Did Zuma influence the appointment of SOE execs?

Former president responds to Hogan testimony.
Former president Jacob Zuma in the hot seat for a third day at the state capture inquiry. Picture: Waldo Swiegers/Bloomberg

The third day of Zuma in the hot seat at the Zondo commission of inquiry commenced with the revisiting of a matter that had been dealt with the day before and ended in an impasse.

Evidence leader advocate Paul Pretorius explained that overnight, the legal team would reflect on the events of the day, and may realise that there is an issue to be clarified. This is also in the interests of the witness. He further iterated that this happens regularly in proceedings of this matter.

Judge Zondo recommended that the proceedings should be allowed to continue as smoothly as possible, without anyone compromising their position. Everyone has a job to do.

The main matter of the day concerned the testimony of Barbara Hogan, former Minister of Public Enterprises.

One of the issues raised by Hogan was that of deployment, and how it was utilised in a manner to influence appointments of board members and senior executives at state-owned entities (SOEs).

Zuma confirmed that there was such a department. Ministers would rely on the party to make recommendations for positions. But the party would only recommend, not impose candidates. There would be a discussion, but a governance process had to be followed.

Hogan had testified that when Mario Ramos resigned as CEO of Transnet in 2009, the Transnet board, after having gone through a proper process, recommended Sipho Maseko as the preferred candidate. However, according to Hogan, Zuma had insisted on the appointment of Siyabonga Gama as CEO.

Siyabonga Gama. Image: Moneyweb

Zuma allegedly informed Hogan that Gama was second on the list of preferred candidates, and that he was his only choice. Hogan said that there was no such list – it was fiction.

Zuma was asked if he was aware of such a list, and replied that he may not remember the details, but did remember that Gama had applied. He said that Gama was known, and capable. It was a discussion between the cabinet and ministers.

Advocate Pretorius started questioning Zuma on what he could remember; did Zuma insist on the appointment of Gama? Did he remember that a memorandum was submitted to the minister, then Hogan, recommending Sipho Maseko?

Zuma didn’t remember the background nor the details. Nevertheless, he “wouldn’t have said that”.

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Pretorius recounted how Hogan was shocked and disappointed when Zuma said that Gama was his choice. She didn’t think she could override the board who had selected Maseko. Zuma didn’t remember saying this.

Zuma was asked whether he remembered being informed by Hogan that Gama was facing a disciplinary inquiry. Zuma’s answers were vague, and he said he didn’t remember.

At this point counsel for Zuma, advocate Muzi Sikhakhane, interjected saying it was not fair to question someone who was head of state as to the process of selecting a candidate.

Sikhakane also asked what this had to do with fraud and corruption.

The chair explained that it was important to know what had happened – it is the due process whether followed or not.

Hogan had sent Zuma a comprehensive report detailing the selection process and details of procurement irregularities. He had not responded to the report.

Pretorius: “Do you recall receiving this report?” Zuma: “Yes I received the report, it was just a report like all other reports. I read it – but it was just a report.”

After lunch, Zuma said he had a problem with being made to go through details, paragraph by paragraph. He is not a cabinet secretary who takes minutes.

Zuma was of the view that if he said that he didn’t remember or that he did not say a particular thing, that that was the end of the matter, and that it should go away.

The chair explained that it is important to have the whole picture, and that advocate Pretorius wouldn’t want a situation where he doesn’t put something to the witness, as it would look as though the witness was not given a chance to comment.

Zuma said: “I hear you chair but my problem is not going to go away. For example, the allegation by the minister that I interfered. What is this? They consult with the president. The president may have views. I do not understand that very broad word – he ‘interfered’.”

Zondo explained that the commission had heard how Hogan briefed Zuma on the appointment of the CEO for Transnet and the board’s consideration of candidates, but she was shocked and disappointed when Zuma said to her that there was only one choice. This may well be an interference.

Zondo further explained that Hogan may have to be called back, and that the commission will look at all the circumstances surrounding the matter. 

The proceedings appeared to have reached an impasse for the day. The chair decided that the two legal teams would have to meet the following day and agree on a process to take the matter forward. The proceedings will re-commence on Friday at 10am.

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Mit der Dummheit kämpfen Götter selbst vergebens (against stupidity the gods themselves battle in vain) – Schiller

We had and still have this vindictive stupidity with the ANC.
The barbarians are at the board room eating citizens money and killing the economy.

This may be so, but then also some use stupidity as a tactic to confuse the gods.

The brutal reality is the governing party did and continues to interfere. The ANC by all rights should be required to pay for the losses incurred by SOEs if they, too are hell bent on choosing persons managing such organizations.

This is why SA will be going Junk status soon.. Government, the ANC, wants to be operator and governor of the SOEs but take zero responsibility.. but refuses to make hard decisions on jobs such that all SOEs and government is bloated as unions will not stand for it.

I can only hope that the commission highly recommends that there is a division between party, state and SOE. Ie where they cannot appoint cadres.

