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Corruption arrests, land sales raise SA spirits

South Africans were cheered this week with three announcements many thought would never come.
Former President Jacob Zuma appears before the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture in Johannesburg, South Africa, July 16, 2019. Image: Reuters

South Africans were cheered this week with three announcements many thought would never come: Arrests in relation to state corruption and plans to sell vacant farmland and new internet spectrum.

Four government officials and business people were detained Wednesday as part of an investigation into a R255 million ($15 million) asbestos audit project awarded by a provincial housing department, according to a police unit. These were followed Thursday by the indictments of Angelo Agrizzi, a former executive at services company Bosasa, and Vincent Smith, a senior politician in the ruling African National Congress.

The moves represent a rare sign of progress in the fight to curb graft that became rife under former President Jacob Zuma. His successor, Cyril Ramaphosa, launched an inquiry into corruption in early 2018, but many South Africans had become disillusioned with the process as few have been held accountable. That only worsened at the height of the country’s Covid-19 pandemic, when a string of dubious contracts to supply personal-protection equipment came to light.

The government went on to announce the imminent auction of almost 900 vacant or underutilised state-owned farms across the country, a move aimed at helping those discriminated against during apartheid. Land has long been a highly emotive issue in South Africa as the minority White population continues to dominate private ownership more than a quarter century after the first all-race election in 1994.

The auction of new broadband spectrum is another government pledge that has been on the back burner for years. Yet the industry regulator on Wednesday laid out plans to sell more than R8 billion worth over the next six months. Ramaphosa had included the initiative in an economic-revival plan published earlier this month, which also contained promises to fight graft.

Vodacom Group and MTN Group have long called for more spectrum to help grow in their domestic market. They claim the lack of bandwidth is responsible for the country’s relatively high data prices, another source of public disgruntlement.

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The judiciary is incapacitated.

No outcome even on Malema’s 6 year old cases?????

This is just a con using small fry.

It is an eyeopener though how many ANC idiots go and “support” this scum??

Very telling. So dream on. NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

Arrests, prosecution, judiciary, public protector, the process has only begun and judging from past precedent, not much will happen.

Until the Zondo commission locks up the first person, i see all of this as mere window dressing

What happened to Papi Mokoena, ex Mayor of Bfn? Court case 9 years ago! Nothing,zero, zulch

Thats but one of 100’s of cases

Ex Bfn Mayor Olly is an Ace connection

Lets not get our hopes up until Mr SG and JZ are behind bars

Only then will spirits “raise”

The country is run by a corrupt system and i’m afraid Ramaphosa is either too weak or a puppet, his strings pulled by the Ace faction

It is the collective that done it, and there is not enough room for 1.25 million civil servants in jail to start, before they get to the Edwin Sodi’s of this world.

big broom needed to sweep this lot under the carpet.

This is just a FIRST STEP. Wait for all the “curved balls” … wait for all the fake news ….. wait for all the accusations and counter accusations and bogus political statements … for all the attacks on the NPA, the judiciary, etc.
The FIRST jail sentences (if we ever see any of them after multiple appeals, representations, ConCourt applications) will be in 2030. Then we shall get reports about medical parole applications. Suddenly, all the perps have developed incurable diseases, backaches, etc.

Great news. More arrests will follow and excellent economic growth!

Really hope you are being sarcastic.

Do you live in Switzerland ?

End of comments.





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