Breaking: SA Covid-19 cases surge past 400

There is now increased speculation that President Cyril Ramaphosa will announce a full-scale lockdown when he addresses the nation tonight.
A commuter wears a mask to combat the spread of Covid-19 at a bus depot in Cape Town. Image: Reuters, Mike Hutchings

The number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in South Africa has surged past the 400 mark, Health Minister Zweli Mkhize revealed in a statement just after 1pm on Monday.

The tally now stands at 402 and represents the biggest single-day increase yet in Covid-19 cases in the country, up by 128 cases since Sunday.

Health officials are warning that the next two weeks will be crucial for South Africa and there is now increased speculation that President Cyril Ramaphosa will announce a full-scale lockdown when he addresses the nation tonight.

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The government has already announced several “state of disaster” measures over the last week, including bans on most international travel, gatherings of more than 100 people and curbs on liquor trading hours for pubs, shebeens and restaurants that are aimed at trying to avert the growth in local transmission of the contagious virus.

In his latest update on Monday, Mkhize described the increase as “significant” and reiterated that Ramaphosa will address the nation on measures to be undertaken to mitigate the impact of Covid-19.

“We will thereafter engage the public to give further details and explanations on the results, including the significant rise, the ongoing testing processes, each province’s progress on contact tracing efforts,” he said.

Mkhize conceded that the provincial and age graphs in his latest statement had areas listed as “unknown”.

“This is information that the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) is still collating and verifying. Thereafter the graphs will be updated accordingly. Our priority is for provinces to be alerted of the new confirmed cases so that immediate contact can be made with these new patients and ensure that contact tracing starts,” he stressed.

All nine provinces in South Africa now have confirmed cases of Covid-19, with the Eastern Cape, North West and Northern Cape reporting their first cases over the last three days.

Gauteng is the epicentre of the virus in the country with 207 confirmed cases.

This means that the country’s economic hub and most populous province now accounts for more than half of Covid-19 cases in South Africa.

The Western Cape has hit the 100 mark, while KwaZulu-Natal has now reached 60 confirmed cases.

Source: National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD)

Noteworthy for South Africa is that most Covid-19 cases confirmed thus far are related to people who have travelled overseas – largely to Europe and the US. Also, there has been no reported Covid-19-related deaths; and encouragingly the first recovery has been reported.

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The NICD continues to monitor Covid-19 trends and transmission rates in the country.

In its statement on Sunday night, the institute noted that of the 274 cases (at the time), 208 or 76% of those who had contracted the virus had a history of travel from “an area where Covid-19 is circulating”. It noted that the majority of those without international travel history have had “recent contact with persons who have travelled internationally”.

The government, health officials and the NICD will be keeping a beady eye on “local transmissions” of the virus. While some may think the government declaring “state of disaster” measures a week ago is somewhat draconian – especially around curbing large scale gatherings and liquor trade – the move is aimed at curtailing local transmissions.

A pandemic of local transmission will put great pressure on the country’s already shaky public healthcare system, but serious concerns have also been raised around the possible impact on the section of South Africa’s population already affected by immune-system-lowering diseases such as HIV and TB. According to UNAids, South Africa has more than 7.7 million people living with HIV.

One of the reasons given for the devastating toll of Covid-19 in Italy – now home to the most coronavirus-related deaths globally – is that country’s ageing population. Italy, which has around 60 million people, reportedly has the second oldest population in the world after Japan. According to the World Economic Forum, around a third of Italy’s population is over the age of 60.

With around 59 million people, South Africa has a slightly smaller population than Italy. However, South Africa has a much younger population with almost 64% under the age of 34, and around 9% over the age of 60 years according to figures from Statistics SA.

Source: Stats SA





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I have left this remark on another site but wish to repost. Has anyone heard of any ones pet dying from the virus, just seems odd to me

No, not heard of a pet. Maybe the Vets name it something else, like ‘Dog Flu” or “Dog Cold” or something. Not sure as I am not a vet

What is the relevance thereof? How would it add to the situation? (Curious)

Maybe the Chinese virus? Or the Man Flu?

its proven to be the italian virus and very soon the african virus

Yes, my neighbor’s bat died. I shot it with a .357 Magnum.

@CS. Sir, you have too a violent nature *lol* (…the 158grain bullet probably missed the bat, but the pressure/shockwave from the muzzle blast probably killed it 😉

There a saying: “It is only when a mosquito lands on your testicles that you realize, there is always a way to solve problems without violence”.

(Instead, I would use a .22LR round with CCI Shotshell…like a baby shotgun in .22 caliber. The bat then dies, crawling in pain. Oops, I think I have more vicious ideas than you…

It must have corona-ed itself !@!

…the rhino poacher speaks

Have read a few websites that it’s NOT likely to be passed on to (or from) your dogs/cats. Fortunately.

….however, the (human) Vet, is the one in danger.

Don’t know, hope the Easter Bunny makes it 😉

….nope…Easter holidays has been cancelled (…the lockdown is going to last until 16 April…if all goes to plan).

Crap. More disruption from the norm 🙁


There you have it.

