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ConCourt finds Jacob Zuma guilty of contempt of court

Sentences former SA president to 15 months in prison.
Former president Jacob Zuma. Image: Waldo Swiegers/Bloomberg

Jacob Zuma, who’s been repeatedly implicated in aiding and abetting the plunder of state funds during the nine years he led South Africa, was sentenced to 15 months in jail for defying a court order to testify at a graft inquiry.

The Constitutional Court ruled in January that Zuma had to respond to questions from a judicial commission headed by Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo. But the 79-year-old former intelligence operative accused the court and Zondo of bias, walked out of one scheduled panel hearing in November and boycotted another in February.

Read: Zuma’s decision to defy ConCourt ‘completely unacceptable’ – Zondo Commission

The panel responded by filing contempt charges against him.

“This sends an unequivocal message in this our constitutional dispensation, the rule of law and the administration of justice prevails,” acting Chief Justice Sisi Khampepe said in a ruling in Johannesburg on Tuesday.

Read the full judgement here.

The ruling offers a mixed blessing for President Cyril Ramaphosa, who has made the fight against graft a top priority.

While Zuma’s incarceration will silence one of his biggest detractors and demonstrate his administration’s commitment to upholding the rule of law, it could also widen divisions within the ruling party and alienate its supporters in the former president’s home province of KwaZulu-Natal.

The government estimates more than R500 billion was stolen from the state during Zuma’s rule, and at least 40 witnesses who’ve appeared before Zondo linked the ex-president to the looting spree.

Zuma, who the ruling ANC party forced to quit in 2018 to stem a loss of electoral support, has denied wrongdoing and says the allegations against him are part of a smear campaign.


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One small step for the judge, one giant leap for the rule of law.

I hope they are watching him like a hawk.
He’s got 5 days to flee to Dubai, Cuba or Russia, never to be seen again.

I hope this is exactly what he will be doing…this beautiful country doesn’t deserve something like him!

@Arrow. Let’s hope Mr Zuma does not pull off a classic Omar al-Bashir slither out (or a Shepherd Bushiri move) on SA’s border control!

….there’s always a helper on the inside.

I’m sure his air ticket and accommodation were included in the cost of the Cuban engineers and medics SA paid for.

Seems that Mr. Zuma is bigger than Covid-19.

The JSE is shooting up even with the Covid-19 3rd wave in progress.

And we can expect the Zoo-ma gang and some daily hired Zulu’s to cause some upheaval, chaos and lots of damage before the cell door is closed – no doubt about that.

I’ll believe it when i see him in cuffs and orange overalls

Brilliant remark Sensei!

Come to think of it: I’ve LOST a BET with someone (I said “watch, Z will NEVER sit in jail”) *lol*

Whew. Add an arms deal sentence to that and some gupta related time on top, and he will stay there forever.

Why only 15 months if the law prescribes 24 months?

What about the Mansion in Dubai? How can he afford the mansion in Dubai?

Everyone knows about the mansion in Dubai except SARS.

It is on Y o u T u b e

South Africa would be lucky if this guy survives 1 month in Jail

Even a 1,000 years is not enough for his damage to the economy.

The lost generation , the decade where South Africans just worked to put food on the table and 0% prosperity or growth.

It will take 50 years of very good governance (i.e. Pres. Ramaphosa) to recover and fix South Africa.

Everyone talks about the Arms deal, what about the December 2015 JSE crash with the replacement of the Finance minister?

There are rumors that this one was an organized event. How much did this one cost?

BeesWax you are correct. And there was rumors about (insider) trading at certain fund managers.
It’l stay a rumor because there is no evidence unless somebody come with evidence.
And that cost some billions, stop losses of traders being hit, goodwill lost in business, trust in the country lost, (tourists which were hesitating?) etc.

No doubt he will be struck by a sudden chronic illness.

An illness which has been proven to be miraculously improved by playing golf regularly…

Cue some faith healers. Or maybe he should just ask for the team of doctors who diagnosed Shaik to be “in the last stages of a terminal illness” 12 years ago. If I ever have to suffer from a terminal illness, that’s the one I want!

Longest terminal illness in history. Surprised it hasn’t been entered into the Guinness book of records.

Next Aces of spades then the rest of the jokers

If you think SouthAfrica that let Bushiri and Al-Bashir “escape” and will not do the same with JacobZuma then you haven’t been paying attention.

Do you think he will maybe run away to his mansion in Dubai? and perhaps ask for asylum in Dubai?

Maybe Dubai will give him asylum if he brings his bags of Tax payer Gold or Tax payer Dollars?

He’ll ignore the sentence and hold out in Nkhhhandla. The MKVA will toi-toi around his den in the belief that “their leeeda” is innocent and that it is all a big apartheid-era plot against him.
The nation now awaits submission of his (Cuban or Russian) medical certificate indicating that he is too sick for jail!! Strangely, he developed back pain on learning of his sentence this morning!!

