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ConCourt clears Ramaphosa on campaign funding

‘The Public Protector was wrong on the facts and the law with regard to the finding that the president misled parliament.’
President Cyril Ramaphosa. Image: Bloomberg

South Africa’s Constitutional Court cleared President Cyril Ramaphosa of allegations by the country’s corruption watchdog that he misled lawmakers over campaign-finance donations.

Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane erred when she found that Ramaphosa deceived parliament about a payment to his 2017 campaign to win control of the ruling party, Judge Chris Jafta said on Thursday. Ramaphosa’s victory in that campaign ultimately led to him becoming the nation’s president.

“The Public Protector was wrong on the facts and the law with regard to the finding that the president misled parliament,” Jafta said in a ruling in Johannesburg.

Ramaphosa’s campaign gathered in excess of R300 million ($21 million) and his detractors in the ruling African National Congress have called for the list of donors to be made public. Those rivals have also rallied behind Mkhwebane, who’s had a series of her findings overturned by the courts.

The top court’s ruling came two days after it sentenced Ramaphosa’s predecessor, Jacob Zuma, to 15 months in prison for defying its order to testify before a graft inquiry. Mkhwebane has been seen to be a Zuma ally, and parliament is considering whether to remove her on grounds of misconduct, incapacity or incompetence.

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Excellent decision.

How can any reasonable person possibly regard the R2 million plus salary, own jumbo jet, free luxury accommodation, international travel, VIP protection and the right to appoint cronies in every sphere of life as “benefits” for this self-made BEE billionaire?

Increasingly obvious that Mkhwebane is ‘rotten to the core’ and trying to create as much destruction as possible and help get rid of Cyril. Incredible work by the Constitutional Court (CC), well done! Hopefully South Africa is never subjected to as corrupt an individual in the PP role as Mkhwebane ever again. Please can the CC get rid of Hlope next – he is a serious threat to the judiciary and must have every global criminal boss on speed dial?

The PP erred ? She is clearly incompetent and completely unsuited in her job. When will be rid of her in an important office for all citizens of SA? This person is way out of her depth.

The events of the last few days lead me to conclude that General Jan Smuts was correct when he said: “In South Africa, the best never happens but neither does the worst.” (But I see that UCT ha snow taken his name of Smuts Hall.)

Can we get rid of Mkhwebane already please. It’s obvious that she’s not there to further the public interest.

So it’s not in your interest to know who funded Ramaphosa but it is to know that Gupta’s funded Zuma?

You can’t spill all the beans at once, this is a loooong soapy.

Psssst between you and me the Guppies were around…..

Phenomenal news! Two great bits of news in one week, I can’t cope lol!
Looks like the rule of law is slowly coming back to SA and let’s just hope the momentum picks up pace and we see more of the same. These are two great victories for Ramaposa, keep up the good work, let’s make South Africa great for once.

The point is this: He needed that R300 million to bribe ANC delegates to support him and not Zuma. The ANC voters sell their souls to the highest bidder. John Steenhuizen did not have to bribe DA voters. What does this say about our “democracy” when the highest bidding demagogue walks away with the assets of the nation?

The destructive ANC leaves businesses with no options. They are forced to protect their own interests by buying support for the least bad alternative. Zuma channeled covert funds from the State Security Agency to buy votes from criminal ANC members. Ramaphosa had no options. He was forced to outbid Zuma. The public protector would indict the ANC delegates and members because they are the real criminals.


The DA is full well in the bribing of oponents to “join” hands..

Look at Plett municipal swings..

DA EFF..anyone think that EFF “by free choice” chose DA is an ID..

Malema nicely pointed out after their marriage. “Democracy is very very expensive ..”

There are good commentators here on moneyweb. I always read your comments with fascination. Thank you. 🙂

without a doubt, no question one of the most informative formats available to Saffers who think and love our country. There are excellent objective comments on MW for sure … not the dumb stuff the trolls supply elsewhere. Imagine in your wildest dreams is someone like sensei could be in cabinet for instance .. ?

The SA Shamocracy derives from proportional representation which, due to the human nature of those of lower calling, locks SA into the never-ending grip of corruption and all that it can take away. Politicians are a self-seeking, at least 2-faced horde that will never give up the chance for their turn at the take away counter.

Cyril’s cynicism will one day come to haunt him, he is not as innocent as one might think.

PP is a Zupta.

Patently obvious since before the rigged appointment.

End of comments.





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