…just imagine if SA still had Jacob Zupta as president. He would struggle to count when it goes past 256…

Eater holidays is around the corner. I hope Mr. President addresses this issue today when lots of SAfricans go back to their “homes”. This is when local transmissions will escalate in Limpopo, E Cape and Mpumalanga.

Since tests cost ~R1000, roughly on 5% of population would go for testing right?

So a more accurate estimate would be around 400 / 0.05 = 8000 ?

And how many people are going to self quarantine if they’re already on the breadline trying to make ends meet?

The Pres. needs to sort his timekeeping and priorities out.

He is ALWAYS late.

He always has more important things to do before talking to the nation.

Talking to the nation should be NO 1 and you fix that time. Then the other things fit in around that.

The pres… knows we stuffed …. they had 26 years to repair this country….they drove it into a mess….we are in a recession well before this virus…. destroyed the growth in this country….

I think they can destroy this Virus …. they capable

has anyone paused to think that the famine from the economic meltdown that will ensure from “lockdown” may be more severe than the symptoms/consequence of “the corona flu”
The answer is NO. This is chicken sans head mayhem we are facing thanks to overly social media connected society with overt psychosis.

You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Its not a flu. It is hundreds time more lethal than the flu.

Absolutely …. ask Italy

…you are worried about your R10K portfolio of stocks and not the lives at risks?

Arrest yourself

when the lives at risk include individuals such as yourself you are 100% correct that I am far more concerned about my portfolio even if it was only worth 10k!

…the biggest risk to lives will come from resulting suicides still to come (from losing livelihood/businesses failing).

In South Africa we have the rich, so called middle class and the poor majority. Here is the perspective of poor black majority which I belong to. The rich travel and bring corona virus to South Africa. The numbers are growing fast and total lockdown is inevitable if you look at the infection rate. At the moment people in our communities are continuing with their normal lives.

Now here is my question. Is it fair to expect 90% of the South African population who don’t even dream about going overseas, who has only crossed a river to stay at home just because Mr X just came back from the US with the corona Virus? X can afford private health care and to self quarantine and is less likely to spread the virus in his neighborhood.

We all know whats gonna happen once the virus gets to locations, informal settlements and rural areas. Most of us travel by taxis for God’s sake.

I am not saying South Africa should not take precautionary measures but I fail to understand why sacrifice the majority for the freedom of the few who care less about others. Shut down OR Tambo, King Shaka and Cape Town international.

Great idea but already too late, the genie is out of the bottle so to speak.

@kingmdu, I fully understand your point and sympathize with the majority who did nothing to bring this on us.

Unfortunately it is part of a modern economy to have tourism and business travel. I would go so far as to say that any modern economy cannot thrive without the movement of people adding value in their specific fields of endeavour.

We have asked our domestic helper to stay home on full pay until the danger is past us.

Yeah life is not fair at all. We can only pray to God those who are believers.

You are very kind to ask your helper to stay at home and pay full salary. God bless you.

…my gardener will also be on full pay during this time.

Am with you.

Good idea to temp shut down the airports for high-end travelers Infections are already on the rest of continent, moving across land borders…yet our borders are porous…

And our harbors? Chinese fishing trawlers…

(King Mdu, you say you belong to the poor majority, and yet you’re capable of making an internet connection, and your English is faultless & your comment intelligent.
Well then in that case, WELCOME as part of the rich few.)

Life is not fair…

Best you can do is deal with the hand which is dealt to you, and take precautions to limit the absolute carnage which is coming your way, should you choose to ignore the warnings.

THe President and his merry man …. should have sealed the borders along time ago…..

HE delayed it …. just like he is delaying his speech ….for two day …. i am still waiting ….
a day has passed ….total infected is 402…. almost more than 100 infected….

The country chose to trade with other countries …trade liberalization ….etc … comes with its consequences …. poor, middle , upper class …all enjoy the benefits of trade in some way or another, not so?

So its ok for Africa to accept BILLIONS of dollars of aid from the West but no assistance from Africa when the West has a crisis?

Talk about biting the hand….

no lockdown
keep economy going
take the hit
we cannot control nature — flattening the curve is just nonsense
in sa 1 500 000 will die
in the world 250mil will die
not the end of the world!

It is the end of the world for those who die. And their families.

so rob, you wanna save everybody?

“we cannot control nature — flattening the curve is just nonsense”

How is it nonsense?
Italy paid the highest price for not keeping that infection curve flat, if you keep new infections low enough that the health system can keep up you greatly improve mortality numbers.

How do you get to this conclusion ? Ignorance or stupidity ?
The virus is the least of our problems if they don’t stimulate food shortages

What MJStellenbosch implies is that out of 7,600,000,000 (7,6billion) GLOBAL population, about 250,000,000 may die.

Then the remaining 7,350,000,000….being the lucky 96%…won’t know what to do with themselves? With 7,35BILLION remaining, it looks like the world is still very over-populated. Never mind ending.

(Apologies for the cold statistics & seemingly without feelings to bring MJS’ message across)

It’s like this: you travel in a vehicle from the coast to the power-sapping altitude in Gauteng. YOU gradually LOSE 17% engine power…never mind 4%….what are the chances you’re not going to reach Gauteng purely because of power drop?

End of comments.



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