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DStv’s new price increases revealed

The biggest increase is for DStv BoxOffice movie rentals.
Image: Shutterstock

MultiChoice South Africa will increase the prices of all its DStv bouquets with effect from 1 April 2021, the company’s chief operating officer, Simon Camerer, revealed in an interview with TechCentral on Thursday.

Most packages will see price increases below projected consumer price inflation (CPI) for 2021, with the Premium bouquet – which has come under pressure in recent years due to the weak economy and the proliferation of alternative streaming services – seeing its price increased by just 1.2% (see table below).

DStv Family gets the bigger price increase of the bouquets, with the price rising by 5.7% — above projected CPI — to R295/month.

“We have done our best to keep the prices under control. On a weighted average basis, you’re looking at a 2.4% increase,” Camerer said. Rising costs and currency volatility – MultiChoice buys a significant portion of its content in foreign currencies – necessitated the increases, he said, but the company has worked hard to minimise the impact by bringing the average price increases in at well below CPI.

Old price New price Change
DStv Premium R819 R829 1.22%
DStv Compact Plus R529 R539 1.89%
DStv Compact R399 R409 2.51%
DStv Family R279 R295 5.73%
DStv Access R110 R115 4.54%
BoxOffice rentals R35 R40 14.29%
PVR access fee R100 R105 5%

The biggest increase in prices is for DStv BoxOffice movie rentals, where the R5 increase per title to R40 works out to a 14.3% increase.

Camerer emphasised that consumers can get better pricing and save on decoder and installation costs if they sign up for a longer-term contract rather than being on a month-to-month payment plan.  – © 2021 NewsCentral Media

Duncan McLeod is Editor of TechCentral, on which this article was first published, here.


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Currently DStv are running repeat after repeat and yet they don’t give a fig for their customers they up their prices. Rather a greedy organization in its attitude to pricing. Oh and we are back to electricity blackouts, so a boon period for DStv as they can just keep rerunning and being public spirited

The advertising?
I count them, seven adverts in a row almost very five to ten minutes.

It looks like the classifieds or the tons of advert leaflets in newspapers or magazines

As a family we decided more than a year ago to switch off DSTV

Our entertainment lies within our family, and with both Netflix (only R139 pm) and Youtube (free, love watching documentaries) we haven’t missed the overpriced DSTV once, and saved 12K into the bargain

Sport? What Sport?

Spot on comment…on youtube

Tuned out of DSTV 5 years ago….mostly now youtube and the occasional torrent series from HBO or Netflix

No price change for the R29 package? I would welcome that.

Just had a look at my account that I never look at and realized I have been paying a R100 per month “access fee”. It is for more than one decoder or to pause and rewind live tv with your PVR. I don’t use it. Took me a few minutes just now to cancel. Saves me 1000 beers a year. Almost 3 beers a day for a year!!! I have been paying this for decades for nothing.

Thanks for the article. Is a great wakeup call.

That’s all the beer this year for the next decade.

4 years without DSTV and not regrets. I stream when needed but hardly spend time watching a teli. Saved average of R800 a month on premium package

Lower middle class are being punished for downgrading. The message is clear if you downgrade to save money, dstv is going to punish you.

I read this article becuase I want to see what my sport is going to cost me. Admittedly by limited sample, but I am yet to meet a cord cutter that can show me how I can replace my SuperSport interest with same quality and same flawlessnes.

Golf – 2 Feeds for every big Tournament. LPGA, Euro, PGA and Champions Tour
Rugby – SA and other
Cricket – All
Soccer – Just not Bundesliga
Motorsport – F1, MotoGP etc
I could even watch the SuperBowl and Stanley Cup live. 2 things I could not even do in Canada for R1,000 pm when I lived there.

Now for those not watching sport, why do you even visit this article and complain about repeats, you should have long ago waved DSTV goodbey and watch your repeats on your 7 steaming services on demand and by choice rather than by force.

There are plenty of IPTV packages that will show all sports, all you need a decent internet connection and smart tv or a Mi Box (android tv box).

Currently I have 3500 live channels with their TV guides and PVR plus another 50,000 shows that are either movies or part of series.

which APP?

Mibox, Mobdro app. Youre welcome.

Whenever I get that urge to stick a needle in my eye I watch an Arsenal game or one of the ZA national teams. Ten minutes is usually all I can take and then I don’t need DSTV for at least 3 weeks.


F1 motorsport?? Let me guess….the best way to dose off to sleep in front of the tellie *lol*

(Pity the Dakar is only a few days a year) 🙁

What people whatch and why is not the debate. Each to their own. Point is, for the money and convenience, I cannot see you beat SuperSport (legally I might add)

And for many, dealing with VPNs, URLs, Extra Google
boxes etc is just not worth the hassle.

I mean, we can all wash our clothes, clean our houses and even change the oil and filters on your own car if all was about the money, but for many, convenience trump that

Google IPTV (Internet Protocol Television)
Choose one and register (paid for accounts work best and can be done monthly). Then on an android device (like a smart TV or Mi Box) go to the play store and download an app called “IPTV Smarters”)

Their is a URL link which will be sent to you, type it in to the app and just like that you will have all the TV you can handle.

Correction, if you wave them “goodbey” as you suggest, you’re waving on demand “goodbey” as well and everything that goes with waving

In my case, it’s the best wave i’ve had, even better than the Queen’s best attempt at a wave

Each to his own i guess!

Very little innovation, refresh or theme of quality in most of the channels. Too many film repeats. BRIT TV has multiple repeat seasons of Top Gear – its an insult to it’s customer’s patience. Meanwhile, low to zero options of cultural value (art, live concerts, classic music, history, archaeology, science) beyond over-dramatized or sentimental wildlife programs.

Their customer service also sucks. I tried unsuccessfully to suspend my subscription to coincide with the time that I was going to be on holiday overseas. If your monthly debit order date is not in sync with the days you are going away it’s just too bad…for you. Trying to speak to a human being is quite a challenge too!

Adios DSTV!

The article doesn’t mention the tons of profits made with commercial dstv which fees are increased regularly in disregard to the present situation with most businesses straggling to make ends meet. A middle of range package for an accommodation establishment can be a high as R650 per month per TV i.e. small hotel/Guest House/B&B with 15 tv points= R9750 per month. Now next time you visit your hotel, guest house or B&B, think of what it cost them to provide you with your sport on dstv.

To add insult to injury, they have reduced the M-Net movie channels from four to two if you’re not on the Premium bouquet and yet they claim they’re showing more movies. Like WTF?

Pity we don’t have the gorgeous Ashley Harden anymore to tell us what the 8pm movie on Sunday is … sigh, simpler days

End of comments.





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