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Day Zero is going to happen, scientist warns

As Cape Town’s water flows into the sea.

Water expert Prof Anthony Turton is of the opinion that Cape Town’s Day Zero won’t be averted as the city fails to stop water being released from its system into the sea.

Turton, who is from the University of the Free State Centre for Environmental Management, joined Fred Platt, CEO of JSE-listed Accentuate, in a call to action to address the water crisis in Cape Town and beyond. They addressed a media briefing hosted by the National Press Club in Pretoria on Wednesday.

Moneyweb on February 2 reported that Platt called on Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa to constitute a war room to address the water crisis. Platt said on Wednesday that Ramaphosa’s office subsequently contacted him in response to the report and he expects further engagement.  

Turton on Wednesday warned that Gauteng’s water security is also at risk due to delays in the second phase of the Lesotho Highland water scheme.

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to paraphrase a well known comment- “zeroday will go down as a day in infamy for the DA!” just a disgrace that they have allowed things to come this far. AND even now no plans to build a desalination plant similar to the one built in Melbourne (can produce 500ml/day)-

This cannot be correct. 500 ml is only half a liter!

ml in this case stands for mega-litre. 1 mega litre is equivalent to 1 000 000 litres.

Hehehe!! The significance of capital letters or lower case are wasted on the Aussies

Yes the DA will get the blame, but as far as I know the ANC moved all bulk water storage under “national management” ie the Steenbrass Dam (to name but one) is not under Cape Town’s management but under the management of Water Affairs.
This means the department of water and sanitation must deliver water to Cape Town municipality and the municipality must deliver it to the people.
Also in 2014 (or 2015?) either the Western Cape or Cape Town municipality already wrote a letter to the department about the water problem which is to come.
So who is the real culprit?

the POLITICIANS of course. They are at the end of the day the decision makers, must lead the sheep so to speak. In my eye they are all the same, ANC,DA,EFF… long as they pocket a salary they don’t care about anything else…especially responsibility.

Do not expect the hole of oz to know this. Senility is a sad thing.

Good day sir! Day Zero will happen under the ANC national govt’s watch. Irrelevant who’re running the province.

Beautifully green KwaZulu Natal also has chronic water shortages, despite it always rains somewhere in KZN on daily basis. Dams are at 50% average. The ANC controls the KZN province, but provincial management is not blamed. Why? Because the issue is national (ANC again).

Never happened under old Nat Party watch surely..maybe Apartheid did something right after all?? 😉

Most things under the A word were “right”.

Water is a National Incompetence.

It is NOT correct to cast the blame on DA – the responsibility is in terms of the WATER ACT with national government and NO ONE ELSE

no, the Provincial Government ( DA ) is solely to blame. Watch this youtube vid:

In the video it’s said “.. they did nothing..”
The DA did nothing???
But national must do bulk supply?
Don’t tell me the DA must get the blame for the Eastern Cape and Northern Cape and North West as well?

The national department did not do their job. As simple as that.
and with an election coming, the Western Cape is permanent in the news (or in the sh&t).
The lot of media attention (to blame them and not the national department) the other (ANC) provinces must also get shines in it’s absence.

The DA did stuff-all and in fact exacerbated the problem with over-densification of Cape Town. Just about every week there was a new high-rise apartment block going up.

Where did they think the extra water capacity was going to come from? Their Plan A was wishing for more rain, but that didn’t work out did it?

If the Nat. Govt. was stalling the infrastucture build, then WHY didn’t the DA take them to Court? They seem to take te Zuptas to court every time they tie their shoelaces wrongly….the reason is that they were incompetent and were not concerned with ensuring water provision for all the semigrant masses arriving to their sh#thole city.

The Mayor is facing criminal charges laid by her very own party…

The City Manager 9with 40 years experience) resigned last month under a cloud of corruption allegations…

So now the DA has these incompetent pillocks (the Deputy Mayor) and a 30-year old speechwriter (Xanthea Limberg) in charge of this DA-created water disaster. Good luck to them, they will need it…

Watch the chief pillock clueless about the plans for Day 0 here:

People here bleating on supporting the DA are actually out of step with what is really happening. There is a lot of anger in cape Town with the DA, and they are going to pay dearly at the polls in 2019.

Adding to the perfect storm is the ascendency of Cyril R, who will make the ANC far more palatable to people disgusted with the DA incompetence and corruption, and those disgusted with the Pig-In-Lipstick Chief Tweeter, who seems to have climbed out her coffin again.

In the video appears “Ray de Vries” of the AIRWATER Group. There’s vested interest in the video.

Good time to market your business….

Prof Anthony Turton your advice will still fall on deaf ears.

I would stop water flow to Clifton and Sea Point first – they can at least wash in beaches 1-4 at least.

Yep it would be a day of infamy IF it was the DA’s fault. You need to to understand that it is the National Govt’s Dept of Water Affairs that is responsible for keeping the dams supplied. The province and City Council are responsible for supply from the dams to the users. In addition to the schemes undertaken by CT the City has already spent a sizeable portion of their local budget on water related projects which are National Govt’s responsibility.

Get the facts correct and lets stop the blame game.

Oh calm down! The City is paying Tony Leon’s PR company R650,000 to tell us that the City is running out of water in nice rational press releases.

And the City could find R4.5 billion for the now unused Stadium – and R4 million a month for maintenance but suddenly there’s no money for desalinisation?

The entire City management is incompetent.

I suggest they line the R4.5Billion Cape Town Stadium that Zille authorized to build, with platic liner and use it as a dam….

End of comments.





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