Booze ban back after lockdown rules go unheeded

President Ramaphosa is concerned that South Africans are downplaying the severity of the virus.
President Cyril Ramaphosa. Image: Jerome Delay/AFP via Getty Images

President Cyril Ramaphosa read the riot act to those flouting rules aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus, as he reinstated a ban on liquor sales to reduce alcohol-related hospital admissions.

Many South Africans are failing to wear face masks in crowded spaces, attending large public gatherings and having “drinking sprees,” in violation of government regulations, Ramaphosa said Sunday in a televised address. The behaviours are examples of “recklessness” at a time when the number of virus cases is nearing a peak, he said.

“It is concerning that many are downplaying the seriousness of this virus,” Ramaphosa said. “We are in the midst of a deadly pandemic and we must act accordingly. We must all be responsible. The truth is we are not helpless in the face of this storm.”

Coronavirus infections in South Africa have surged since lockdown restrictions were eased last month to allow millions of people to return to work, with 276 242 cases and 4 079 deaths confirmed by Sunday, a quarter of them in the past week. The government expects the disease to peak by the end of September and intensive-care units in all nine provinces to run out of beds.

Watch the President’s speech: LIVE ARCHIVE: Booze ban back, curfew and tighter regulations in place

The blanket ban on alcohol sales is intended to reduce trauma cases and ease pressure on hospitals. A curfew will be re-imposed from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. and the wearing of face masks will be strictly enforced.

Personnel shortage

Hospitals in some provinces hardest hit by the pandemic are already under tremendous pressure, and the country faces a shortage of more than 12 000 heath-care personnel, Ramaphosa said.

“We have heard of instances where people who are infected have been turned away from health facilities due to a lack of beds or essential supplies,” he said. “This is deeply worrying. It means we have to move with even greater urgency to strengthen our strategy to manage the peak of infections.”

South Africa’s first coronavirus case was reported on March 5 and the country went into lockdown 22 days later, with only essential services allowed to keep operating. While the rules were eased on May 1 to allow some industries to reopen, people were ordered to remain home at night.

The curfew was abolished on June 1 and sales of alcohol for home consumption were allowed to resume four days a week. The easing, which also saw millions more people return to work, coincided with a surge in alcohol-related crime and traffic accidents.

While the cabinet considered moving all or part of the country back to a higher virus alert level and shutting some industries, it decided not to after being advised that the measure wouldn’t necessarily reduce transmission rates and would come at a high economic and social cost, Ramaphosa said.

Speech highlights:

  • South Africa’s case fatality rate of 1.5% is among the world’s lowest, with more than 134,000 in the country having recovered from the disease.
  • Antibody testing will be introduced in order to estimate the prevalence of the virus.
  • A national state of disaster will be extended until August 15.
  • Bans on family visits and social gatherings will be retained.
  • Parks will be allowed to reopen for exercise, while all auctions will be allowed to resume.
  • Taxis can be filled to 100% of capacity for short trips and 70% for long trips.

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Don’t worry about the voting fodder, they cost us grant money , but keep the taxpayers going , they pay our salaries…

Its funny how they also placed a curfew on the supply of electricity…..

Banning alcohol speaks to the inability of government to deal with issues at their core.
1. If alcohol related issues are resulting in trauma that occupies hospitalisation, this must also have happened before Covid19. It is clear government always ignored the issue rather than deal with it at the time. The (mostly) obedient public is paying for this, as always.
2. if they knew that beds would be the real issue, why was the 5 week hard lockdown not used to secure even more beds? IThe lockdown cost our economy dearly, much more than the cost of beds (which in turn cost less than the time and money spent coming up with silly rules). Of course, this is again affecting (mostly) obedient citizens.
3. For long there were more Covid19 cases in the Western Cape than elsewhere, but we were allowed alcohol. My understanding is that in the Western Cape, more people are now leaving hospitals than entering them. Since government allowed for different levels of lockdown in different provinces, why not use these? By applying a blanket rule they are again punishing the (mostly) obedient man on the street. Otherwise, why allow for different lockdown levels in the first place? Where’s the logic?
4. Worst of all, it’s the general, (mostly) law abiding public that will have to pay for this incompetence and draconic madness in taxes. But then again, only in South Africa will the masses continue to vote for the very party that are the worst for them in the long run.

Dololo logic in Africa.

We now have a destroyed economy and some of the worse Covid-19 figures in the world.

This means the ANC failed big time. Either the regulations are “disingenuous” or “the people” have been alienated by their actions. Like a stupid cigarette ban, police brutality, rampant theft and corruption etc. etc.

Maybe all opposition parties need to form a coalition “RIGHT NOW” and get elections moved forward to test the ANC’s mandate.

If just the 11 million smokers vote they will loose having mustered just over 10 million votes in the last election. Imagine the 18 million people that did not vote previously can be convinced to vote? I think they have.


The last coalition between the DA and EFF was a disaster for the DA. If we are lucky there will be a coalition between the DA and the ANC after the next election.

