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Business in Level 3 – what you need to know

Workplace plans, agreements and hypervigilance.
The country moves to Level 3 lockdown on Monday, when almost everyone will be allowed to return to work. Image: Supplied

As South Africa moves from a prohibitive nationwide lockdown to a more collaborative alert Level 3 employers have been asked to introduce rotational and staggered working schedules in order to maintain physical distancing and to limit congestion in public transport.

This is contained in the Level 3 regulations gazetted by the government on Thursday. 

The regulations come after extensive consultation with stakeholders in individual sectors and labour to prepare for an additional eight million people returning to work on Monday when the majority of industries will be allowed to return to productivity except a few that have been declared “high-risk”. 

The parameters 

Firms in the construction, manufacturing, business and financial services sectors with more than 500 employees should finalise sector-appropriate workplace arrangements detailing how they will provide or arrange transport for employees coming to work. 

Where transport arrangements cannot be made by the business the firms have also been asked to stagger working time arrangements to reduce congestion in public transport during peak time as people return to work.

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Where possible businesses with more than 100 employees have also been urged to consider staggered working hours, shift work and remote working. 

In sectors with representative bodies, the regulations state that where there are high health risks, the bodies should develop health protocols that are specific to the sector and detail what businesses need to do if they are unable to implement staggered working hours or provide transport to employees.

Cramming on public transport to be avoided

In a briefing on Thursday Minister of Trade and Industry Ebrahim Patel said the aim of the regulations is to ensure that there is no pressure on the public transport system during rush hour where people will be crammed together, creating key sites for the spread of the Covid-19 virus. 

Patel said the draft framework agreements have already been developed and will be made public by the sectors in the next few days ahead of June 1 when workplaces open. 

They include health and safety measures such as screening employees daily for Covid-19 symptoms and requiring that companies submit the data collected to the director-general of health. 

“The agreements are comprehensive and create a framework for ensuring a safer workplace environment,” said Patel. 

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“But even when we have these measures in place it will still take extraordinary focus and monitoring that we [must] adhere to,” he added. 

Private and public entities will have to appoint a Covid-19 compliance officer who will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of the organisation’s return-to-work plan. The plan should stipulate which employees will be allowed to return to work, how the business aims to phase-in their return, and the health protocols that are in place. The compliance officer will also oversee adherence to hygiene and health protocols. 

At home

Household domestic workers who are not live-in staff can also return to work in Level 3 “subject to the health protocols being followed”, said Patel. 

“There are particular challenges within a domestic environment [and] we will be looking to see if the existing directions need to be elaborated [upon] or extended to provide for circumstances like these,” he said. 

Consumers will be allowed to collect their own takeaway orders at restaurants and grocery stores will be permitted to sell hot food in-store.  

Alcohol will be able to be sold from Monday to Thursday between 09:00 and 17:00 at any licensed premises or through e-commerce facilities, but strictly for at-home consumption.

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Individual outdoor exercise will be allowed within a closed timeframe between 06:00 and 18:00.

People are expected to continue wearing masks. 

The movement of people between provinces, districts, metropolitan areas and hotspots is prohibited unless it is for work, school, moving or caring for an immediate family member. People will be expected to provide permits or affidavits to prove this.

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Obvious that most reading matter during exile must have been in Russian….

When this “Plandemic” is all over S A will realize that it’s no worse than the flu and all the economy destroying measures “may”
haunt them at the next election. .0009% death rate Tuberculosis 6.4%—H I V 4.8%. We are talking .0009% death rate and this is what they do??? On the job trainees.

The ANC is getting so much wrong.

How many people contract TB and how many contract and are capable of contracting Covid-19? Have a look at stats from Italy, USA, Brazil, etc. If it was a flu, the whole world would not have reacted as they did.Also, a 0,0009% death rate is a bit of the mark. Please Google “Global death rate covid-19”. There are multiple articles from multiple publications estimating country death rate anywhere from below 1% to above 10%.
Please be responsible and respectful when sharing your opinion.

And then there is that: “Debate is raging over the Imperial College London study that predicted up to half a million COVID-19 deaths and sparked the UK lockdown, with criticisms that it was “severely flawed” and was “a cautionary tale” about the limits of mathematical modelling.

The British epidemiologist whose predictions about how coronavirus might impact the UK is pushing back against the notion he radically changed his figures, a public relations fight in which he has enlisted allies in the scientific community, reports The Washington Times.”

We as South Africa can be proud of a President that cares for the well being his people and the Economy, without a healthy work force there is no HEALTHY ECONOMY – STRIKE THE RIGHT BALANCE

Michael Jackson in 2009 sang the song “HEAL THE WORLD” today some 10 year later, Donald Trump is singing the song in SILENCE.

USA – a first world country can brag about their Death number which is at 103k against the WORLD death figure at 360k.

Think about those who do not have medical aid –
Think about all those people that never new what the word Economy meant but knew the word HUMANITY,

Join our President and his people this Sunday, 31 May in Prayer to for the healing of our land and the protection of our people.

“May God Bless his people”

Ravieg, the problem with your call to praise the President is that it disregards the fact that it could have been handled infinitely better. I, for one, did support the President initially. I’m sure many others did, but then they squandered the goodwill by forgetting the plan. They forgot that they asked us to flatten the curve and started messing around with illogical, petty rules and regulations, moving the goal posts for no apparent reason. Then they applied rules and regulations unequally – remember the taxi’s? They forgot that without a functioning economy, there is no humanity? They preferred to unleashed the police on the citizenry, making criminal what should never have been criminal. They brought race into something that should have been completely devoid of that albatross, since we all are in this together. Ultimately, I’m afraid your call is a call for mediocrity and our country is precisely in the position it is in, because of that. So, I will not be praising the President or his band of ill equipped command council members, until such time as they show we can trust them to always have the country’s interest at heart and show some insight and aptitude.

If entreaties to an imaginary being is your only plan as a President, you are in very deep trouble.

If entreaties to a spineless cardboard cut out puppet of what is called SA’s president is our actual hope we are screwed.

Hope is the life bouy for losers

End of comments.





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