Funny how not a single news article states when Zuma will be taken away in chains to begin his Sentence?…

Funny how he gets convicted and sentenced but still gets to leave the court and go home.

no1 – he was not in court
no2 – there are numerous articles which clearly states that he needs to report to jail in the next 5 days. Failing to do so will lead to a physical arrest


Your days are numbered


He will probably be in his mansion in Dubai while we all think he is in jail 🙂

He will issue a doctors note to say he is too ill to go to jail

Unfortunately for Zuma, all the hospital beds are full!

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, but is Zuma even in SA? Or in Dubai or in Russia with Mabuza?

He probably wanted this sentence to escape the bigger problems following him

Don’t expect JZ to be wearing orange anytime soon…

I doubt he will even see the doors to the prison.

corporal Niehaus and co will riot now.


Perpetual winner of Mampara of the week.

Hundred bucks says he is Dubai by the weekend

And possibly fly to Dubai in SAA first class (free Tax Payer fuel).

Does SAA do house moves also? Nkandla to Dubai?

I’ll wait to see the actual handcuffs before I let out a sigh of relief.

I see a Schabir-style sick note being presented in the next day or two

No one has insulted the country and broken the national spirit like Jacob Zuma and 15 months is a smidgen of what he deserves.

Hasta la vista baby!

Can’t wait for the Zapiro cartoon. But who in SAPS is going to be brave enough to drive the van and pick him on the 6th day – because I can’t see him reporting for confinement.

I don’t think the umkonto lot are much to worry abt : they couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag ,!!

Here begins the construction of an entirely new city… Brick by brick… We will name the city Stalingrad.

Too short a sentence R500 billion too late.

Everybody thinks that he will not serve his time. Think again. He will have such a royal time in jail with his old buddies that he might not want to leave after 15 months. He will feel very protected there.
Think of all the photographic opportunities that the Zuma family can now sell for a picture with Zuma in his orange overalls. The same thing that we do with our children and Santa Claus.
He will come out a hero, then form a new party and annihilate the ANC in the next election. And then you will have a real problem…

Hang him on Adderley Street. I’ll bring popcorn

Medical parole coming up soon???

Please all recall that this is the president that brought (or rather imposed) on us by the corrupt ANC, not once but twice.

The ANC is the problem not just Zuma, and this is just the contempt matter not the legal matter related to the Arms Deal and what has emerged with the Zondo commission.

2020 – Non-election year. Highlights: plunder of budget outlined to combat COVID pandemic; destroy countless businesses and livelihoods; prevent many from leaving the country due to ban from foreign nations on travelling Saffers.
2021 – Election year. Roll out vaccine to non-medical staff at an abysmal rate; “rescues” SAA with PIC money and celebrates our “national pride” (this airline is the diamond in ANC’s crown); Ace is “suspended” due to long-standing allegations (has he been in court yet?); “suspend” Health Minister caught with hands in cookie jar and trumpet that the ANC stands for the law (how is the investigation going?); last joke before the election? “Sentence” JZ to prison. The ANC is smoke and mirrors. Nothing is done without all the cadres’ full agreement and cooperation to sacrifice and get a golden handshake for the benefit of the party in the long-run. SA is worse than a time-bomb – at least the latter has a countdown clock to warn you.

I take it his security detail can be fired now?

Surely Zuma must adhere to the Step-Aside rule within the ANC?

big mistake.

handle this better

if zuma goes to jail, this country will burn down

(hope i am wrong)

He might soon address the nation???

Imagine that! Giving a convicted criminal airtime.

He won’t go to jail. The sentence will be transmuted to House Arrest for 6 months.

Can i propose a National Holiday to celebrate this day, to remind us that our rights can be upheld, and hope the anc badges are embroidered all over JZ orange attire

Best news for South Africa, but justice is not concluded for all the Economic misery and hardships caused by this person.

I agree with the celebrations part, we must celebrate!

Over 465 000 people arrested for defying lockdown regulations – Cele.
He will not have the guts to arrest this one criminal!

Smartie you ask – WHO IS CARL NIEHAUS ??
Good question.

The ANC fought for human rights.
In the process a new constitution was hammered out.
According to their bragging – “…our constitution is the best in the world….”
Nelson Mandella said nobody is above the law.
An article of The South African on MSN News states “Carl Niehaus is fuming – and he wants SA to ‘resist’ Jacob Zuma’s arrest”
So what now? Is the constitution now of no value?

One wonders why a human rights fighter wants to go against the best constitution in the world.
Is the constitution not good anymore?

Can someone enlighten me please?

I love this part of the judgement:

[141] My duty, as I pen this judgment, is cloaked in the duty and loyalty that I owe to our Constitution and the rule of law that undergirds it. I find myself left with no option but to commit Mr Zuma to imprisonment in the hope that doing so sends an unequivocal message: in this, our constitutional dispensation, the rule of law and the administration of justice prevails.

When one say on twitter how happy one is that numba one is going to jail you get bombarded with tweets in the form of: what’s your take on the Apartheid corrupt murderer FW de Klerk. Oh boy! there is a lot of hatred on social media.

End of comments.





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