‘The ANC by all rights should be required to pay for the losses incurred by SOEs …’ The ANC as a political party is bankrupt both financially and morally so good luck there.

Perhaps Dear Cyril should contribute a few hundred million rands of this bounty instead of using it to build a mansion in Fresnaye.

This is the problem when the same government is in power for too long.

Let us not ignore the fact that it is the ANC itself that is on trial here. The Zondo commission delves into the essence, the heart or core of the ANC. Zuma’s testimony epitomises the ANC ethos. Zuma’s testimony is the ANC’s version of the holy truth. We cannot realistically expect this product of a collectivist people and organisation, to think an act like someone from a free-market capitalist society. From our perspective, his testimony is a farce, he displays a lack of accountability and he acts immaturely, but from the point of view of the collectivist mindset, he is honest and upright.

The current president described the lack of accountability perfectly when he said that “nobody is responsible for the Eskom disaster and nobody is responsible for the implosion of the train service. It is we as citizens of the country who are collectively responsible and accountable.” This is the ANC ethos – “All Accountability lies with the collective”. According to the ANC ethos, Zuma is not guilty of anything, we are the culprits. Each one of us is guilty of state capture because we are the collective.

As educated and well-informed people we should logically expect the immature behaviour, the ignorance and incompetence and the criminality and decay to continue under ANC rule.

“Any attack on the peaceful possession of goods and on the property rights that pertain to them, any coercive manipulation of the free process of voluntary exchange, in short, any state intervention in a free market economy always brings about undesired effects, stifles individual initiative, corrupts moral and responsible behavior habits, makes the masses childish and irresponsible, hastens the decline of the social fabric, consumes accumulated wealth, and blocks the expansion of human population and the advancement of civilization, while everywhere increasing poverty.” – Jesús Huerta de Soto “Socialism and Decivilization”

I agree that the collectivist mindset of the ANC is the party’s justification to refuse responsibility.

But the Zondo Commission is more than just the ANC on trial: it is one of many battles in the proxy war between the two factions.

The utterly ridiculous thing is that you and I fund both sides of this war.

Both ANC factions are hellbent on destruction, although by different means. For 25 years the country has been in the grip of a revolution of destruction.

The Zondo Commission of Enquiry has a golden opportunity to hand Zuma a tin of paint and a brush so that he can paint himself into the proverbial corner. Then the PP MUST bring charges against him and his shamwaris based on all the evidence the commission has gathered. If not, Zondo himself and the entire judiciary will be seen as toothless dogs. The public is growing exceedingly tired, frustrated and impatient with all the smoking guns lying around. Enough pussy-footing around criminals already. The police and judiciary must be allowed to do their jobs without political interference and jail these rogues. ‘The System’ must start to work now otherwise who knows what further chaos the smoking guns will create.

The begging question is, why has the PP NOT brought charges against Zuma and his cabal, give all this evidence.

Coughing is so often a side affect of lying………Ask any lie detector specialist !

And he coughs A LOT… I wonder how much the Zondo Commission is costing and I wonder more, what, if any, outcome or consequence there will be.

He’s a very poor student of body language.

Come back tomorrow for the next insightful article in which we address the question, “Is the Pope Catholic?”…

Watson did not put his hand on paper, but directed all.

Mafia bosses deny ordering a hit.

Zuma hopes his status will save him.

He is probably banking on DCJ Zondo being a Zulu, an ANC supporter and remembering he was appointed by Zuma to the high office.

Zondo is going to lose the commission if he does not get firm with JZ

Let the downgrade Happen : Get an IMF Bailout WITH Conditions and frankly we will all be better off , rather then letting the ANC Buffoons dicate Policy !!!

In answer to your question here….Is the Pope a Catholic?

@ Mactheknife

The Pope…

Regarding religious or so-called spiritual concepts of faith-based belief systems, hierarchical status and entrenched privilege, a case MAY be made that the de jure leader or member by association of such a faith-based system may in fact be considered to be the holder of certain titles such as “Pope” but this in no way defines his essential selfhood as a member of the previously mentioned “Catholic” belief system.

This may only be factually defined by instigating an in-depth commission of enquiry, moderated by a respected member of the legal system (should one be found to be available) and by summoning many witnesses to the concept of the title, organisation and whether in fact if such an organisation does exist or is simply a figment of the imagination a the masses.

It would be reasonable in this instance to give the answer in your specific enquiry as …. Maybe.

Your interest in this matter is deeply appreciated and we look forward to further interaction in these metaphysical matters in the future, should it actually exist in the country of your origin.

The silent, compliant minority (taxpayers), need to start voicing their opinion as it is us who are funding our own downfall !

Nothing will happen to any of the Zondo Commission ” skelms”

No evidence = no guilt. End of story. Why would Zuma self-implicate himself?

He most definitely did but he most certainly doesn’t remember. Dishonesty comes easier to Zuma than any human being in history.

End of comments.





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