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Cape Town uses more water even as dam levels are little changed

Water usage surged 6.7% over the past week.

Water usage in the South African city of Cape Town surged 6.7% over the past week to the highest levels since March even as storage in dams supplying the city barely increased.

Consumption rose to 554 million litres (146 million gallons) per day in the week until May 14 from 519 million litres the week before, the city said in an emailed statement. That’s almost 20% more than the daily usage target set by the national Department of Water and Sanitation. Total storage rose to 21.4% from 20.9%, the city said.

Dam levels have dropped from close to 40% in October as the worst drought on record depleted reserves. The water crisis in the Western Cape province has hit farming exports and house prices and may affect lending to the agriculture sector, the Reserve Bank said in March.

Residents of Cape Town are being restricted to using 50 litres of water each a day and told to take 90-second showers. As usage declined, the city removed for this year the threat of a “Day Zero” when it would turn off the taps.

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Must be getting tiring being smug and having to carry buckets to flush your bog at the same time, in your matchbox-sized R6Million Kenilworth townhouse…

Oh, and facing the prospect of having an ANC-run Western Cape/Cape Town in 2019…

Someone, high up, did mix liquid oil cost with water. With making it a scarce item. Price will rise as a result. C.T council got the first prize in thinking ahead ones a dry season start. It did, on time, with as direct results, you pay more. Escom/SAA,Transnet, and others, can learn of this looking/dreaming ahead. For tomorrows directors, members/mayor income.

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