To be seen to do something – at least it will detract a bit for their failure to provide healthcare !!! But ja – Cram full the taxi’s

…Ramaphosa has found dick when banning the booze ….but mot when it comes to really serious decisions like SAA, Eskom, Bloated civil servants, corrupt ANC mec’s

No, he was put in his place by the prohibitionists. Hid position is even weaker than we thought.

seems like the taxi industry gets what it wants. One can understand the economic reality of not allowing full taxis but surely there must be some solution. The ANC is supposedly very left wing politically and happily want to nationalize businesses and keep control of other loss making industries like SAA and Eskom, why not nationalize the taxi industry, it’s the biggest form of public transport may as well join the other loss makers. Oh sorry I forgot it’s in the hands of the local mafia who seem a very powerful group!!

also not one mention about the scourge of load shedding, an apology would have been in order there, after all it is a state owned enterprise,

A bunch of on the job trainee’s taking the country DOWN!!!!!! Your #i’mstaying ISN’T WORKING!! This is what happens in Socialist countries!!!

#i’mstaying is for those too poor to move, or too delusional (possibly both) – I’m liking the #i’mgettingthefoffthetitanic !!!

I am looking forward forward to a booze free south Africa,thanks goodness I haven’t touched that stuff since February, I doubt if I ever will again.I have asked myself “what’s the fuss about?”… I can’t defend alcohol as though it is a fundamental human right. I think South Africans, blacks in particular, can use this money for something more fulfilling.

We are being treated like children and I see us behaving like children- seeing how the regulations can be flaunted.

Opening the parks is a joke. They have been “open” long ago.

Now we need to tell off the ANC. Why loadshedding- incompetent power station managers. Arrest state capture criminals- cannot because they are out friends. Stop CV 19 relief stealing – can’t as we must make opportunity out of crisis.

How dare Cyril tell us off when the ANC accountably is in negative territory for matters far worse than the party goers.

We should issue issue regulations to government and politians – steal you go to jail immediately; fire power station managers where a preventative “trip” at the station; lock up known criminals immediately; provide transparency for regulations or they will be deemed to be void; contradict the President and exit cabinet. The list could go on and on.

People in glass houses should not throw stones.

And the winners this time round – The Taxi owners and drivers.
They must be proud to be able to manipulate the cANCer party the way they do. Next, they will want seats in parliament.

This is what it looks like when the ringmaster lets the clowns run the circus.

The government is going to decide who gets antibody tests. Why? It is a cheap fast non-invasive test that should be immediately rolled out to millions so that science can determine regulations. Perhaps it does not suit the Central Command to shine a light.

So now the nation adjusts to smuggling alcohol and not just tobacco, and paying more. The ex-workers at bars, wine farms, breweries, hotels and restaurants are not going to adjust as easily.

For the next election, opposition parties only need to remind smokers and drinkers and the unemployed!

This is how “accountability lies with the collective” for collectivist societies. We find it incomprehensible and close to insanity, for a government to punish an entire group because some individuals cannot control their behaviour. We should realise, however, that our thought-processes work differently from that of the collectivist.

Collectivism gives priority to the group over the individual, while individualism prioritizes the right of the individual over the group. The ban on alcohol, and specifically the motivation behind it, describes the chasm between the mindsets of the individualist free-market capitalist on the one and, and the collectivist on the other. They ban the use of alcohol for the entire group, even though 90% of users are more sophisticated individuals who use alcohol moderately, to prevent the unsophisticated hooligans, who abuse alcohol as part of their culture of violence, from clogging up the health-care system over weekends.

An individualist would conclude that the perpetrator, the hooligan who gets violent when he drinks, should bear the consequences of his actions. He should be held accountable. He should wait until there are beds available for him while covid patients who did not elect to be infected, should enjoy preferential treatment.

The government blocks liquor stores for peaceful law-abiding citizens, to prevent some drunk violent criminals from blocking the hospitals. This is the logic of the collectivist. They approach economic and financial matters with a similar mindset. That is why collectivism leads to unemployment, inequality, the destruction of the economy, the implosion of the social grant and famine. The fact that we have the deadly combination of highest inequality, the highest unemployment, a dangerously high budget deficit and Debt/GDP proves that the ANC is collectivist.

The collectivist mindset enables irresponsible and unaccountable behaviour patterns, that lead to the destruction of the economy. They punish virtue and reward vice. They treat the looters with impunity while they punish the taxpayers. They protect the corrupt politician while they exploit the prudent saver.

That is why the interest of the collective is protected against the interest of an individual

The reality proves you wrong. The group is not protected from the influence of the individual in a collectivist society. The opposite is true. The collectivist system allows the most unscrupulous individuals in that group to exploit that group at the maximal rate because he can keep the profits to himself while the costs of his plunder is distributed among the collective. The contemporary political-economic situation in SA proves this point.

When the rand trades at R30 to the dollar, you will see more evidence of the destructive force of collectivism.

LG -you obviously cannot see the wood for the trees. Like most of the ANC and Zim voters.

Banning alcohol takes attention away from VBS and Estina.

