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Black-owned land not exempt from expropriation – Cronin

The deputy minister of Public Works suggests the focus should shift from the compensation aspect of expropriating land.
Cronin has been vocal about ANC’s spectacular land reform failures since 1994. Picture: Supplied

South Africa’s plan to expropriate land in order to reverse the skewed racial patterns of land ownership and accelerate the serially delayed land reform process would target property that belongs to black and white citizens.

This is the view of Deputy Public Works Minister Jeremy Cronin, who said that “no one is exempt from expropriation”.

“Black people are getting expropriated not just by the Ingonyama Trust but also by the government. We are expropriating land in the public interest to build dams or put transmission cables on land. So we cannot say black land won’t be expropriated,” said Cronin on Wednesday at the Property Sector Charter Council Meeting in Johannesburg.

The Ingonyama Trust is a special vehicle which administers about 2.8 million hectares of land in KwaZulu-Natal on behalf of black South Africans, represented by Zulu monarch Goodwill Zwelithini.

Listen to the podcast: The land debate: Understanding the Ingonyama Trust

Cronin’s views are in stark contrast to those held by his colleagues – notably Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Zweli Mkhize. He reportedly said property that is black-owned or controlled by traditional leaders won’t be targeted under SA’s controversial plan to expropriate land without compensation.

In recent weeks, Mkhize and other government officials have been on a charm offensive with traditional leaders, saying the state won’t act on a recommendation to repeal/amend the Ingonyama Trust Act or dissolve the trust itself. The recommendation was made in 2017 by a high-level panel led by former president Kgalema Motlanthe.

South Africa is weighing up the merits of amending Section 25 of the Constitution – also known as the property clause – to expropriate land without compensation.

After MPs voted in favour of a motion to begin a process to amend Section 25, the matter was sent to the Constitutional Review Committee, which will review whether it is necessary to amend the Constitution.

Public submissions to the committee closed on June 15. The committee has to report back to Parliament on its findings by September 28.

Cronin has been vocal about ANC’s land reform failures since 1994, as he recently described SA’s pace and quality of land reform as “pathetic”.

He is also against expropriation without compensation and the amendment of the property clause, as the Constitution already provides “effective mechanisms to achieve land reform”. “Black people do get expropriated. When they are expropriated there must be just and equitable compensation and that is absolutely important.”

Expropriation without compensation should happen in circumstances where land or property is abandoned or is already owned by the state.

Title deeds

Cronin has recommended that the government should accelerate the release of title deeds and land redistribution to salvage land reform. The focus should be on increasing security of tenure; in other words, the government must fast-track the release of title deeds, he said. “Millions of South Africans have insecure tenure. Something like 60% of South Africans do not have title deeds.”

Read: Title deed backlog still plagues SA

Although the government has provided 3.8 million housing opportunities from 1994 through the Reconstruction and Development Programme – known as the RDP programme – many people don’t have title deeds for the homes they live in. “Land reform is about giving land to the poor, homeless and those without the security of tenure. Land reform and transformation is for black people but it’s particularly for poor black people, homeless black people and the insecure. That needs to be the big focus of land reform,” he said.




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Cronin is correct in his interpretation of Section 25 of the Constitution. It makes fair provision for EWC and there is no need to change the Constitution to effectively redistribute unused land to those that need it. And, as this country is non racial – this means land from black and white owners based on the criteria set out in .section 25.

In my opinion, two things will result in a taxpayers revolt in this country…
1) Any changes to the Constitution for any reason whatsoever
2) Nationalisation of SARB

These two issues are the barometer against which our political and economic future is being judged. And surprisingly more important as to weather or not the Zuptas land in jail. Mess with either of these and wave goodbye to any realistic future for .South Africa. As I said…in my opinion.

Is white and black defined in any piece of legislation?

Land held by people of European descent, as quoted from a previous article on this matter. So yes, it is defined.

Weather that holds tru, is reliant on whether the constitutional changes can be trusted.

How right you are however, why bother to stick to the constitution? The constitution has been violated before and nothing happened to those that violated it.

yes…with each murder,hijacking,cith…etc the constitution are grossly violated without ANY consequence.

‘’When you are down and out, something always turns up – and it is usually the noses of your friends’’
Orson Welles (1915-1985)

Methinks the ANC Government knows that they are staring down the barrel as foreign investors got spoofed and are repatriating their funds, by the dozen!
Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini called the ANC and EFF bluff and challenged them. ‘’All of a Sardine’’, the Zulu land was excluded from the restitution without compensation, despite the fact that the Zulu King is also subject to the Constitution!
The ANC is busy alienating itself as methinks they are getting isolated from the international political and financial markets due to four very controversial political issues nl:
• Land expropriation without compensation
• Eskom’s financial trouble and the drain on the national fiscus.
• The Mining Charter that will only scare away foreign investors
• The National Health care, where the big fear is that our world class private medical services will be sacrificed, as foreign companies believe that good healthcare is one of the top requirements when deciding where to locate. Big international companies emphasise that if the private health care system in sunny SA is destroyed, existing companies will withdraw, and no new companies will locate here. They are also convinced that SA will suffer a massive brain drain of medical personnel and other skilled South Africans.
…….whether you like it or not CR, it’s going to happen!

You forgot the labour laws, another major foreign fixed investment block.
Seriously unstable politics is another.

He is not really saying anything significant.
Expropriation for roads or power lines or such is NOT the expropriation that is being contemplated.
What is being planned is to “legalise” grand theft of all land that the ANC covets. So the trust lands are off the table as our devious president told the Zulu king.
It is not the expropriation part that makes people nervous it is the “without compensation” part.

Exactly….thought expropriation was meant to distribute from white to black??

Cronin,you are contradicting your president????

Jeremy Crony’s sophistry and obfuscation in conflating “normal” expropriations in the public interest with the EWC that has become politicised shows the contempt the ANC holds for the voters, the truth and the good of the country.

Are there no depths this vile parasitic sycophant won’t stoop to?

End of comments.





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