?

The scavenger attitude is enabled by the fascist political environment where the state is the only source of all plans, projects, contracts and benefits. The fascist state supports their own pet projects with control over economic activity and unlimited access to taxpayer funds. The Zondo Commission proves the identity of the real scavengers. They are ANC looters dressed as public officials. The scavengers are encouraged and supported by the state because Luthuli House is the scavenger zoo.

The central planning political policy creates a feeding frenzy for the politically connected sharks and hyenas in society. The Mining Charter aims to provide a constant source of easy prey for the ANC politicians. With the Mining Charter, labour laws, employment equity laws, BEE requirements and cadre deployment, they centralize control of the resources and the economy in the hands of the most incompetent and criminal members of society who sit in Luthuli House.

The political system, with the resulting control over economic activity, creates a permanent structure to protect and feed the mangy ANC scavengers. Under the guise of central planning, the socialist ANC officials have built a cozy sanctuary for themselves where they constantly gorge themselves on the carcasses of the ignorant voters who are unemployed and the poor.

And now Sasol have joined the fray by selling the Moz pipeline business ( for R4b + promise if R1b) to BBEE ANC connections who in turn will sell 20% of same to the SOE for a much higher price than they paid. All this on tax payers money… scavengers indeed!

I’d like to take him by his VI Lenin beard and drop into the swimming pool at Keoberg, the nice warm one

So says the king of the hyaena’s himself !!

A complete lack of self-awareness is a hallmark of every ANC crook. This one lacks it in spades.

Mantashe’s wife has a R600 million contract to provide food at Kusile?

Sixty five members of the Cabinet voted for the Karpowerships contract, including pres. CR, Mboweni, Gordhan and Mantashe – this is the quality of the decision making?

Hey but they all fighting fraud and corruption don’t forget.

Fighting to be the best at it!

That would be illegal in terms of section 8 of the Public Service Administration Act and probably a host of procurement regulations? Why no big stink?

The wolf in wolf’s clothing.


So many to be careful of.

Don’t trust him or most of them. However for now he is standing with the President against Ace, Jocob and that group that want to take us further into a deep hole. Yet there are a lot of positives for now so no Orange Overalls for him yet.


The Jury is still out on this whole Carbon thing. Things just do not add up.
How much CO2 is there in a Volcanic eruption?
Isn’t LNG also a fossil fuel?
Take away CO2 and then what do plants live on?
Are EV’s and Wind Turbines that Eco friendly? I can see that Wind Turbines have major issues with their leading edges, migrating birds do suffer where these are in their migratory paths.
What is being done wrt the 5Y life of many of the EV batteries? How recyclable are they? What is the risk of environmental contamination in an accident?
Why did Texas run out of power during a cold spell?

Many questions – few proper answers.

Every single comment above comes from a South African tax payer….the very people who are funding this scavenging behavior. Without funds there would be no scavenging. So perhaps cutting off the funding will provide the solution? Is this the right time for a tax revolt? Is the Tax payer brave enough to say “ enough is enough”. Or are we waiting for the moment when it’s too far gone? Interesting dilemma for the weary minority in this country. How much longer do we have to pay for supporting apartheid, how much more economic abuse does one have to take? And when will this looting stop?

Are you brave enough, Mactheknife,to say “enough is enough” and actually start the tax revolt? Or are you going to wait for somebody else to start it? No good suggesting doing something if you don’t take the initiative and start the ball rolling.

End of comments.





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