1 000 000 jobs and salaries on hold because the government cannot address the issue of alcohol-related crime and issues.

Also due to load shedding last night, how many people actually got the message – “With Immediate Effect”

For the first time in a very long time I actually support a decision of the ANC. It is little wonder that infection rates are increasing exponentially. There is very poor general discipline around the wearing of masks. Either they are worn as some type of adornment around the neck or only covering the mouth and not the nose. As if the nose is not part of the human breathing apparatus.
There needs to be much stronger enforcement. This practice is a clear signal that the person has no regard whatsoever for the security or well-being of fellow citizens and these culprits should be given no leeway. If the ban on alcohol sales helps to improve mask wearing discipline and at the same time reduces pressure on vitally needed hospital ICU beds, then so be it.

The death rate from Covid in RSA is 1.48%. The economy will be 100% dead. And you applaud the idiots in charge? Really?

4080/60000000×100=0.0068. Only 10000 deaths to go before it’s as bad as a normal flu year.

Allows the Taxi Industry to carry on with business, without paying tax.
Cracks down on the rest of society.
The ANC is the true enemy of the people.

After retirement my wife and I settled in a nice coastal town, because we enjoy walks on the beach. In our town there is even a very nice walkway along the beach, so when lockdown was lifted a bit, we were eager to go for our walk. Now we do not walk there anymore. We are in the vulnerable group and a large number of other walkers just do not wear their masks. If you dare remind them of it, you are the subject of sneers and nasty remarks. Now we walk in the smaller streets, where we find a lot of other people wearing their masks, who also do not want to go down to the beach anymore.
I do not think the ANC has a plan with this crisis, not for the virus and not for the economy, but I agree with the president that this reckless attitude of people is really not helping to solve the problem. As for the booze ban, alcohol abuse and the consequential reckless behaviour, was allowed for too long to change it overnight, so to ban booze sales is probably the only way to reduce the flow of alcohol related patients to the hospitals, however bad it is for the industry.

I still want to know what the average age is of the people dying of the virus in SA.

In a number of countries it is 80 to 84 years. If that is the case here, look after the old people and let the rest work again.

The average is meaningless in this case. The MODE is the age 60 to 69 years.

They want to tell me what and when I can smoke and drink, while they can’t even keep the lights on, or balance a budget. I used to have some hope. Not any more.

And so the illegal black market is booming again. They will NEVER have the hospitals ready. Asked for lockdown to get them in order and just look at the mess in Eastern Cape. VW ( read WMC ) came to rescue
Mr President stop creating false expectations. Nothing , but nothing , your government runs is viable. History speaks for itself.

Reminds me of when the Taliban took over an area (in Afghanistan or Syria, I think), banned cigarette sales on moral/religious principles, then took over the running of the trade themselves…”for the cause”, I presume.

Eish man – just watch the Niconpoop behind uncle C-Rill without a mask!

Using an aircraft as means of transport is dangerous, but sitting in an overloaded Taxi is fine. This shows us that this ANC commie government only reacts to potential violence and not to reason. Violence is all they understand.

‘’When a man comes to me for advice, I find out the kind of advice he wants, and I give it to him’’
Josh Billings

The ANC nincompoops are playing ‘’silly buggers’’ with us again with their opinions! The alcohol ban has made headlines across the globe. Our name was made ‘’totty’’ again as the BBC reported that the ban comes in again in an effort to prevent drunken fighting, cut domestic violence, and eliminate weekend binge-drinking.

The BBC published a report stating that: “The alcohol ban comes just weeks after another three-month ban was lifted in an effort to prevent drunken fighting, cut domestic violence and eliminate weekend binge-drinking prevalent across South Africa without naming the demographics of ‘’our people involved in these cultural crimes.
I must admit that I think that the Taxis are still hard hit – they have been permitted a 100 % occupancy rate – sharply down from 200 %

And when you realize you cant run or buy your way out of it and it might affect you? What a terrible thought.

All the stolen money that has been “banked” offshore for an emergency seems to now be the “curse” that makes the elite in SA pay what they cant afford.

They will take it out on the little guy.

given the number of businesses that went under as a result of the regulations, at least they now allow auctions to continue.

The funerals of business I suppose

Please explain the logic – a few thousand jobs (SAA etc) are jealously protected, but entire industries are shut down, threatening millions of jobs…Government is actually saying they can only handle one form of injury/illness at a time (the door had been shut on elective surgeries etc long ago) – in other words the “capacity building” that was supposedly happening during the initial 3 months of lockdown was a bit of a limp-wristed effort?
Vice was ok in the past, but now that there is a real fire to kill, we’re just burning everything down, so that there will only be this one fire left to deal with.
There must be a better way to deal with our multiple challenges (which were mostly all there before), than to just snuff out everything so that there is less to have to manage. Clearly those pre-existing problems were just being ignored before.

SA is no longer a democracy

Can someone help the government has allowed taxis to operate on full capacity but the taxi fare has since gone up by R5 per trip why are they not reducing their fares we don’t afford the working hours has been cut so is the salaries

End of comments.





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