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Bus drivers dismissed

Around 160 drivers abandoned their buses two weeks ago without explanation.

Striking Rea Vaya bus drivers have been dismissed following a disciplinary hearing, operating company Piotrans said on Sunday.

“All those workers found guilty of misconduct have been dismissed with immediate effect,” the company said in a statement.

“The dismissed workers have been notified of their rights to appeal against the sanction imposed against them as a result of the disciplinary inquiry.”

Around 160 drivers abandoned their buses two weeks ago without explanation.

Piotrans at the time said the drivers had not communicated their grievances to management.

The company said it instituted disciplinary action against the drivers who “abandoned buses in the streets of Johannesburg and absconded from work since February 2.”

The majority of bus drivers failed to heed the call to appear before a disciplinary hearing, it said.

“The company had made reasonable efforts to ensure that the notice to attend the hearing had been delivered to the employees, and further made means to ensure that the relevant trade union is notified of the matter at hand.”

The drivers were found guilty of various offences including failing and refusing to drive the route that was issued to them, failing and refusing to park the buses in the prescribed authorised area and purposely attempting to sabotage the company’s services.

“They conspired amongst themselves to bring the company buses to a halt, leaving the buses unattended in an unauthorised area in contravention of the company’s policies, rules and procedures.”

Piotrans said that recruitment processes would commence on Monday. Sixty-five bus drivers remained in the employ of the company.

A proposal is being developed for approval by the City of Johannesburg regarding the resumption of services.

“We appeal to our customers to once again bear with us as we restore normality to our operations. Services will be slow during the next few weeks.”

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